Strangers (Part 21)


Part 21
I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, he was sleeping beside me , he looked so handsome even in his sleep, his hand was on my waist, may ne he put his hand over me after I fell asleep or I wouldn’t have let him , he was in deep sleep, I slowly removed his hand from me and kept it on the bed and saw the time, it was 4 in the morning, OMG!!!!!!!!!
I woke up rohit and said, “rohit, you need to go home, its 4 in the morning”,
he was like ,” its already 4??? , it felt like I just came here before an hour”, he was still sleepy,
I said, “rohit please wake up, you need to go home now!!!! everyone will wake up in some time”,
he said, “ok, don’t worry im going, I opened the door for him to go , he said, “I love you” dint wait for my reply and left. Thank god!!!!! No one saw him or it would have been totally different. After some time I texted him, “did you reach home?”, he replied, “yeah, and on my bed too but I liked sleeping beside you and watching you sleep”,
I said, “ok, now sleep it is Sunday anyways, im also sleeping ok”,
he replied, “sleeping alone “, lol I texted back, “yes and u too sleep, sleep tight, my dreams” … he dint reply, I guess he dozed off into sleep. I too went back to bed with a happy heart .
I woke up at around 10 in the morning, my mom was already cooking in the kitchen , I went and hugged her, she was like, “so finally you woke up huh?”, my dad came in and he said, “why not? It’s a Sunday and my princess can wake up anytime,”,
my mom started at my dad, “yeah, yeah, she is the princess of her dad I know, but you are only spoiling her like this” ,
my dad was like , “yeah I have every rite to spoil her and pamper her, she’s my daughter” my face was glowing like a 100 watts bulb , I went and hugged my dad and said ,” I love you dad” and my dad replied, “I love you too my princess” and my mom was like, “yeah, yeah , im the only villain in this house , all others are nice na”, hehehehe,
I said, “its not like that mom we both love you too and I know whatever you say or do is all for my good” ,
my mom hugged me and kissed on my forehead and told, “now go freshen up and come down, I’ve prepared the breakfast and also wake up your brother , he dint wake up yet”.
So, I went to my brothers room first, he was in his 11th standard now, I tried to wake him up, I said, “sonu, wake up its already 10 30, wake up and get ready now”,
he was like, “please di, let me sleep for some more time”,
I said, “no sonu, wake up now, its late or dad will come up”,
he got out of bed instantly lol, actually I was the only girl in all my cousins and the whole family, so I was pampered a lot and my brother was treated a bit strict by my dad,
so sonu said, “what is this di, you do this always”,
I was like, “hehehe now go and get ready”, I went to my room , got ready and then both of us went down, to my surprise my cousins were home, aaaawwwwwwwww it was so lovely to see them all . we can spend time together . well ours was a very big family, my mom had 4 sisters and a brother and dad had 2 brother, and on both the sides all my cousins were boys except me hehehehe .
My mom and dad knew about this but dint tell me, cos they wanted it to be a surprise , and out of all my family I must say my aunt vinita and her husband and my uncle sandy were very very close to me, they were like my best friends , we used to chat up a lot and I used to share everything with them . but I dint tell them about rohit yet, this was a perfect chance to tell them about him, but I needed to tell them when only the 3 of us were there. We all had our lunch then, mom and dad were busy talking to everyone else and sonu was busy playing on the playstation with our cousins, so I took them both to my room and told them about rohit and everything that happened since the last 2 months, they both were like “what??? All this was happening since 2 months and you dint even tell us?? Bad girl” ,
haha I laughed and said, “I thought it was too early”,
my aunt was like, “yeah, it is early, better take your time divi, he seems very sweet though, is he good looking?”,
I said, “yeah, he is very handsome” ,
she said, “oh, goood”,
sandy was like, “all that is ok , but you cant forget the thing he had with you and kiran divi, its better you keep some distance”,
I said, “yeah of course I will sandy”, but my heart knew being distant from him was becoming more and more difficult with every passing day, I couldn’t stop myself from going near him, I knew the day wasn’t far when I would finally confess my love to him!!! I just hope he wins my trust completely before that, I just want us to be happy

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  1. im commenting for the first time,i was bored so iread this part and it was compelling me to read from the start and i must tell you im in love with yourstory,so realistic yet so dreamy…thank u so much for this.pls continue soon.

    1. no tia u read all remaining parts of this ff n give ur views abt other parts thnx fr commenting

  2. i want to read more of ur writings.did u write any other story too? if yes pls say..

    1. no at present am writing only one story

  3. As always, its 2 gud:-)

  4. It was awesome dr….. yeah same pinch bhgi in my family also i am the only one girl and elder its very nice….

    1. Same pinch di..Me too only one Girl in my Family and I am younger to my bros..

      Hayathi di thank u so much for ur comment..Actually I am a Very friendly Person di..and I love ❤ to make friends and I have 3 best and Crazy idiots ( I love ❤ to call them Idiots ) ..and they know every little things about me and Di wat abt u and How many best friends do u have?.. And I didn’t asked u whether u r studying or working?..
      Take care ? di and be happy ? always..

      1. Oh so sorry for late reply my sis…. ya i have 6mems gang in all my gang me and rekha my another friend both are so crazy…. my cousins also in family meh ek ladki hai na isliye mai thoda ziddi crazy hu sab cousins ke saath mere saar e problems share karthi hu kyon ki i dont like secrets in my life….yes sis i am from AP but working in chennai what abt u…. ??

  5. Bhagi di..As usual Epi was Nice and Narration too..
    The Aunty and Uncle part was Cute and their advice too..
    Di Pls tell me is Ro is good..Actually I am confused ? about him..
    Waiting for next part..eagerly..update soon..take care ?..

    1. i was waiting fr ur rply aaaliya?lol:)

  6. Oh l loved it…….l’m also confused about Rohit…..
    l don’t know why it feels like he’ll disappear someday!!!….hope u will clear my
    doubt soon bhgi di…..stay blessed

    1. ty tanya vl let u knw read other parts and gice ur feed back thnx a ton n tc

  7. Bhgi this was really gud……I was tensed ki kahim pakde na jaye…..anyways great going……tc … u….

    1. its an imaginary story na no one vl catch them lv u too:)

  8. i think u misunderstood,i read all the parts and then i commented dear

    1. oh sry tia thnx a lot:)

  9. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy

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