Strangers (Part 17)


Part 17
What did I just hear????? Did she say “rohit”??????????? all were so shocked and I was already angry with rohit and this made it even worse , I was just about to get up from my place and go clarify this with nikitha when arohi held my hand and stopped me. I looked at her surprised , she signalled me to sit down, so I also decided not to make a fuss out of it , I was calm and when I looked at rohit he was blushing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an idiot?????? Why is he blushing ?? that too when im sitting rite beside him and my friend’s telling us she has a crush on my to be boyfriend… this was so so messy and stupid !!!!!! this time I became red with fury, I hit rohit on his head, “aaaahhhh why are you hitting me” he said, and I whispered “cos you are blushing idiot”!!!!, everyone was silent , no one knew what to talk , then our shraddha who is silent most of the times spoke, she asked, “which rohit are you talking about niki?” , then niki looked at shraddha in surprise, I don’t know what was going on between those two, after a few seconds, niki is like,”oh , so you all thought its this rohit???, no, no im telling about another rohit my school friend” .
This was remotely convincing, I dint believe a word she said that she was talking about someone else, I know she was hitting on him from a very long time!!! Now this was getting on my nerves!!!! I choose not to react at that point of time. Now the blush on rohit’s face was gone, i thought to myself atleast he doesn’t know she was talking about him!!! Rahul, kiran, sowrajyam and all started laughing but we all knew the truth, atleast I and arohi were sure she was lying, but shraddha definitely knew something that I and arohi dint know, I had to find it out and I will sooner. I wanst jealous cos rojit was not rooting for someone else, it was my friend who was hitting on the person I love even though she knew everything going on between me and rohit. All this had already spoiled my mood foor the rest of the day but I dint want to spoil arohi’s birthday, so I played along with all of them acting like I knew nothing.
It was already 7 in the evening , we spent all day with arohi , she was so happy, really looking at her so happy I felt even more happier . arohi said, “thank you so much guys for making my day so special all of you, but most importantly my darling divya….. divya you are on of the best things that happened to me in my life and no matter where we go and what we be in future you will always be my best friend forever” I couldn’t express in words what I was feeling, tears of joy streamed down my cheek and I went and hugged arohi, it was a happy and emotional moment for both of us , I forgot everything tat happened that day about rohit and nikitha , all I knew at that moment was that I was filled with happiness and joy and the sense that im really important to my friend.
And when I was about to leave after the hug, she whispered to me don’t worry about nikitha and shraddha , we’ll deal with that, till then just be your awesome self now this is what a best friend is , she understands every nerve of mine, we both had an evil grin on our face, it was time to become a little devilish lol . then we all bid her goodbye and started to our homes, while coming to arohi’s house niki had picked me up but now I dint want to go with her , I asked rohit , “can you drop me home?” , he smiled and even before he said something, I said ,” don’t think im not angry with you, I still am and even more” , he stopped smiling and said, “ok, come lets go”. We sat in his car, I dint want to talk so I kept quiet and he was trying to make me talk and cracking stupid jokes so that I laugh and stuff , that was really cute though but, what he said was not acceptable for me at all!!!!!!!! He stopped the car on the side of a road, I looked at him and said, “why did you stop the car, I need to be home , its already late”, he said , “why are you so angry? What did I say that you are over reacting to it”, this made me go mad with fury, I shouted, “what did you mean by ou dint have time?, when you dinr have time why did you even propose me then?” he was silent, he dint reply, I shouted again, “reply me im talking to you” , then he looked at me seriously and said, “yes I said that, but I dint mean Im wasting my time on you or anything , I meant It really!!!! I don’ t have much time left to live”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. oh nooooo 🙁 is he is suffering from cancer??

    1. no ruby y u got dat doubt

  2. Dr pls dnt make this a tragedy yaar plsss

  3. oh no pls bhagi don’t do this pls… tragedy…….plsss…..

    1. harani nkirti jz relax guys ntng iz gng to happen lyk dat

  4. I liked Arohi’s birthday party and Gifts segment too and her Friendly relations with Div..
    What does Niki wants? she gonna create Problem between Div and Ro..
    I don’t understand the Character of Ro..sometimes I like him sometimes I hate him..i am confused ?..
    At last point what does he mean?…
    Totally confused.waiting for next part to clear my doubts..( I gave this comment including Previous epi too )
    Di ur Writing is Awesome..No words to say..
    Waiting for next part..Take care ?..

    1. i will post 2parts fr u aaliya they r posting vry lately

  5. I luvd the b’day celeb part:-)

  6. Best friends like super. One can know abt the other person and her thoughts sucheasily. I love these frnds. But what was that at last u broke my dream yaar. Plz dont make it so serious. Now fingers crossed and waiting for ur next part. Dont know what u will blast on my head.

    1. nthng iz gng to happen lyk dat pls dnt take tension

  7. M falling in love wid it day by day.wts da mystery? Plj unfold it soon.n make longer ends quickly n we hv to wait fo another one.plj listen my reqest.n is it ur imagination or is it a true story?

    1. wat do u mean by ur imagination r story i didnt get u

  8. Bhgi dr.. u made me cry today…. u know we are 6 mems in our gang each and every point of our life or celebration hoga na hum sab saath mein hein koi bhi miss nahi karega like we are best buddys. today mujhe mera friends yaad aya dr….. nice one dr….. whattt rohit ka cancer hain oh no…

    1. no thnx fr ur feedback

  9. Ahhhhh, please Bhgi don’t give it a tragic end. Make some twist and unite them…eagerly waiting for the next episode

    1. i vl unite them roma

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