Strangers (Part 20)

Part 20
I turned back, it was rohit!!!!!!!!!! , he was sitting rite beside me on my bed!!!! I jumped out of my bed and screamed, “rohit what are you doing in my bed, in my room, in my house , that too at this time in the nite?????????????”,
he said, “whao, will you please stop screaming before anyone else wakes up in the house?”,
so I calmed down and asked him , “how did you even get inside my house, the gate is locked and even the main door is locked from inside, did you climb the pipe or something”,ours was an independent duplex house and my room was on the first floor ,
he laughed and said, “no, I jumped on to the terrace of your house from the neighbouring building, it was quiet easy, fom the terrace I came down to you”, he was grinning like he had some heroic deed lol ,
I said , “go away before anyone wakes up in my house”, he’s like no one is going to wake up cos I locked your door when I came inside”
then he suddenly said, “you were actually supposed to be angry rite?”, oh crap, I totally forgot , I couldn’t just be angry on him for more time ,
but I said, “yeah , I am, and im not talking to you”.
He said, “now the situation is apt”, I said, “for what?” ,
he said, “for what I wanted to do”, OMG!!!!!!!!! What was he talking about??? , I became cold already. He was coming towards me stepping forward and I was going back moving my steps backward, I was a little scared , a little nervous ,a little excited , a little of everything , I couldn’t move any backward, my back was leaning on the wall now, and he was rite infront of me , there was very little gap between us , now I was sweating and even breathing faster,I could hear my heart beat faster, his hands were on the wall right and left side of me blocking my way out of him, he was coming even closer, oh no!!!!!!!!! was he about to kiss me??? I was murmuring No, no ,no!!!!!! not now !!!!!!! no!!!!!!!! , I closed my eyes and covered my face with my hands, he came even closer and said, “now tell me will you forgive me or not” ,
I was surprised , I removed my hands opened my eyes and said, “so you came to ask this”,
he said, “yeah and one more thing also”,
I said , “ok, I forgave you now let me go”,
he was like, “ not so soon sweety, now he took my both hands and held them against the wall with his, i said, “now what?”, he was like, “why are you sweating so much, it is so cool here”,
I said, “is this what you wanted to ask dumbo”, now he held my hands in his even more firmlyand said , “what?” he said it wantedly,
i said, “nothing”,
he said, “ well I came to ask you out for our first date” I was like what? ,
he said, “yeah, im not asking you, will you come with me on a date , I came to ask when are we going on our first date?” ,
I said, “whoa, what? You decide yourself that il come huh??”
Hes like, “don’t you think you are not in a position to say no now”
Such an idiot he is, I know what he meant, I said,“il tell you tomorrow”,
he said, “no, I want your reply rite now”
I said, “ok, we’ll go next week, please let me go now”, he let me go.
I came out of that corner of the wall and sat on my bed , he sat on the other side of the bed,
I said, “you are so mean, rohit, which guy asks a girl for a date llike this”,
he laughed and said, “if id ask you normally you would take a hell lot of time to answer it and just so you know this date is just to give you time to fall in love with me even more”, aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww damn I really love him!!!! Just waiting for the rite moment to say it , then we looked into each others eyes for a long time, just then rohit received a text in his cell, I snatched his cell from him and said, “who is it texting you at this time”, I was being possessive, of course why shouldn’t I be, I love him!! ,
he said, now look at who is getting all possessive for me!!! . it was rahul, he texted, “reached home yet?” ,
I said, “what? You told rahul that you are coming here?”,
he said , “no way, I told him I was out that’s it !!! , I said, “oh , ok”. It was already 1 in the nite, he said, “ok, shall I go now”, I dint reply , actually I liked this whole time we spent together, I dint want him to leave. But he started towards my door to open it, I went and hold his hand, he turned back,” he had a question mark and confusion and happiness all in face at a time .
I said, “stay for some time”, I couldn’t believe I am saying this but I did, he couldn’t believe it either, he said, “oh, I feel like kissing you rite now”, this was something I wasn’t expecting,
I said, “that was not what I meant, then I guess you should leave”,
he was like ,”no, no, it just came out like that, I wont do anything stupid I swear, please let me stay”, then we both slept on my bed lost in each others eyes and we fell asleep!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh crap…..koi dekh lega toh..,??? Omg grt episode bt pls don’t let them caught by anyone…..pls

    1. nthng vl happen kirti 🙂

  2. amazing epi bhgi… 🙂

  3. Omg, awesome episode. .keep it up

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