Strangers (Part 22)

Part 22
Monday was the last day of completion of our project, I was worried about us, about me and rohit, what would it be after the project has ended, would it be the same? Or will he forget me? But we cant meet daily after that day , then I remebered may be that’s why he asked me for a date but I know everything would change, I had the fear of losing him , finally our project was finished and we all looked at each other , all were sad that it was over. Rahul came and said, “whats wrong with all of you?, nothings going to change even after this project is finished, we’ll all still be friends , hang out together and be in touch ok, now smile”, so we all smiled!!!
So in the next few days, we all used to find reasons to meet and hangout, we even did combined studies but that was more like chitchatting and having fun rather than studying lol but we did study too and rohit was the one who made me study all the time , we all became very good friends in so less time, and now rohit dint seem to have any problem with me talking to rahul or kiran and being close to them, I was very happy he understood . and also I was so excited for our first date , this would be the first time I and rohit were going out alone, just the two of us . we used to talk a lot in calls and text all day , it was like we both were addicted to each other, he was like a drug to me, a special drug which I just cannot live without and im addicted to him soooo much.
It was Saturday and the day when I was going to my first date with “”my rohit””, I took out allthe clothes from my wardrobe , my room was filled with clothes, I was trying out all the clothes and looking at myself in the mirror which one was looking nice on me, I usually decide it quiet easily what to wear but this time im looking at myself and thinking will he like this , will he like that? Im totally going mad over this guy, god!!!! Im in love!!!!!!! I was not able to decide on what to wear at all, so I decided id wear the dress I wore the first time I saw him, it was a baby pink knee length frock, it was one of my favourites . aaaawww I looked so pretty in it , what am I doing? Telling myself im looking pretty? Who on earth does that?? Lol lol . I know him from the past 3 months , he saw me many times but I don’t know something about this first date it was different, I wanted to look my best, and it was also the first time we were going out , I mean just the two of us, I was excited , nervous happy and everything, after all it was my first date ever. I was all ready waiting for him, he was supposed to pick me up for lunch , I was waiting for him at home all dressed up, I said I was going out with all the gang , couldn’t tell I was going on a date hehe .
he cald me and said, “I cant come to your home , you come to the corner of your street”,
I was like “why?”,
he said, “you just come”,
so I went there, I thought as usual he’d come in his car but he came on bike!!!! I was shocked, bike?????
I said, “what is this rohit? How will I come with you on the bike, why dint you bring your car?” ,
he said, “that’s a long story il explain it to you later, but how will you come on the bike with this frock?”, he looked at me and suddenly said,” Hey wait, this is the same frock you wore the first time we met rite?” , he remembers ,
I said,” yes, this is the same one “ and wait , he was wearing the same red shirt too wowwwwww!!!!
I said, “but I will have to change again now “,
rohit said,” please go change for me with his cute face , I couldn’t say anything after that”, so I went back home again, went to my room changed into a black jeans and a yellow top, my mom saw that I changed my dress and asked me, “divya, why did you change again?”,
I said, “nothing mom, I was the only one who wore frock all others were wearing jeans so even I changed”, she was like, “you people will never change “ lol lol , and before she asked me something else I was out of the house, uffffff!!!!!!! , I walked to the place where I left rohit earlier, he wasn’t there,
I cald him, “where are you ro”,
he said , “il be there in a moment”, and he was there, with a beautiful red rose aaaaaaaaaawwwwwww , blush blush blush blush , this was the 2nd rose he gave me, and the first rose he gave me was pink .
he said, “common now get on the bike”, but I was feeling so awkward to get on the bike, but I sat in the back , then he was like, “will you come like this only?”,
I said, “what? Whats wrong?”,
rohit was like, “wear your scarf and cover your face, OMG!!!! I saw all this only in movies till now, now im having this situation in real oh god!!!!!
So I finally wore the stole I bought along with me and we started, rohit dint even tell me where we were going, it was the first time I was going on a bike with rohit, I dint know whether to keep my hand on his shoulder or just sit I dint know what to do and with the scarf it was even more awkward, I was lost in all these thoughts when rohit suddenly said, “what happened why arent you talking anything? Usually you keep on blabbering all the time what happened now?”,
I was like, “what? I keep blabbering all the time?, idiot” ,
he laughed , then I said, “why did you bring this bike and not your car and whos is this?” ,
ro said, “its mine only”, then I said, “but why dint you get the car?”,
he was like, “shall I tell the truth, you shouldn’t scold me after I said that”
“what? Now tell me what is going on”? I said
He replied, “I dint bring the car wantedly, if I brought the car It would be the same thing again, you would sit so far from me and act like some stranger” hehe, “that’s why I brought bike” !!!!!!!!!!!

Credit to: bhgi


  1. Tanya

    Rohit is sweet, but very filmy…..hey bhgi di l’ve been reading ur stry since u posted it on -two heart beat’s comment section ..,,..u asked me to comnt. in the other parts as well, l’ll do it but after 2 months coz l’ve to prepare for my xms…..hope u’ll continue till then…..stay blessed and pray for me………………..

  2. Amazing epi..di I want to ask one thing that u said this is the second Rose actually this is Third Rose..He gave one WHITE ROSE too for PEACE ✌..just said..
    Such a Clever Boy..
    Finally they r out for a Date..Waiting for next part..
    Thank u and Take care ?..

  3. nisha

    hey bhgi liked the character of both the lovers . Also liked ur story dear.

    First time reading it . But really find interesting covo between rohit and her partner.
    It is actually like watching a tv serial. Keep going . Luv u.

  4. Manha

    Bhgi. What to say. U r just superb. Sry couldn’t make yestrdy. Hope our hero is like dis forever. Waiting for next part eagerly.

  5. Manha

    Nisha my sweetu, plz dont be like this. NAADAAN PARINDEY GHAR AAJA. Plz if u don’t want to tell the prblm its ok.but atleast talk to me girl. Plz

  6. nisha

    Hey manha , LUv u my dear, Problem sorted now feeling relaxed after reading ur loving heart touching comments.

    Updated the nexxt part of my story dear. Naadan dil ki manmarziyaan(Jashn-e-yaariyaan) to all my friends.

    Thanx manha Love u dear Always by heart.

    • Roma

      Hi nisha, I’m soo glad to see your comment. Love you loads my dear musical friend. I was really sad and thinking ki meri pyaari si dost ko kya ho gayaa…but now feeling much better …. aise hi smile karti raho aur Hume bhi smiles deti raho …love you loads dear take care

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