Strangers (Part 25)

part 25
Mom came into my room, I tried my best to look normal, but she knew from my face that something was wrong, mom asked, “arohi told me that you stumbled and fell on the steps, is it?” I said with a shivering voice, “yes mom”, she said, ‘then why is your face like that and whats wrong with your voice?, did you cry?, tell me whats wrong?”, she came and sat near me on my bed, I couldn’t just control my sorrow and my tears anymore, I hugged her tight and started crying, she dint ask me anything , she let me cry for sometime, then she asked me, “now tell me divya, what happened?”, I dint know what to say, I said, “mom I just cried because my leg was paining very bad”, she said, “really? Is that the only reason?” , I said, “yes mom, im sry”, mom was like, “there’s nothing to be sorry my dear, im always here for you, don’t worry everything will be fine alrite” I said, “ok” I dint know when I fell asleep in my moms arms.
I woke up the next day morning in my bed. Mom was in the kitchen , I could hear her work in the kitchen, I needed help to climb or get down the steps , so I dint go out, I sat in my room for a long time doing nothing ,then dad came into my room, he looked at my leg and started shouting, “what is this, your mom told me you felldown, who the hell are those people with whom you went yesterday, don’t they know how to take care of my princess , give me their contact numbers il talk to them rite now”, tears rolled out of my eyes again , at this site my dad came and sat beside me and said, “what happened beta? Tell me? Why are you crying? I can tolerate anything but I just cannot tolerate anyone hurting my daughter, did anyone say anything to you? Tell me”, I said, “no dad, there’s nothing like that…. I love you dad” and my dad said, “I love you too beta, remember one thing you can talk anything with me anytime im always here ok”, I said, “yeah I know dad, you are always there for me” he then said, “ok, now get ready , il tell your mom to get your breakfast here itself”, and he left. My dad is very possessive for me too, he stopped because I cried or he would definitely call up my friends and get to the bottom of what had happened!!!! My dad is the kind of person I would like to be with but I don’t know about rohit, how he is and all, sometimes he makes me think I just don’t know anything about him!!!!!
I kept thinking and thinking about what had happened yesterday but I dint know what it was!!! The way rohit reacted and everything , I couldn’t just get it out of my head, and the way he talked to me when I needed him and just leaving me there at the hospital , it all started making me think my decision to wait was rite, and the truth was he is a total different person from what I saw yesterday. He was not the rohit I fell in love with, he was rude, arrogant, angry and dint care a bit for me. May be what you see is not always the truth, he dint even call me since yesterday, not even a text , no apology nothing. I dint wanna talk either, he owes an apology to me, and after all that happened yesterday it was totally unacceptable for me to be just normal with him as if nothing happened!!!!!!
I had my break fast, watched tv in my room, the whole day was just so stupid, arohi cald me in the evening , I told her everything and she was so shocked, she told me not to worry and that she’ll talk to rahul about it. But I dint think it would help in anyway. Later at nite after my dinner I was just watching tv in my room, when I received a text from rohit, it said, ““sorry””, that’s it!!!!!!!! After all that, this is all he has to say to me, that too after one whole day? I dint reply, he cald , I dint answer it, he kept calling, so I switched it off , locked my door and slept. Around 12 something, I heard rohit’s voice outside my door , he was calling me to open my door, but I dint even want to see his face, but if i dint open the door everyone else would wake up, I went near the door slowly with my leg still hurting and said, “just go away rohit before anyone wakes up”, he said, “please open the door just once, il just talk to you and go away” I don’t know why but I opened the door, he came in, I sat on my bed, he came near me touched my leg where I got hurt and said, “I know its all my fault, I shouldn’t have reacted that way, im really sorry”, I replied, “what is wrong with you? Why did you behave like that? It was all our fault and you dint even bother what happened to me at all, that guy was so helpufull instead of you”, he got angry again and said, “now don’t start it all over again about that guy ok”, I said, “are you out of your mind?, what is even there to start? He was just helping me”, rohit was like, “why did he touch you?, I dint like it”, I said, “if you came to me first and helped me get up , there would be no need for him to help me rohit, but you were so busy looking at the bike”, he said, “ok, im sorry my mistake, is it fine now?”,he said in a very rough manner just to end the fight but he dint really feel sorry, I said, “this is not enough, just go from here now, I don’t want to talk , just leave”, rohit said, “but I love you , that’s why I became all possessive, I love you divya” and he came near me to hug me but I stopped him with my hand and said, “just leave now or il only wake up everyone , just go”, he said, “ok, fine , do hell with you and that guy” and went off

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  1. lol he didnt lv her..he only want physical relation..i hate such boys

  2. What crap this type of boys na idiots….. she is in pain because of rohit behavior stupid rohit….

  3. No wonder I hated Rohit all along. -_-

  4. Very rude Rohit…Divya should check his background then think about to be him or not. My suggestion just leave him and move on…eagerly waiting for the next episode, thx for updating.

  5. I loved the way Div’s Parents supported her..Because Parents are the one who do anything for us and for our Good..Pls guys I request you don’t hurt them at all at any situation and for a boy too..
    I hate this RO..Agree with Ruby di..He just attracted towards her that’s it..pls Stop crying Div and don’t ever give him a chance..He always start to complain about that boy..Cheap Mentality..
    Di I saw ur last comment u said Div don’t want to lose Ro..So it means they Gonna Patch up again..
    Waiting for next part…eagerly..
    Take care.. ?

  6. Wish no girl encounters these type of boys. I could only wish. He showed heaven infront of her eyes. Nw all these. Mov on babe. He doesnt worth u.

  7. Loved it bhgi keep going waiiting for the next update.

  8. ty all ppl i cnt rply to each n evryone cuz am busy vl update nxt part son thx alot

  9. Wow yaar jus love story track !!
    But jus hate rohit kamina !!

    Hey manha really yaar I agree with u !!
    Bcoz no one wud love dis type of idiots!!

    Hey bhgi !! Happy DIPAWALI !!!

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