Strangers (Part 23)

Part 23
I was like, “what?????? You brought this bike wantedly??? Idiot”
And out of nowhere, he said, “I love you”
Blush blush blush
We went to a restaurant had lunch talked a lot and then came out from there, then he said , “now lets go on a long drive”
Actually I loved long drives on bikes but this was different, just the two of us, I was dieing of nervousness but was also feeling very uncomfortable with that scarf and the fear of whos gonna see us and all
He said, “don’t worry you wont have to wear that scarf for long, there wont be many people where we are going”
I was like, “where are we going”
Ro said, “you ask too many questions, now just sit “
So without asking any further questions I sat on the bike, the weather was so romantic that day aaaaaaahhh , it wasn’t sunny , it wasn’t raining but it was cool and every breeze touching him was passing through me , I just loved it .. while I was enjoying it, rohit stopped the bike, he said, “get down “ I dint understand
I said “why? what happened?”
He said, “just get down”
I got down and hes like,” what are you doing??? You know how far you sat from me, another person can easily sit between us, you better sit properly now or il leave you here and go with some other girl”
I was like, “il kill you!!!! don’t even think about it”
He said,” then sit properly” hehehe
I got on to the bike, sat near to him and kept my hand on his shoulder, again he said, “whats this? You better hug me and sit now or il just drop you home and go”
He was so cute even when he was angry, I was hesitating to keep my arms around his waist and sit, just when he suddenly pulled my hands and made him hug tightly and said, “this is how my girlfriend sits on my bike understood” I just nodded cos I was blushing already
I hugged him and I slept on his shoulder, I felt like I was on top of the world, at that moment I dint want anything but just to be with him forever and ever, the way I feel when he touches me , the way I feel when im near him its something that I have no words to express, i just love it, for sometime we were talking on our long drive I dint even know where we were going, we reached some place where the road was totally empty, it was deserted, it was just the 2 of us, he stopped the bike told me to get down and moved back and told me to sit and drive. He knew I wanst perfect in driving but I could drive at places like this , I mean roads without traffic hehe , this time I knew he was upto something really naughty,
I said ,”rohit, now seriously tell me whats going on in your mind? Why do you want me to drive?”
He laughed and said, “nothing ,. I just want to sit behind you when you drive that’s all”
I totally doubt it though, so I sat and started to drive when suddenly he came near me and kept his chin on my shoulder, there was a shiver In my body, he could feel it too, I said, “rohit, stop doing naughty things I cant drive like this”
He replied, “but you cant stop me too, now I got the chance, you never let me even come near you na,now theres no chance you can run away from me, he put his hands around my waist and hugged me tightly, I was going bonkers already, I was getting goose bumps but managed to drive somewhat without crashing anywhere ,
I said, “rohit please stop , Im losing control of the bike I cant drive, please”
Hes like, “no way, im not going to leave you today, no way at all”
And then suddenly he removed his hands from my waist kept on them on my hands and held my hands firmly, this guy is definitely going to get me killled.
He said, “is it ok now”
No it was not ok , it was like butterflies flying in my stomach, every part of me was feeling him, it was like him in me, I was totally losing control of myself and actually I was in his control. At his touch I felt so different , but different in a good way, in a lovable romantic whimsical way …
He suddenly said, “divya, shall I tell you something”
I said, “yeah”
Ro said, “I want you all for myself just for me , your mine, I just want to get lost looking into your eyes, the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen”
Slowly a rosy scarlet colour spread over my cheeks, my cheeks turned as red as rose, my face was literally glowing.
He said, “I feel like kissing you now and never ever let you go”
Oh no!!!! I knew where this was going
I said, “no rohit, no, don’t even think about it…. “ I dint even complete saying…. he kissed me on my cheek !!!!!!!!!!!!! and … and… BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow lovely

  2. Oh so cute….i m still laughing…enjoyed alot…thanks nd update soon eagerly going to wait for the next one….great work bhgi…tc…


    1. vl update same to u:)

  3. Very romantic ff Bhgi & interesting too waiting for the next epi update soon can’t wait ?????

  4. Ha ha ha oh my god rohit ka charecter mujhe confuse kar rahe hein bhgi…. he was upto something…

    1. he iz weirdo type of guy haythi

  5. Bhgi so romantic. Words r failing. What was that BAM. Dont want any prblm dear. Addicted too much. Waiting for next.

    1. twist in the tale wait fr the nxt part

  6. Di I told u r already u r amazing in writing..
    I doubt this Rohit Character..Sometimes I like him and Sometimes I think he is too Clever..Don’t mind di..I am Sorry if it hurts..I am still confused ?..Actually he is doing things fast make me to know his character..I hope I am wrong..
    Anyways waiting for next part..

    TAKE care ?..

    1. Hi my cute little sis…. how are u i already gave a reply ra just check strangers 21 update…..

      1. Hai Hayathi di..I am fine wat abt u..
        S di I saw ur reply..Same Pinch di..I too don’t keep Secrets at all and I Share Problems with my Best friends..
        Di r u in Chennai or Went to AP for celebrating Diwali?..just asked..By the way where u live in AP..
        Happy Diwali ? and Take care ? di..

      2. No sis i cant take leave have lot of work in office…. even i am afraid of crackers……. I am from ongole….. hapyy diwali……

    2. Bhagi di where r u..i mean I didn’t saw ur reply that’s y asked..R u busy ?..Happy Diwali ? and take care ? di..

      1. bhaya kashadi hein isiliye busy hu mein thoda

      2. *bhayya ka shadi

    3. my chotu sa baby wait fr nxt update thnx aton lv u

  7. Wow. . . The romanc was so lovly.:-)

  8. wow…aws bhgi…..romance 😀

    1. more romance is on the way wait fr dat;)

  9. Damn girl !! U reaaly hav a great romance writing talent yaar !!!

    Hey Happy diwali bhgi !!!

    1. ty happy diwal:)

  10. Awesome lovely episode, and what was that Bamm? Please keep both safe. ..and also tell Rohit’s mystery. I still have doubts on him. ..keep it up and happy Diwali to all my deariiiiiiieeess

    1. wait fr nxt update u vl get to knw

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