Strangers (Part 11)


Part 11
One day when I opened my facebook account and I saw rohit sent me add request long ago but I had’nt noticed that ,I saw it just then, I accepted it instantly .. I wanted to know more about him .. I went to his profile saw his pics, likes and comments .. he was looking so handsome in all his pics and like I already said he’s quite a charmer he looked even more cute and charming in his childhood pics aaaawwwwww!!!!!! I thought to myself if someday we had kids they would just look like him so cute I was going mad lol . he had many friends girls and boys .. well that’s good in a way cos I have many friends too girls and boys .. so he can understand me, he would have no problem with my friends thank god!!! Cos I have a lot of frnds
There were’nt a lot of calls between us, we still dint reach the stage where we can cal each other anytime without hesitating, he always used to text me before he calls ,”can I call u “, that was really sweet!!! we would mostly chat , and that day when we were chatting he mentioned about rahul that he is very fond of arohi and wants to know her more and stuff so we both thought about it and decided that all our group will go out for a movie for starters , where we’ll make arohi sit beside rahul this sounded fun and we both also never went out or hanged out so I knew why he was so excited about this , well I was too, I have to admit it and I dint mind cos we all were going together.
Our seating arrangement was like this, starting from the corner seats it was rahul, arohi,shradha,nikitha,sowrajyam,kiran,me and rohit. It was our 1st movie together ..i was watching the movie interestingly when I suddenly felt a breeze pass over me, I looked at rohit,he blew air on me he was’nt watching the movie, he was looking at me I asked him, “what are you doing rohit?”, he replied, “im watching my princess” omg!!! This guy always, everytime makes me blush!!!! But it was really hard to watch the movie when I knew he was looking at me all the time, I told him, “ you can look at me later , now pls watch the movie ro”, he’s like “when?”, I said, “ what do you mean when? You see me almost everyday?”, he said, “ yeah , but there’s always some disturbance, now I can watch you without any disturbance”, I smiled and said, “please rohit watch the movie now”, he said, “no!! what will you give me for watching the movie?”, now I knew where this converstaion is going to end up, so I said ,” no im not going to give you anything to watch the movie, you better watch movie or il change my seat “ , hahahaha, he said, “ you are soo unromantic divya”, lol I laughed … and after we finished our conversation we turned to see the movie, all our gang was looking at us , they were like if you both are done with it can we please watch the movie in peace. so we were watching the movie, talking in between ,giving random glances to each other too, and mean while I was also talking to kiran and others in between , the 1st part of the movie was good , then in the intermission rohit seemed all miffed.. he was fine till then and was enjoying the movie , I asked him what’s wrong but he dint reply.I asked him the same question again and his answer was “ why did kiran sit beside you?” , I said “how does it matter who sits beside me we’re all friends “ for that he said ”I don’t want you to sit beside any other guy except me at anytime” well that was kinda cute cos he was possessive for me I said “that’s cute , your possessive for me, but that’s ok cos we are all friends “ he said nothing and sat back down again After completion of the movie rohit went off without even saying bye to me , I was astounded by his behaviour. But I dint give it much thought , I thought he’d be fine in sometime. There group left, Arohi was yelling out loud at all of us in the car she dint know about our movie plan or about rahul. Then I explained to her “he just wants to know more about you arohi that’s it … just be good friends for now.. even then if you don’t like it its fine” she finally calmed down !!!!!!!!………………………………………………………….
…………………………………… rohit dint txt me or cal me at all ,so after my dinner I cald him , he hung up my cal and texted me “I don’t want to talk to u” this really was shocking to me cos this was the 1st time im seeing this side of him !!!!! I just could’nt get myself to sleep , I wanted to talk to him so bad , I was missing him I dint even have my dinner because of that there was still a lot I dint know about him , but I hoped whatever I dint know about never came between us !!!!!

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  1. Yeah kya pagal pan hain yaar so agar ek ladka humse pyaar karthe ho tho hum uske alava kisi se baat nahi kar sakthe hein kya how rude thats why i hate love dr…. lot of restriction mental tension god…. guys sorry if meine kuch galat kaha tho really sorry guys… its just my opinion…

    1. Hayathi di don’t hate Love ❤ ..its a Nice feeling but Persons r good and bad in my point of view..Sorry if my words hurts u..Take care ?..

      1. Hi aliya….. how r u… not like that dr… in my college mene bahut lovd stories dekha tha…. all boys r keep restrctions dont do this…. dont go anyware with out inform me…. dont talk with boys….. tab meine decide kardiya dont love with anyone because i am very independent i dont like restrictions and all…… ha ha ha i am mad na…. ????

      2. Hai di..I am fine wat abt u..I agree with u that there r some persons who r actually so possessive..But there r some people too who loves unconditionally and they r scared of losing them..that’s y they behave like that..It depends on the mental behaviour of that person..
        I too don’t like restrictions..?? same pinch di..? take care..

      3. Same pinch dr.. agar kisi ne aake oh math karo yeh math karo aisa bola na mujhe bahut gussa atha hain…. kyun ki hum bache nahi na…. thank u my little sis…. for ur reply… keep smile dr

    2. he iz so possesive about divi dats y he iz behaving lyk dats it evrythng vl b alryt u ppl dnt worry

  2. Thank u dr 4 anthr updt, its gettng intrstd day by day:-)

  3. Oh so Sad…he is too possessive yaar..Little possessive is well ok but more possessiveness bitters relationship..Lets c what is gonna happen next..I am waiting for next..Thank u so much for updating soon..Take care ?

    1. hai aaliya u asked me abt my study in bhagi’s previous epi…i completed my teachers training course jobless..nw am trying to be a good artist. am frm kerala 🙂

      u r my li’l sister’s same age 🙂 i think u r in 12th standard..and wh r u frm dr?

  4. Awesome episode Bhgi, now we start seeing Rohit’s side…I hope it’s not hurt Divya. ..keep it up eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. ty roma vl updtae soon:)

  5. Bhagi awesome episode bt why he is so much possessive. pls dont make their relation bitter because of this, both of them are very cute couple pls…. nd update soon i want to know he will talk to her or not or what he will say whats his problem. I think their is something else may be in his past or dont know just guessing….going mad pls update next part soon. love u nd thanx for such a lovely story.

    1. ty kirti ur ryt keep guessing i cnt reveal anythng right nw

  6. hyy bhgi…i read ua update nw n ws vry curious to read abt it n scrwld fr the 1st part n i mst sy dat d story z tooo good…its lyk m readin a novel..
    keep it up dude…n im waitin fr ua nxt updte..

    1. ty seher vl update soon

  7. hey bhgi superb dr…

  8. really superb bhgi…keep going…

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