Strangers or Friends or Lovers – Part 1

Hi guys here I am giving one os . Please read and comment.

A Beautiful day for a good beginning for some lifes . But it is good or bad . Is this day will change lifes forever? Let’s peep into the story.
A college is shown with a beautiful entrance while entering in college it is very beautiful and the atmosphere gives some peace to minds . But one girl is looking very nervous and standing near principal office waiting for her mother.
Her mother is went to talk principal for her joining.
Here she is standing nervously.
After sometime she saw her mother coming outside from office with happy face. She hurriedly went near her mother.
girl: mom what happend is I got admission? tell me mom .one side she is praying for she didn’t want to get admission in this college.Her mother also don’t want to join her there that to in hostel.
girl mother: Beta. U got admission here.
girl:felling sad: ohh that’s good mom.

girl mother: gm ; girl: g
gm: beta study well .Eat well. Don’t fall sick beta.And don’t worry about staying alone me and ur father will come to see u regularly. U know na ur father can’t be stayed without talking to you. so don’t worry.ok na beta good luck.
All this while that girl is controling her tears. Thinking If she started to cry her mother will get afraid about her.
g:ok mom I will takecare of myself. u & dad takecare ok.
gm: ok beta take your luggage and go hostel ok bye beta.
Be strong swara take care if u want anything just call me ok.
Yes the girl is swara.
swara: ok mom.
After some time her mother went bidding bye to swara.
swara took her luggage and went to her room.
After settling everything in her room . She sat on bed and went in thoughts.
swara : sweet, bubbly girl . Only daughter of shekar and shramista malhotra. Studying is rich but she will show her richness in her attitude. She always like to be simple..
swara is thinking how to stay here without her parents.After coming out of her thoughts , she thought to know about her classmates. So, she waited for her roommates to ask about them.
After sometime her roommate came.
Both introduce them selves .
swara thought she is good .And she started talking with her.
swara : kavitha where r u from.
Her roommate is kavitha.
kavitha: well swara I am from US.
swara : ohh nice.
they talked like that time flow.It got evening.
Kavitha: Nice girl .From Us. And kind hearted.
(one more thing guys kavitha is not the villian in my story. The main villian will give entrance. But to know who is the real villian u have to wait)
And in the evening one boy was seen in same college and that is very tall and handsome .
That boy sit in one chair in garden in his college. Thinking about his parents and brother.
While he is thinking one boy came and put his hand on his shoulder.
He turned to see who is he.
Second boy: Y are sitting here sadly.
First boy: I am feeling sad because I am away from my dad ,mom, brother.
Second boy: U were away from them for the first time right.
First boy:yes. They are my support. and they are my lifeline too.
Second boy: Don’t worry be cool.for support we are here.
First boy:thank you. Sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I am Sanskar Maheshwari.and u.
Second boy: nice to meet you sanskar .and I am Laksh mehra.
sanskar: nice to meet you laksh.
laksh:ok let’s go from here. we will talk in our room.
sanskar: Nice guy. Tall and handsome.Second child of ram and sujatha mehra.Likes his parents and brother very much.Soft Heartend.
Laksh: one and only son of dp and ap mehra.bubbly boy.
Precap:meet of swasan.

Guys this is short story .And guys who you want the villian of the story.


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