Strangers with memories S2 (Episode 2)


Hello All,

I will not be continuing Strangers anymore. If bhgi continues, you can read it there. I will be starting a new ff, with a new story and new characters. I will use the part I had written in strangers to weave up a story. I hope you like it and encourage me like you did when I wrote for strangers.

Below is the gist and I will start writing it from tomorrow.

“ Will you never understand Deepthi, stop behaving so kiddish and stupid. I am really tired. Why can’t you be independent like the other girls?” Shouted Aniket.
This is not the first time me and Ani had a fight. Our love is no more; he wants to break up with me. But I do not have anyone else other than him. Why doesn’t he understand? I love being with him always and wanted him in my life. I love giving him importance and even though I know how to do things, I always ask him the opinion and want him to decide. Did I make it so much that he feels I am clinging onto him always?
I replied “ I want you Ani, don’t leave me. I am independent but I want you to feel that I am all yours and I will need you for everything”
Ani shrugged his shoulders “ You know what my friends call you- a baby! I don’t want to be insulted anymore deepthi, I am done being with you and it is better if I am not with you. It is harming my character also. So, we are done. I don’t want to continue anymore. I want to break up with you, So please don’t call me. You knew this was coming, Good bye” He slammed the door hard and left me alone to cry all myself.
I sat up and looked at our picture. He was so different when I fell in love with him. Wasn’t it because I couldn’t file a model in my mechanical lab that he came to my help and he fell in love with me because he felt I always needed him, where did that love go? Why does he feel that I am so dependent on him?
My name is Deepthi, I am doing my final semester in engineering in Bangalore. I have been placed in Intel, Ani’s dream company. He couldn’t get through and that is when the misunderstanding started. Anyway, read my story to know all about me and my life and my journey steps I had with Aniket my very first love. We have now broken up and my life is null. But what he didn’t see in me was that I am a strong independent women and I don’t need him in my life. Aniket is going to US, to pursue his masters in automobile engineering. We are at 2 different roads but I hope one day when I meet him at the end of the road, I will be with someone else with whom I would be much happy and there would be no compromises and complaints.
Before I start my story, let me tell you how I and Aniket fell in love and how our 3 year relationship came to an end!
My joy had no bound when I got into BMS college of Engineering for Electronics and Communications. It is one of the prestigious colleges! My parents were really proud of me. I was always the bright one in the family and they knew I would get into one of the colleges without a hassle. I have a brother, Deepak, 2 years younger to me and has a lot of pressure on him because of me. He wants to be a doctor and he is doing everything to make his dream come true.
The first day of college! It never felt so better. The campus was booming with new faces, laughter and joy. Just then I spotted someone similar, Aditi! My best friend. We have been friends for 7 years now. When Aditi and her parents first moved to our road, she was the one who came up to me and asked “ Do you think people here like girls with boy clothes” She was a tomboy and I liked her that instant. We hang out a lot and we are like twin sisters than friends!
We both sat together in the class and started making new friends very fast. Just then when I was scanning the classroom. I caught someone staring at me, I blushed and turned my head away instantly. I slowly told aditi that there was a guy staring at me and asked her to see if he still was.
Aditi being bold and carefree, just turned around and saw him seeing again, she shouted “ Helloo, what do you want? The board is in the front, stare there”
I was so embarrassed! I could have killed Aditi right away! I turned back to him and saw him staring at me again. I told “ I am sorry, my friend can be loud at times” Then I got a close look at him. He was well-built with broad shoulders, and was wearing the formal college dress like a model. He had a masculine jaw line and had gelled his thick hair back. While I was still admiring him, he stood and came to me.
My heart skipped a beat!

i look forward for feedback if you liked the story or if you want any changes and if you want me to continue it.Thanks!

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  1. keep it up dear, it;s awesome.l understand why u stopped..whatever we gonna miss ur version of Strangers..
    #stay blessed

    1. Thanks Anu!
      I miss it too! I had so much idea how it has to go but unfortunately I couldnt. I will try to bring some characters from there and try to end the story I was telling.

  2. nice upd..

    1. thanks Anisha 🙂

  3. l really felt bad coz u stopped
    but l guess der is no other way
    as Bhgi told u to do it.
    l respect ur of luck 4 d new one dear
    take care

    1. thanks Sara 🙂 I look forward for your feedback like always 🙂

  4. GREAT !!!!!! upd d next part ASAP,,

  5. i wish all d best fr this new ff….update asap….i wish u will nt let us miss strangers….

    1. thanks! I hope so 🙂

  6. Plz dear let us know only d flashback of d last part ..l mean what happened in party .den we don’t want anything more. l know why u suddenly took dis step but plz write down d incident in d reply of my comment if u don’t mind..

    1. Miya, I am sorry. I do not want to continue strangers. I had a different story but I do not want to write anything about it. I do not want to do anything related to strangers. Please wait if bhgi updates and u can read the story there.
      I am really sorry dear, but I am helpless you see.

  7. n thnx 4 d new ff

  8. Dippy very nice story… But really sad that you won’t continue strangers.. Will miss it a lot dippy… But I respect your decision… Even I would have done the same if I was in your position… Keep going girl….

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