Strangers with memories S2 (Episode 1)


Hello All,

As you all know, from my note. I will continuing the storyline with a new name “ Strangers with memories” Let me know your feedback and if there is anything else I need to change. Thanks and love you all 

Tomorrow was the first day of my work. I was so excited and was planning what to wear to office It had strict rules that it had to be formal attire but I love a little bit of oomp in everything I wear. But respecting the policy I ironed out a black knee length formal skirt and a white blouse with a blazer. I loved it and I felt so proud and so happy!
A lot happened over a month. I went with dad to collect my offer letter. We would be having a small training and then depending upon our performances we would be assigned different projects. My starting date was 3 weeks and the days went pretty fast.

As I was picking up my watch, I got a note in my cupboard which I had crumbled and thrown out of frustration. I slowly opened it and read again. It was written on a tissue paper “ Divya, you do not know how much I thank you, Thanks for giving me Rohit, I will take care of him and love him more than you do. I will make him forget that you ever existed. Wish me good luck! Your true friend- Nikki” I tore the paper to bits and threw in dustbin. They had already left 2 weeks back. I logged into my mail to see the introduction pics arohi sent. She had put a message “ Divi, check my fb, many people have tagged me and you can see more photos” I logged into fb and started seeing the pics. She was clearly having a lot of fun and I couldn’t wait for me to experience the same. Just then there was a new notification “Rohit checked into Tamarind Restaurant, New York with Nikita and 2 others”. I opened his profile and saw the several updates but only this was from Rohit rest all from Nikita.

“Enjoying the beautiful New York” with Rohit.
“Study times” At Newyork University with Rohit”
“Bowling and yummy food” with Rohit.
Weekend masti with Rohit. And with several pictures of them

I was so tired of this and closed his profile. This Nikki is such a despo and as I had already unfriended her, she was using Rohit’s name to grab all the attention. I wondered why I didn’t unfriend Rohit but the answer remained blank and somehow didn’t want to unfriend him and wanted him to know that I am happy without him. A part of me wanted to know what he is doing too! Love is stupid sometimes.

I sat and remembered his send off party. It was a huge party. I wore a beautiful floral dress and high heels and when I went there, me and arohi were the only ones who were dressed modern. Everyone else dressed sarees or salwar. I didn’t care. I wanted to live my life on my terms. Everyone’s eyes were on me as soon as I entered and Rohit couldn’t take his eyes off me. I gavea wicked smile to arohi. Nikki wore a full sleeve salwar and I was so shocked to see that. She was clearly trying to impress Ro’s mom. She choked on her drink when she saw me. Neither Rohit or Nikki had expected me to come. Just then I heard someone telling “ Hello Divya”, I turned back and it was rohit’s mom. She said “ How are you” I am replied “ Hello Aunty, I am doing very good and how are you?” She said “ I am fine too but I wanted to tell you something, look around Divi, everyone is looking at you. Don’t you feel ashamed? IS this the way you dress? Didn’t Rohit tell you that you need to wear something long and not dresses!”
I was shocked, so clearly she didn’t know what had happened.

I calmly replied her looking around “ Oh Aunty, Why should I feel ashamed? They are seeing me because they know I look beautiful and they love my dress. Wearing something long or short doesn’t matter aunty. If your eyes are cheap, you look everything in a dirty way. Didn’t Rohit tell you that he never informed me that I had to wear long dresses, oh let me call him” I called out Rohit loud and told him to come near.
I asked him in front of his mom “ Rohit, why didn’t you tell me that I had to wear long dresses so that I can please your mom. Don’t you want to tell her why didn’t you?”
Rohit’s mom was shocked to see that way I was talking “ She asked why are you talking like that to my son”
I replied “ I think Rohit can answer you that better”

Rohit’s mom turned towards him.He stammered and his face turned red and said” Mom, wwaaass…. A… accident…Sorrr.yyy.”
Rohit mom was so confused and asked what is happening and Divya can you please explain to me.
I kept my face cool and looked at Rohit was flushing with embarrassment. This was my time and my terms!

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  1. Ohhhh….mind blowing……

  2. I loved it…… Keep going girl…..

    1. Thanks Bhagya and maandey.

      But I will be stopping writing Strangers from the base story. Bhgi tols me to stop writing and I have decided. I will use the same title and will make a new story with new characters. I will take parts from the episodes I have written and will make a new ff.
      Love you all!

      1. Don’t change it too much dippy…. I mean the characters…. We love all the characters…. Just show the gradual change once their ente their jobs… Jus my suggestion

      2. And pls don’t stop kirans character

      3. hello Bhagya,

        I didnt want to and wanted to continue! But I am really hurt with what bhgi said. She clearly told me to stop all this and not use her ff for my story. So even though I want to, I am not doing it. Hope u understand.

  3. Happy to knw dat der wil b 2 strngrs frm nw on. . . Keep updtng. . . 🙂

    1. I am writing a new ff, I will not be using the base story anymore.

  4. l love it really
    ,l hate Rohit very much
    a huge thnx 4 continuing
    take care

    1. Thanks Sara, but I think this is the last epi I have written. I am not continuing anymore.

  5. Oh Divi’s getting stronger day by day. l like d title..hope no one will have problem now

    1. Thanks Miya,

      I am not using the story used by bhgi anymore, You will have to wait for her to continue Strangers. I am writing a new one.

  6. nice epi,though l hate Ro but stil l had a little hope left dat he’ll at least repent
    but he is kinda stupid..upd

    1. Thanks Anisha,
      I have written a new ff. I will not be continuing the story anymore.

  7. thank u yaar, as u considered our request n keep going .it’s damn good..thnx 4 d u loads
    #stay blessed

  8. Ur story is seeming interesting n now i want to read ur all episodes of this ff.dippy could u please post links of previous episodes so i can go to depth of ur story coz it’s really nice…

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