Strangers (Part 12)



next morning I had 2 new txt msgs , one was from rohit it said “gud mrng” unlike all the other days where the msg used to be “gud mrng my sunshine J” and the next msg was from kiran “sorry divya if you had any trouble cos of me yesterday, have a good day” what was that?? I did not understand a bit what was going on since yesterday, I know rohit became possessive yesterday and that’s good too, I love him getting possessive for me cos it shows he loves me but whats this thing with kiran now?, he had nothing to do with all this at all, being jealous is ok when you are in love with a person but one should know to distinguish between friends and others.
After we reached our institute I went straight to kiran and asked him “what’s wrong? why did you say sorry to me?” and he replied “may be rohit doesn’t like me talking to you, I don’t want to be the cause of disturbance between you both”, I was startled at what he said. I asked “how can you be the cause of disturbance? We’re all friends rite? Whats wrong with rohit ?why is he behaving like this?” for this kiran replied “ divya, I really think of you as my good friend and that’s why im telling you this, you don’t know completely about rohit, he’s obsessive about things or people he likes, and… and…. “ he stopped I said “and what?” he answered “and he doesn’t usually trust girls and he is a very suspicious person in matters like this and its better you get used to it “, I said, “kiran please tell me whats going on here? “, he said, “ you are really innocent divya, you don’t know anything about rohit, its better you get to know him well before you take any step towards your relation, im not saying he is bad or anything but there are things which sometimes go a lot off the limits with him, anyways all the best, bye” and he left the room I was horrified at this. I dint know how to react or even what to say, I sat there alone for a very long time thinking about all that, its good to be jealous but getting angry, not talking to me and even screwing things up with kiran seemed way too much to me, just then rohit came into that room smiling He came in very casually as if nothing happened yesterday, he came and said “why are you sitting alone here” but I was still thinking about what kiran had said, I dint reply to rohit. He asked me again “are you fine ? is everything ok?” I asked him “ do you trust me??” he was surprised at my question, he said “ why are you asking this suddenly “ I said “ just answer my question” he replied “of course I trust you baby, I know we’re still friends rite now but you are more than a friend to me” I dint know what to believe. I said, “then whats going on since yesterday?, and even when I cald u hung up my call and texted me that you dint want to talk, what is all this?”, ro said, “mmmm that was nothing actually , I was a little mad at you for yesterday that’s it, sry, but now everything’s fine, ok, now smile”, I said , “ok”. I wanted to ask rohit whats the problem with kiran sitting beside me yesterday or whats the problem between you and kiran but I dint want to prolong the issue and make it big, I dint ask any of these questions to rohit, I just wanted everything to be normal again.
There were so many questions wayfaring in my mind, I just couldnt be normal the rest of the day. Rohit dint sit beside me or kiran, I noticed they were’nt talking or even looking at each other.. I wasn’t able to understand whats going on, Should I believe what kiran said? I dint know what to do!! Rohit’s behaviour yesterday also was weird. I dint talk to anyone all day and rohit also dint even try to make talk, it was totally totally weird. The whole day was filled with negativity, it was one of my worst days . it was only at the end of the day I noticed arohi was sitting beside rahul. What???? Arohi always sits beside me, ALWAYS!!!!!! Arohi came to me smiling and said “ rahul indeed is a good company:D “ hmmmm this was the only part that was good that day, good that they both have become good friends now. But I dint like that arohi did not sit beside me .I am indeed very possessive of people I love. but I give them space too I don’t get mad for no reason but I guess rohit dint think the same way.

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  1. Very sure ff continue dear????

  2. am confused like divya

    1. Hai r u..Di I am not studying 12th..I am studying First year Di..

      1. am fine little sis…happy to knw abt u dr 🙂

      2. Thank u so much di for calling me little Sis..i don’t have any Sisters..

    2. jz wait fr nxt update ruby

  3. Epi was nice di..uff..this Possessiveness sometimes gets too much that the person forget what is Good and bad..
    I am getting Clear on Rohit’s behaviour now..if he behaves like this then I would suggest Divya to move on..
    Thank u for ur update di..Waiting for next part to get more clear on His intentions and behaviour..take care ? di..

    1. ya aaliyawait fr nxt update

  4. Very nice episode, eagerly waiting for the next episode, please continue. ..

    1. ty roma vl continue

  5. Sorry couldnt make yesterday. So i read all ur chaps in one go. Really it is getting too fast. First hug, then phone proposal, then movie, and comes our possessive boy and now things that divya didn’t expect from rohit. Angry at her, angry at his frnd, not talking, and that too kiran’s words. Wish divya will find a way out of the situation and handle it. Write the next part soon. Really superb is ur story and presentation too.

    1. ty mahna thnx a ton

  6. Bhgi is there any reason behind that…..

    1. ya hayathi vl let u knw

  7. Nice epiosode bt y so much negativity i mean they are such a cute couple….pls make everything clear as early as possible….nd update soon…

    1. i alrdy updated u dnt take tension kurti

  8. Bhgi whn u changed ur story title. I was missing ur story too much. Whn i read part 7 just 4 fun i got 2 know tht it is the same story tht u started. So i started reading frm where i left. Ur story is so interesting. I was blushing while reading. Anyway guys i want 2 say something. 2day will b probably my last date in TU. Frm tmrw onwards my net pack will expire n then my mummy will not allow me 2 use net. Bcoz i hv 2 appear +2 2nd year CHSE board exam. I secured 10 CGPA in 10th board bt now its very difficult n i want 2 secure good marks n don’t want 2 disappoint my parents. So guys plz pray 4 me. Luv u all n will miss u all so much.

    1. jz gimme ur mail id i vl send u all otherchptrs wen u r free jz go through it wat say???

  9. Awesome imagination buddy..Love your story

  10. hey it’s just like my own love story hatsoff for ur writing yaar….

    1. wat do u mean by jz lyk ur lv story i didnt get u

  11. nce part bhgi..but really xpctin kiran to b liar…
    coz i hate over possessive people…
    any wyz m enjoin ua story…
    so ready to read wtevr u typ..

  12. hahaah ty seher kiran is a vry gud boy alrdy i posted 2 parts to them i donno wen they r going to post in ff section:)

  13. that over possesiveness getting angry part yaar….I am addicted to your story yaar….. I just love your story eagerly waiting for your future parts yaar… keep rocking…. a tight hug for u…..

  14. I was a silent reader of urs but after seeing your story I couldnt stop commenting…. I am really happy after seeing your story yaar…. thanks a lot… pls update the next part soon yaar can’t wait….

    1. Ty madhu vl update soon

  15. Welcome but I seriously seriously love the story

  16. Hi all of u ,nice to see u all here .bhgi ur story is nice yaar

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