Strangers with memories S2 (Episode 4)

I was still shocked and wondering what happened. He held my hand and I had a sudden chill running through my body.
He smiled and said “There is no sugar. This is your first time and I do not want it to taste bad. Sorry for scaring you”and he slowly released his hand.
I smiled back to him, I was blushing bright red and I hoped he didn’t see it.
I added sugar and the coffee was tasty! I said to him “Yumm, I never thought coffee can be this tasty too. I like it”
He was smiling from ear to ear and said “I know Deepthi, So now you will be my coffee partner. We will explore the coffee in the many many places around and I will take you to my favorite café. I am sure you will love it”

I said “Hmmmm, lets see. I am not sure about tasting everywhere but maybe once in a blue moon”
He was wide mouthed and said “Once in a blue mooooonnnn? Come on Deepthi, don’t do that to me. Let’s go for a coffee at least once in a month. Only you and me please! I like you company and I want to spend some time with you. Please please please!
He was making a face like a baby. I liked the way he talked, the way he dresses, and the way he makes a deal and says that he likes women thinking he is a superhero! I couldn’t say no to him.
I replied “Ok Aniket, but remember that we share our bills!”
He frowned and said “Not again! Why do you want to spoil my mood Deepthi”
I shrugged and said I didn’t. He was still angry and he told “Fine Deepthi, if you want to do so, you continue but today it is my treat! You liked the coffee so I am happy so I will pay. Going forward we shall split the bill. Deal??”
I smiled back and said “Deal!”

We sat there for long and spoke about me, my friends about Aditi and he spoke about his family. It was only then I realized that his dad was a politician! He was the mayor for Bangalore and now, he is working as a core president. I didn’t knew he was this famous. His mom is a socialite and he has a sister who is an aspiring actress and already featured in regional movies. I was shocked. I didn’t know that he came from a well-established family. I asked him if he has a lot of pressure to succeed.
He replied “No Deepthi, My parents are open to my suggestions. My sister was a model before she became an actress. My mom is pretty broad minded. She is a socialite herself and she loves to brag about my sister. She gets a lot of attention wherever she goes. My dad wants me to enter into politics, he has a lot of connections. But I want to become an engineer. My favorite field is Automobile engineering. I love cars. I want to get into Intel my dream company, as I want to build an automotive solution for cars, the future. There are so many things I want when I drive my car but we do not have that option in India, So I want to be the first person who brings it here”
I was so impressed by the way he has molded his future. He knew what he wants and what he wants to do. He asked me”What are your plans”

I was blank! I was still thinking about what he said. I said “Hmmm, I don’t have a lot of dreams like you Aniket. I want to get into a good company after I complete my engineering and be independent. Even though my parents never made a bias on a son or daughter, my relatives always pointed there finger for me being a girl. They thought girls are fit only to get married and only boys are the greatest creature in the house. I could see so much of bias when it comes to my bro and me. He is so much encouraged by everyone for his dreams and when I told I wanted to be an engineer everyone frowned and said you can do a degree that is enough. After I will be married. So I want to show all these people that a girl can be financially independent and always don’t need a man to fulfill her dreams”
By the time I completed I was angry! I don’t know why but I hated my relatives and these talks made me angry and frustrated. Aniket was listening to me and he said me to calm down.
He said “Deepthi, don’t worry. People are like that. It is not correct to be biased but don’t you think a woman would be better if she depends on her guy? You see, he gets that attention and there will be lot of love”and he smiled.

I said “I don’t know Aniket. But I don’t like to be dependent on someone not atleast financially!”
He said “ Deepthi, forget that and lets enjoy the coffee. It is getting cold”
We had our coffee and he dropped me back home. It was the best day of my life and I already had a crush on him!
I come back to my senses from the past. I see that the milk already was oozing out and getting burnt. I rushed and switched off the flame and made my coffee, added sugar and took a sip. It was everything like before except that Ani was not there to accompany me and the coffee inspite of the sugar tasted bitter.

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  1. wow awesum epi….update nxt epi asap…hav u planned tht how mny epis u r gonna write n hw mny tyms in a week?

  2. Thanks suraj! I am planning to write one per day, but it depends on my time. If I am free, will write more 🙂

    1. please write sooon .i am silient reader of urs ffs

  3. great episode,
    l like d way flashback is showing.
    u related d past n present beautifully.
    take care

    1. thanks Sara!

  4. feeling sad for her still remembering her moments with him.thank u 4 d upd

    1. thanks Miya 🙂

  5. Dear l love my new name(Ani) given by u!! episode was very awesome nd nicely written…
    upd next ASAP,waiting eagerly.

    1. Thanks Anisha 🙂

  6. dippy l saw ur reply,don’t worry,l really didn’t feel bad at all coz l said whatever l felt right….nd about t’days, part as usual u just rocked.l like deeptii,.she is kinda simple girl..nd l love it.thnx 4 upd u a lot.
    #stay blessed

    1. Loads of love!

  7. nice episode..
    u did right leaving Strangers and don’t reply n waste any of your words to d ppl who just don’t understand,it’s just waste of time,hope u understand what l meant.sry as l can’t comment here regularly but l read all parts,they are good enough.

    1. thanks Rim! Means a lot!

  8. Ahhhhhh….so NYC yaar

    1. thanks maandey!

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