Strangers with memories S2 (Episode 9)


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I am sorry for not being able to update the article. I was sick and I kept thinking the whole time on what I have to write. I have a small modification. I will be writing in a new name “Can Love happen twice”the reason why I am moving away from the original title is because I feel it is not apt for the story and so going forward from the next update search for “Can Love happen twice”

Going to Goa was the best part of my life. I packed all my stuff. Me and Aditi left together and were waiting for the bus to come. Shanky was there already waiting with us. Aniket would come with the bus. The bus came and we all hurried in the bus. Aditi sat next to the window, her favorite place and before I could sit next to her, shanky sat next to her and I was like thinking where should I sit as most of the places were already taken and we were the last to be picked! Just then Aniket called me and asked me to sit next to him. I saw Aditi and she said me please and asked me to go and sit with Aniket. I sat next to him hesitantly and was obviously very shy. It was a night journey and we had a lot of fun dancing, playing and singing! It was almost 2am and one by one everyone started to doze off. I started feeling tired too. I went to my seat and slept while Shanky, ani and Adi were still dancing. The vehicle hit a hump and I opened my eyes. I see myself resting my heads on Aniket’s shoulders and my hand clasped in his hands. I see him and he is asleep. I see his face, so calm and serene and even in his sleepy mood he had a smile on his face. The rays of the moon crawled through the window and fell on his face and I look at him and see how handsome he is and what did he like in me so much? I stay awake for sometime and slowly, aniket’s head falls on my shoulder. He is still asleep. I wonder if I have to move or make his head straight and the end, I lay my head on top of him and surrender to sleep.
I am waken up by aniket in the morning and he asks me if I had slept well. I said yes and he tells that we will reach in sometime and offered me some biscuits. I said him “No Aniket, I will freshen up and then eat. He keeps the packet inside. I ask him again “Aniket, will you not eat?”He said “Na, I will also freshen up and eat. We will reach there in another 30min”

We are at the hotel. Me and Aditi take a room and Shanky and Aniket takes another one right next to us. We had close balconies and the had a sea view facing balcony. I really admired Goa’s beauty. It was my favorite destination and he planning it all made me like him more and more.
g. We came to the hotel in the night. I was exhausted and I slept. I wake up in the morning and see Aditi is still sleeping. I dress myself up and go to wake her up. She tells that they have a dinner organized and everyone is free for the day and can do whatever they want and she wants to sleep for a while.
I didn’t want to disturb her. I locked the room and took a spare key and decided to walk along the beach my favorite thing to do! I walk for around 30min and then sit for a while soaking the beauty of the waves and the sea. Just then someone comes and hands me a coconut orange drink and a sandwich. I look up and see its Ani. I said him “Good Morning!”
He replied sweetly with a smile “” Good Morning Deeps, Here eat this”
I ask him “What for? I will eat together with all inside”
He continues “I saw you walking on the beach and you will be tired. This is to energise yourself for another 30 min of walk”

I look up to him “Another 30 min? Why? I am done with the walking so I am sitting here. I don’t want go again”
He tells opening his sandwich “I know but you would mind walking for another 30 min with me right?” and then sees me with a expression so cute and he was clearly telling through his eyes that he wanted me to tell an Yes!
I look at him, and smile and take the sandwich and drink from his hand and said “Okay, let me energize for another hour of walk!”

His eyes widened with happiness and he couldn’t control his smile and his face turned so red and looked down to his sandwich and turned his face away. He wanted to hide all his excitement.

I really loved that part and today he has turned himself so much far away from me and he didn’t even try to hide the feelings he had and said to me openly hurting me in and out and he has scarred me for life!

Credit to: Dippy

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    1. Thanks Bhagya! Falling in love again! will be the new title. I havejust submitted the article and I think it would be up tomorrow.

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