Strangers or Friendship or Love – Part 2

At night kavitha and swara talking in the room someone entered their room.

They turned towards the door near the door one girl is standing with spectacles.

swara:who r u.

girl: Hi I am Ragini gododia. New Here.Ur’s new roommate.

swara and kavitha welcome her happily.The three become friends very quickly.

After chitchat sometime they slept.


Ragini gododia: She is bubbly girl. In love with sahil from one year. But she is in love with his property.


Next Morning:

Three girls got ready and went to college.Another our hero also got ready and went college.

At college:

All are introducing themselves to their classmates.At that time lecturer entered the class all become silent.

lecturer:Good morning students I am your lecturer for chemistry.So , students introduce urself to the class .

first boy: Hello sir myself Nikhil. I am from  mumbai.

first girl:Hello sir myself Kavya. I am also from Mumbai.


Nikhil: He is nice person .But a play boy.

Kavya: Very popular person in college.Reason will reveal in the upcoming parts.


next boy:Hello sir this is sahil sharma.

Next girl: Hello sir I am kavitha.


sahil:A play boy. lover of ragini.But he is not truly love with her.


ragini: Hello sir myself ragini.

Swara: Hello sir myself swara.

laksh :A cry baby sanskari swara.

All laughed for that comment.Sanskar gave a smack to laksh and turn to see swara. He is mesmerised by  seeing her.

lec:Don’t tease girls mr. If u tease means I will give u punishment.

laksh:Sorry sir.

lec:say sorry to her. And introduce urself.

laksh: Hello sir myself laksh. Sorry swara.

swara:Its ok brother.

Laksh got shocked with her reply, Whole class laughed for his expressions.

sanskar: Hello sir myself sanskar.(He introduced himself by seeing swara)

nikhil:so u r swara ki sanskari.Swara didn’t listen his comment.

she is busy in talking with ragini.

After sometime class got over.Lecturer while going.

Lec:ok students I will start class from tomorrow be ready.

After lecturer went outside. Swara saw sanskar secretly .

And here sanskar also seeing her not knowing she is also seeing him.

After class all went outside .

some are playing , some are eating others brains. Some people thought to introduce others to themselves.

A gang is standing outside the class and,

Hello guys I am kavya.

Hello I am kavitha and this is swara my friend and this is ragini .

All said hello.

Hello guys I am laksh and these are my friends nikhil, sahil, and my best friend sanskar.

All girls said hello.

Nikhil: so guys let’s form a team.

All in unison: Yes.

swara and sanskar become happy because they are staying in hostel for the first time and they got many friends at second day itself. Later gang all are talking.

swara talking all the members very excitedly and sanskar thought swara will come and talk to him also. But she is busy with others and his face fall low reason he also dont know.And started to talk with others.Swara thought sanskar will come and talk to her but seeing him that he is not seeing her and talking with ragini she got upset. Both thought they will talk them later.

And after  all went to their hostels at evening.

Precap: the first class and first test.

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