Strangers- Part 1

Part 1

The train had reached Kalyan station and slowed down to a halt. Abhi looked out of his first class compartment window, disinterestedly scanning the people on the platform who rushed to get into their respective compartments when suddenly his eye caught a sight of a young lady in a bright red lehenga, with loads of jewelry on her person and an air bag slung on her shoulder. He could not see her face clearly as she was frantically turning her head from side to side apparently looking for someone in one of the many compartments of the train. Just as the train was pulling out of the station, he saw her jump into his compartment. He turned his attention back to the magazine he held in his hand as the train gained momentum and sped along. A few minutes later he put aside the magazine and went to wash his hands so that he can have his breakfast which his aunt had painstakingly packed for him as he had left early that morning to catch the train from VT station, a good 60 kilometers away from her place at Virar. As he walked up to the wash basin, he felt a strong gust of wind blowing through the open door of the compartment. Turning his head he saw the back of the young woman in lehenga who he had noticed earlier on the platform. She was standing close to the open door. Presuming her to be standing there to get some breeze, he proceeded to the basin and pressed the tap open to wash his hands when he noticed from the corner of his eye that the young woman was leaning out of the compartment and was preparing to jump out. Jerking his head in her direction in alarm, he sprung to her side in a fraction of a second and catching her by her wrist he pulled her in forcefully. Just then the train pulled into a tunnel, so he could not see her face. Gritting his teeth he lashed out at the unknown woman in pitch darkness.

“Are you crazy? Why do you want to kill yourself? What was so unbearable that you would take such a drastic irretrievable step? Do you even understand the value of life? Do you know that death is not a solution to whatever problem you may be having?”

He itself did not know why he was furious with a complete stranger but he couldn’t stop his tirade. He then dragged her to his coupe and pushed her on the seat opposite him. The train had pulled out of the tunnel and he could see her face now. Her oval angelic face was tear-stained. Her dark almond eyes looked fearfully at him as she tried hard to blink back the tears which threatened to brim over again. Her pink supple lips quivered in fear and anguish. He was about to apologize for his harsh behavior when the ticket collector entered the compartment.

“Newlyweds?” he asked genially. Before he could dispel the notion, the man continued “Congratulations.” He then took the ticket that the woman held in her hand and ticking the two names on the ticket, he smiled at them and wished them a happy married life and left as suddenly as he came in.

He looked back at her again. She bent her head down, not wanting to meet his searing gaze. She suddenly got up and rushed out. Cursing under his breath, he immediately followed her, fearing that she was about to try jumping out again but instead of going to the door she went to the basin and bending her head, she puked in it. He stood behind her, not knowing what to do. After a few minutes she lifted her head and washed her mouth. She returned to her seat and slumped on it. He tried talking to her to find out what her problem was but she shut herself up, refusing to divulge anything about herself. He gave up after some time but kept a watchful eye on her to ensure that she does not indulge in another suicide attempt. He took out his breakfast and offered it to her but she shook her head in the negative. Shrugging his shoulders he went ahead and had his breakfast, wiping his hands in his hand kerchief as he did not want to leave her alone even for a minute.

Once they reached Pune, he got up and pulled his suitcase from under the seat and was about to leave when he noticed that the young woman was still seated her head dropping to one side as she had dozed off. Shaking her awake he asked her where she had to go. She looked at him in confusion. He realized she had nowhere to go and was apprehensive that she might resort to suicide again if left to herself. Making up his mind in a split second, he caught hold of her wrist and pulled her up. Taking the airbag which lay next to her, he slung it on his shoulder, picked up his suitcase with the other hand and still holding her wrist he said that he was taking her with him to his house. She tried to protest but seeing his angry glare she bit back her words. He dragged her to the door where there were only a couple of other passengers ahead of them.

Getting off the train he made his way out of the station with the young woman in tow. His driver came running towards him and took the suitcase and airbag from him. He then turned to look at the young woman next to his master and looked quizzically at him. His master, however, was in no mood to answer his silent query. Proceeding to the car, he opened the back door for her and waited till she got in before going over to the other side to take his own seat next to her.

When they reached his palatial house, he got off his car and opened the door of the car for her to step out. He then escorted her to the front door and rang the bell. The door was opened by an old gentleman who enveloped him in his arms.
“Welcome home, Abhi beta”, he said warmly and turning to his side he looked at the vision in red in shock.
“Who is this?” his father, raghav mehra asked.
Before his son could respond he continued, “So SHE is my bahu. How come you did not tell me you were bringing her home?”
Even as his son looked in shock, the old man took hold of the hand of the young woman and gladly led her into the house. “Come in beti, this is your house from today. How long I have been waiting for this day,” he said in relief and contentment. He followed his father, wringing his hands, wondering what to say and how to explain.
Hii all so this is a new story that popped in my mind out of a sudden I know I have my other works. But LCA isn’t getting much response so I thought I am boring u all with that one. So to give u all a good episode it is in progress. So in that time being I thought to give u all my this story which is also my fav.. hope u all enjoy it pls comment ur views on this one whether to continue or not. Don’t get confused as I didn’t mention characters name u all know it though it will be in further episodes. Love u all stay blessed and don’t forget to comment below…

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  2. Superbbbb yarrr & interesting tooo

  3. Superb Epi vaishu.. Loved it.. Update next part soon..

  4. Hanna

    Superb and Raghav’s words is amazing

  5. Nice story starting and you can continue this story.

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    Yeah supr storyline…I liked it
    And I would like to read more??

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    Superb Vaishu and Poor Abhi! Eagerly waiting fir the next one. I liked the way Raghav responded to that situation

  8. Super vishu sis….
    awesome stry line…raghav’s reaction was super..
    And congrats from ur marks…I knw I’m late…I can’t able to comment on that..thats y…waiting for the next!!!

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    a great shot…literally fab and the usage of words, way of narration…loved it all.
    raghav was good…and the ticket collector…it was so nyc of him to jump into conclusion and vanish suddenly juz the way he appeared…hehe! nd from the girl’s description, i can guess she had been under a pathetic situation…whatever it was *anyways, u r gonna tell it sooner or later* nd abhi was too gud in this…loved him nd it was so gud to see him as caring person…though the girl was a stranger, realising she had no where to go, he took her to his house… humanity or whatever it can be called, played its role here.
    all in all a wonderful fiction, which needs no mention to be continued…but still i mention, i love this and pls cntnu…

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    Ohh my sweeto abhi was awesome helpng a stranger tis much loved it lot da waitng fr nxt but dbt u dare to think tat lca is not nice its one of the best ff i ever read as i told u already it gvs me a feelng of seeing real shabbir and sriti waiting to see shoot of kkb in it its jst tat all r busy wit thr exams wrk so oly less cmnts so dnt wry love u???????

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