Strangers (Part 19)

Part 19
After I reached home, I tucked myself into bed and dozed off into sleep. Next morning, I and arohi had a lot of confrontation to do, I told shraddha to come a little early to the institute, I picked up arohi and we both went together, we met shradha and
asked her,” what was going on yesterday between you and niki?”
Shradha was like, “nothing, it was just nothing”,
then I said, “shradha please tell me the truth, whats going on cos you know I really like rohit and so does he” ,
so shradha replied, “but niki likes him too and she’s mad about him” , I was expecting the same answer from her, shradha went on , “one day when we were just casually talking , it slipped out from her but she told me not to tell you guys and make a fuss out of it”, I wasn’t amazed, may be I knew this since the beginning,
I said, “and you were covering up for her shradha?” ,
and she was like , “no, divya. I wanted to tell you this but I thought it’l become a big thing and create differences between us so I dint dare to tell you”,
now finally when I know what exactly is going on what am I supposed to do? Just then niki arrived, “I pulled her aside and said, “I need to talk to you about yesterday”, she looked a little scared, we went away from the rest of us,
I said, “niki I know you were talking about rohit only yesterday”, she started , “no, no divya, its nothing like that, I was talking about someone else”,
I told, “niki, please stop pretending, I know you like rohit ok, you like him means you like him, but he loves me understand that!!! , I seriously don’t have any problem with both of you being friends, but he loves me and I love him too, so just get this out of your mind ok” ,
she dint reply, I knew she felt very bad, she was my friend too, so I just changed the topic and said, “now lets just forget all this, lets talk something else”, we went back to shradha and arohi
I told arohi, what I said to niki, and arohi was like, “I told you tell her firmly, why dint you do that?”, I said, “ I couldn’t just get mad or shout at her arohi, after all she’s my friend and she did nothing , liking him may be just happened , it isnt her fault, but I told her to get it out of her mind”,
arohi was like, “why are you so good to everyone ?? stop being like this, you never listen to what I say”,
I said, “ok , fine il stop being good ok”, I laughed just when rohit and others also arrived. He knew I wasn’t talking to him yet, he brought a white rose for me, he gave it to me,
I said, “what is this for?”,
he said, “for peace , its like a war environment all around me with you these days “, he was being funny,
I said, “nah , still not enough, you need to really convince me that your sorry for yesterday”
he said, “ok, you’ll see how good I am at convincing today’, now I dint know what he meant from that.
Later that nite, I was in my bed thinking about rohit just when he cald, I actually forgot I was supposed to be angry,
I said, “hi my love”,
he was like, “what did I just hear?, is this true? Or am I dreaming?”,
I laughed and said, “no you arent dreaming you are talking to ms.divya”,
he said, “oh so, I cald u? , I thought of calling my gf, may be I have dialled your no. by mistake”,
I said, “ok then bye, talk to your so called gf only” ,
he was like, “now who is getting jealous huh??? I know u’ve fallen for me long ago, you just wouldn’t admit it”
I replied, “oh, so when did you get to know I fell for you my dear”,
he said, “the day when you hugged me”, aaaaaaaawwwwwww I was blushing again ,
I instantl said, “no I wasn’t the one who hugged you first “,
hes like , “yeah I know, I hugged you first but you hugged me back and I know you wouldn’t have if you dint love me” , I was turning pink now ,
I said , “stop it rohit please” ,
he said, “ you know what was the best part that day for me?”, I asked ,“what?”, he replied, “the part where you hugged me and then realised that you did and pushed me away”,
I said , “what?? , you liked me pushing you away?”,
he said, “yeah,I did , I loved your innocense there, I loved you even more after that, I knew that moment itself that it was you who was the love of my life” , now I was on the bed talking to him on the phone, blushing even more while playing with my hair,
I said , “you make me blush all the time rohit”,
he replied, “yeah I can see that,you are on your bed your face already turned pink and your playing with your hair”,
I said , “what??? How do you know all this? How do you know where I am and what I am doing rite now?” ,
he whispered in my ear, “cos im rite here doll”!!!!! my heart skipped a beat , again!!!!

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