Strangers (Part 16)


part 16
Next day it was arohi’s birthday rahul cald me and started asking me all sorts of questions like what does arohi like? Which is her favourite colour and stuff , well I had to answer all his questions patiently , had no option .. our call went on for about 20 long minutes.. finally after ending the call I have 10 missed calls from rohit , oh no!!!!! I called him back, his first words were, “ who were you talking to for so long” , he shouted at me , I dint know why he was shouting,
I said, “rahul called me to ask about arohi cos its her birthday tomorrow” ,
he said, “ oh so that’s the matter , then that’s ok”, I said, “ why do you keep calling me so many times rohit when you know im on another call? Il call you back after im done rite??”,
he said, “yeah I know but I feel insecure about you all the time”,
I said, “what is there to be insecure about , I already told you I like you, and you’re the only one im thinking about rite now, but its just that I want to take everything step by step and not rush into it” ,
he said, “ yeah I know that but I don’t have that much time”,
I was like, “what? You don’t have time for what? Do you mean your wasting your time on me???” , he replied, “ no I dint mean it that way”,
I said , “then what did you mean? Tell me? “,
he said, “nothing I dint mean anything, it just came out”,
I was so pissed off at him that time, I just said, “ok bye” and I hung up the call!!!! I just dint know what he meant by he dint have time!!! I was so pissed off , my mind wasn’t working at all, but I had to get everything ready for arohi’s bday tomorrow !!!! I was working on that !!!! rohit cald me back several times but I dint pick up, I wanted him to know I was angry. At 12 exactly I called arohi and wished her “happy birthday”, like I’ve been doing everytime for the past 3 yrs . we had a lot prepared for her bday, we all met up at arohis place next morning including rohit’s group of course, we made her cut her favourite belgium dark chocolate cake then we gave her gifts, 1st one we bought for her was a teddy which was taller than her, she always wanted one, next we gifted her a very pretty frock and a card which we all made for arohi which had a lot of our pictures together , our memories and each one of us even wrote msgs for arohi, she felt so happy I was happy that she liked all our gifts and now coming to rahul’s gift, he gifted her a bouquet of red roses and a watch , the watch was so classy everyone liked it we had our lunch at arohi’s house only and till now everyone noticed that I was’nt talking to rohit and he was trying to talk to me!!!!
After lunch we all sat down to play truth and dare which was of course our madam arohi’s idea and I was forced to sit beside rohit!!! Damn I was still angry, but I had no choice!!! We were playing truth and dare , , it was rather truth and truth cos no one took dare , first came kiran’s turn, we asked him what is the wildest thing he has ever done, and his reply was , “kissed a girl the first time I saw her, and got a slap in return” lol lol lol , OMG!!!! Looking at him no one would have expected that, he looks so sincere and stuff hehehe!!! Boys will be boys!!! Again he said, “you all don’t worry, you all are my friends I never think about any of you like that lol lol !!! Then came rahul’s turn , so we wantedly asked him ,” tell us the name of your recent crush”, omg he was blushing lol, we knew the answer but still wanted him to say it and he did, he said, “arohi” , arohi turned pink ehehehe , everyone started pulling their leg and all …. just when arohi’s mom came into the room everyone was silent, it was pindrop silence hehehe arohi’s mom was like why have you all stopped talking all of a sudden ? we were like nothing aunty just like that, she brought some snacks for us, we dint even realise it was evening already !!! So after aunty left , we started playing again, it was my turn this time and I too took truth like everyone else and the question asked to me was so embarrsing, they asked me did I ever feel like kissing rohit? OMG!!!!!!! This was so stupid to ask and even answer, hehehe to be frank I have never thought about it till now, I could have said that answer to them but I was still angry so I said, “no, never, not at all!!!! “ I could see the dissappointment in rohit’s face”, then it was nikitha’s turn and we asked her the same question asked to rahul, who was her recent crush? , she said no one, now who wont have a crush on any1 , everyone has a crush on someone or the other at anytime, so we compelled her to answer and her answer left me in disgust, she said “it’s rohit”!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. oh bghi.. i knew she will said it….what girl is this ufff

    1. nthng is go to happen u jz wait n watch

  2. What rohit…. oh no

  3. O-o very surprised

  4. hayathi n roma kuch naho hona wa la hein so guys jz relax

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