Strangers (Part 18)


Part 18
I was struck with agony and desperation, what did I hear? , I said,” what are you talking about rohit???? What do you mean you don’t have much time to live??? What do you even mean by that????”, tears welled up in my eyes and began rolling down my cheeks like rivulets, he said, “ yeah what you heard is true, I am left with a very few days to live,I just came to know this yesterday and ever since I’ve been trying to tell you about this, I have a brain tumour”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , I started crying out loud and the tears just wouldn’t stop !!! I dint know what to say, what to do , I dint know anything !!!!!!!!! he was constantly saying ,”divya , please stop crying, please” , but I just couldn’t stop, he took my hands in his and said, “look at me please”, I looked at him, he said, “now please stop crying I cant see you like this”, I felt like I was gonna lose my whole world , I hugged him and said, “I love you , I love you rohit, you cant just leave me, you cant”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We were in each others arms for a long time, I was still crying, he placed his hand on my cheek to wipe my tears, he said, “you know something divya?, you said it”,
I was shocked, I sat back in my seat and said, “i said what?” ,
he said, “you accepted that you love me, mission accomplished” ,
I was in a state of shock for a while , then I asked him, “so what all you said was not true????”,
rohit said, “NO, hehehe , it was just a joke and a plan to make you confess your love for me”,
a wave of futile rage swept over me and I started hitting him so hard I dint know it hurt my hands too, the anger in me took over the pain at that moment, after a lot of hitting him hard, I stopped I was tired, after I stopped, he said, “im sorry , im really sorry , I dint know you would get so emotional and angry im sorry” , it wasn’t funny at all ,
I said,”what kind of a lover are you, you enjoy making me cry?? You are a psycho!!! Idiot”,
he replied, “yes I am a psycho and I go mad only for you, I love teasing my doll”,
I said, “im not gonna talk to you ever after this rohit”,
he said, “you cant do that, you confessed your love, we are committed now” ,
………… OMG!!!!!! I now realised what I have done,oh no!!!!!!!!
I said, “ no, never , it was just in the moment, I was just fulfilling the last wish of a dying man “ , I laughed out loud lol , he was like, “ I havent seen a girl like you, you are just so impossible divya, impossible”,
I said, “of course I am, and we are not in a relationship yet alrite? Not so easy and not so soon , you’ll still have to work hard for it rohit” ,
rohit said, “what is this ? are you taking revenge on me now?” ,
I said, “yes, you deserve it for making me cry today, now please just drop me home or I’l walk home from here”
Rohit said,”No madam please, let me drop you home, I cant take the risk of letting you walk home alone at this time”,
I said , “ok”. I was thinking all the while , I told him I love him, I dint know how these words came out of me, but they just did, I am really in love with him , I am and he is too but playing hard is a lot of fun though … but rohit seriously scared me to death, I realised how importanat he was to me when he said he dint have time left to live, it felt like all the happiness from my life would just go away, I couldn’t imagine my life without him, I just couldnt , but that wasn’t something to be laughed at, he was really a psycho. He said, “oh common now, don’t stop talking to me again!!! “ ,
I said, “and why were you blushing when niki said your name? huh?? “,
rohit was like ,”of course, who wouldn’t blush when a pretty girl says she has a crush on you? “ ,
I hit him again and said, “it was just your name, she was talking about some other person”, but I knew she wasn’t talking about someone else.
He said, “ok fine, stop hitting me now, I wonder what will happen to me if we get married, you’ll beat me to death” hahahaha!!!
I said , “you should be lucky even to get beat up by me” , we arrived at my home and just before I leave, I told him, “officially im still not talking to you, and we’re still not committed” , he’s like,” you are a devil” , hahahaha , its feels so good when you have the last laugh in anything hehehehe!!! Then he left and I went back home!!!

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  1. Ha ha ha oh god this rohit na such an idiot….

  2. I felt So sad for him at first..then after reading that I was so Angry ? can anyone say this things yaar?,, So Mean..he thought about himself wat abt Div?..Honestly if I was there then I would have slapped him so hard..then he don’t dare to say this again,.
    Epi was Awesome di..Now waiting for Niki’s thought about Ro and Div’s reaction after knowing Niki’s truth..waiting for upcoming epis..update soon..
    Take care ?..

    1. wait fr twists and turns aaliya

  3. Omg… cute bt u just scared me dr….but very funny and emotional ? loads of love ❤ for you

    1. i told u ppl na nt to take tension anyway thnx:)

  4. Omg this rohit is big jerk…….stupid, idiot he deserved those beatings. I cud hv given him much more than this …. nice one bhagi….

    1. hahha ty kirti

  5. he is out of mind lol 😀

  6. Wow!!! this story is soooo cool love Rohit and Divya n der convo 😀

  7. Dis is really quite awesome yaar was jus reading d convers of d superb rohit n cute divya yaar !! Pls cntinu !!

  8. Awesome episode Bhgi, keep it up. ..

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