Strangers with memories S2 (Episode 8)


I was still wide eyed seeing Aniket there. Shashank hugged him and while we were still thinking he started telling “This is my cousin and my best friend. We are neighbors and we grew up together. He was the one who made me realize that Aditi was the one for me!”

I looked at Aditi who was equally shocked. Did Aniket know this already? Aniket was still looking at me and smiling.
Shashank continued “Now, I am helping him to win over a girl he is in love with and you know she is his college…..”Before Shashank could continue Aniket stopped him and said “Woa Woa, Stop it there Shanky! Hello Deepthi, Hello Aditi! I didn’t know you were the girl he was telling all about. Are you really like that?
Aditi was giving him weird angry looks and I was smiling looking at both of them. Shashank just came in between “Whaaatt? Do you know Aditi? Why didn’t you tell me?”
Aniket was like “How would I know she is her. You didn’t show me her pic. But anyway, It is good now we all know each other”and he sat down next to me.

Shashank turned to him and said “Ani, you told you had some important work and toldme to hurry up and now you are sitting. Shall we go if it is important?”
Aniket relaxed and said ”It is not important anymore. Deepthi is here”
I turned to him suddenly listening to my name and all of a sudden Shashank told at a high pitch “Ohhhhh, she is deepthi? I didn’t know at all”

I cut both of them and said “What is this “she is deepthi” supposed to be?”
Aniket was embarrassed and said “Nothing nothing, don’t listen to him”
Aditi was also smiling which showed she knew something. I asked will someone tell something please!
Aditi turned to Shashank who told her something in sign language and Aditi said me in ears “You have stolen Aniket’s heart Deeps! You are the girl who he likes but pretend like you don’t know please”I turned all red!

I never thought Aniket would like a girl like me. Why does he do this! It makes my heart ache knowing that he is no more in my life. Did he feel I am not worth after all? I get up and login to my computer. It was time for me to delete all his memories and everything related to him. But it didn’t take even a minute for me to realise that it was not easy for me to remove him for my life. He was my first love. The guy I liked a lot. My first crush. My everything! It will never be easy for me to remove him.

I go through my pictures and I found the snaps of Goa. It was the best time of my life. I was in my favorite destination with people I love a lot: Aditi, shanky and Aniket. After the meeting, we almost hanged out everyday and I really liked Shanky as a person. He had come along with us too.
While I was seeing the pictures, I see the first picture of us together. In the train and it took me back to the day I started packing for the trip…………..

Credit to: Dippy

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  1. huh..really distraught past..thank u .post

  2. good one..l love their bonding.
    why he ditched her?? eager to know.
    take care

  3. nice episode ..

  4. Y u stpd wrtng dr? Waitn 4 nxt prt

  5. Pls update the next part dippy… Eagerly waiting

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