Strangers with memories S2 (Episode 7)


Hello all,
I am so sorry for not posting. My loved one was suffering from Flu and I had to take care of him. So I am back again and I will update regularly. Please excuse me during the weekends if I don’t publish as I usually go out on those days! So here you go 

I was still lost in my past. I clearly remember that day I met Aditi’s boyfriend.
It was 2 days since our exams got over and I was looking forward to meet Aditi’s boyfriend. Aditi hadn’t said anything about me to her boyfriend as she wanted honest reactions. She was weird in that way. She took me to café and said she will be back soon and she disappeared. After 10 minutes, I got a note from her with directions to a place. I went there and it was an open space seating outside the café, there were many guys and she told me to see everyone and judge who the best is. I was angry on her. How could I spot her guy, what if I make a wrong selection? I observed everyone and there was one guy who caught my attention. He looked like he was waiting for someone, I started observing him. The guy caught me looking at him and he came to me. I was like “Oh god! Why is he walking towards me? He came and asked me “Hi, are you Ramya?”I was like “What? No!”He was like “sorry!”I was like damn! I spent so much time seeing him. I started looking around, but somehow I kept looking back at this guy.

There was a charm in him and I wished that this guy was Aditi’s boyfriend. I kept looking here and there. I was kind of getting pissed. This guy I was admiring was looking around here and there. A boy came selling roses and this guy picked up the entire bunch he had. He then ordered a hell lot of things to the waiter and told the waiter that he would update and he wants it then. He gave 1 of the rose to a small girl sitting in the opposite table. He stood up and cleanly rubbed the dirt out of the very clean lemon yellow crisp shirt. When I saw him, I missed Aniket. I smiled and thought what is wrong with me and where is this Aditi!
I couldn’t help but noticing the guy often. It was almost 2 hours since Aditi left me here. He was very good looking but he didn’t have any addiction to the looks like the other guys sitting around. He never saw looked up at any girl who was hot who passed by. All I could see in him was he waiting for someone and his eyes clearly showed that. He caught me seeing at him again and smiled and awkwardly waved his hand at me.
I cursed myself and hoped that I wasn’t giving him wrong signals. I waved back. He asked me in signs if he could come over to my table. I was not sure and then I gestured him its okay. He came and sat and introduced himself as Shashank. I said “I am Deepthi”
He said ‘I see you are also waiting for someone like me”

I said “Yes! I have been waiting for my friend. She deserted me and disappeared”
He laughed and said “Looks like your friend is having some fun. I came to meet my girlfriend and she was supposed to introduce me to her friend ramya and I am waiting for her. I have never seen this Ramya and I don’t even have her number. My gf told she would come and talk to you”
I smiled and said “It is really tough to recognize people whom you have not seen. I understand that”
So, we spoke for a little while discussing about college and everything. I was confused and wondered why am I sharing this information with a total stranger. But somehow, I felt comfortable speaking to him. It was almost an hour since we spoke and I liked him as a person. I said him “you seem like a nice guy”
He smiled and said “I hope so! You need to tell this to my girlfriend. She always tell that I am not good”
I laughed and he continued “But I know she doesn’t mean it. She is kinda naughty brat. I will introduce her to you soon if you aren’t gone by then. I atleast have some company now. I was so bored sitting alone” and then he told a big story about his girlfriend. He was really too much in love! I felt the girl to be lucky and wished Aniket loved me like this. And suddenly, I was like why do I have these thoughts. I have a crush on him but that doesn’t mean he likes me! Shashank was still speaking about his girlfriend.

Just then I spotted Aditi coming and I was like finally and before I could say this to Shashank, he suddenly stood up and ran towards her with the roses and gift box he had and hugged her and gave a kiss. My mouth was wide open and there Aditi was winking at me.
I was really happy that Shashank was the one who was Aditi’s boyfriend. She still didn’t tell him and he came with her to introduce her to me. I grabbed her tight and started happily shouting “I am so happy Adi”

Shashank was still confused. Aditi introduced me to him and then she told him that she had lied to him about the name so that we do not get to know!
I laughed but I was equally happy for Aditi and Shashank. It was evening and he told his friend is coming to pick him up as he had an issue with his bike. Just then, his friend came and it didn’t take me more than a second to notice that it was Aniket!!
I saw Aditi and she was equally shocked too and then Shashank told aniket is his best friend and they are cousins too! But what Shashank didn’t know was, we already knew Aniket!
My heart skipped a beat as soon as he came closer and gave a smile to me.

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