Strangers or lovers….??? chapter 2

Hiii sweet people its anya….
Thanks to the one who comment nd support me nd the ones who are silent kindly comment….
Bcz this is my first tym i need ur support… bcz i m a person who gets discouraged easily…πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’….
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——————πŸ’• CHAPTER 2 πŸ’•—————-

Kunj’s pov….

I woke up wen i felt sun rays hitting my eyes….
I saw Twinkle sleeping nxt to me…..

She is soo beautiful…nd ofcourse she has to be as one of the most popular models…..
I was staring her nd then i saw her opening her eyes….

“Good morning” she wished…
“Gd mrng” i replied nd kissed side of neck…
Nd then left to get ready….

After that i left to my shooting place….
Mr.singhaniya is signing for my new movie….
He wanted me to meet my co actors nd sme important discussions….
I ate my breakfast nd left to the place….. while she was taking a bath maybe….

This was a daily routine….
Never to care about each other….
Nd we never involved in each others life….

I was a simple person….before being a actor…
Who have crush on the most beautiful girl my wife…. i jst wanted to meet her…. nd my wish get fulfilled bt now it is totally different…..

It is nt that i love her…. nd can do any thing for her…. it was jst a attraction towards her which is till now….

Uffff….!!! I came out of this thoughts wen my car stopped nd i stepped out of the car…..

Nd went inside… i sat on the chair waiting for mr.singhaniya to cme…. nd was jst checking a fb account….. nd my eyes shined wen i saw a msg of her… TINA MALIK…… she always helped me in every though moment of mine…. wenever i m stressed or in trouble i talk to her nd get relaxed…..

Noooo i dont love her…. bt yes if i wud have nt been married then i wud have really loved her…. now i cant betray twinkle…..she is my first priority…. even this relation is unwanted…..

My chains of thought broke wen i heard a laughing sound…. nd i must say the voice is sooo melodious…. i turned only to find twinkle laughing wid mr.singhaniya….
I have never saw her laughing before….

I was shocked shocked to the core seeing her there…. bt tried it not to show on my face as we are strangers complete strangers….

But the nxt words of mr.singhaniya left me speechless nd dumbfolded…..

“Meet ms.twinkle….she is casted opposite to u in the movie…” he said…..

I looked twinkle in disbelief….. bcz this was her first movie…. nd she was least intersted in movies as per her interview…..

“So kunj talk to each other if u want bcz for a movie mutual understanding between actors is must…. u have tym for 5 minutes nd then do tell me ur answers” he said nd left us alone….

I wanted to ask her soooo many questions bt my mind stopped me…. as i dont have those rights on her life…..
I kept quiet may be she was facing sme problem….. nd she was also quite…..
Bt which seems a eternity i finally spoke….

“Do u have any sort of problem working wid me on sme project??” I asked her….

“ummm…no i dont….bcz it hardly matters with whom i m working either its u or sme one else” she said calmly wid no expresssions….

mr.singhaniya cme back nd asked our decision we both accpeted nd he said his story plot nd everything is jst ready it will take 90 days to shoot it…. nd we have to start it after 5 days…..

aftrr sme formals discussions nd dinner. .
we left separately….


I reached home nd went towards my room nd saw her standing near the window looking outside in black short night dresss…. it make me loose my control…. nd moved towards her….
i back hugged her nd started kissing her nape sensouly…….. i dont have any love for her…. bt i m attracted to her….
while kissing her nape i started massaging her waist wid my one hand
While she was moaning in pleasure…
i turned her towards myself nd picked her up….
.i make her lie down nd cme on top of her….
slowly we both were undressed completely…

nd was stroking each other…..
nd aftrr getting satisfaction slept on the different corners of bed……

————–πŸ’• to be continuedπŸ’•————–

I will bid a bye here….nd guys do leave ur views….
Otherwise i will wrap up the story in nxt 2-3 episodes…


  1. Mishaseher


    |Registered Member

    it is really really really awsome. i mean i cant express how much i love it.even though i am a silent reader but still beleive me i always read all the ffs regularly but i comment usually or somtimes but i promise if you post your ff everyday i will coment everyday as there are some writers who just start,write one or two fantastic episodes and then left and i hate them btw
    love it

  2. Aamu


    |Registered Member

    hmmm…its totally different story anya….
    its just amazing…
    bed mates….i had seen many stories like dis…its like a real life story…
    just carry on girl….!!!
    will wait..
    oh sorry will read as u had posted next already

  3. Ayu(shreya)

    Anyaa!! Agar story wrap kiya to i will kill you!!! Just joking but i will be very upset becuz i am loving this story a lot..n i am just wanting to read more n more of it as i want to know inn donnon ke beech mein pyaar kab hoga❀️
    N ya dont get discouraged at all!! Lovie ya😘

    • Anya_sharma



      Hehe….dont kill me deary…. i love my life…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…..
      thank u soooo much dear….. pyaar ho jayega….bt for that u have to w8..till the end of the story😁😁….
      if u will keep supporting then no chance of getting discouraged….
      love u took😊😊

  4. Ria


    |Registered Member

    Anya, sorry for not commenting on the first one. I really liked the storyline. Please don’t end it dear. Please? The story really seems different and I really want to read more. The episode was just superb. Loved it. Do post soon.
    If you get time, try reading my ff called – is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? Everyone likes it a lot and that’s my second fan fiction.😊

    • Anya_sharma



      Thank u sool much dear….
      i will nt end it… if u all will support me…😊😊… bcz even i love writing….
      i wud love to read it….bt plz can u give me this ff previous links…..bcz i cant start from in between nd ofcourse i m new to site so dont know much abt it…
      sorry for trouble…πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  5. Supriya

    hey Anya sorry for not commenting on ur last Episode…. both episode were awsm.πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ.. I luv it…U know what I also write FF on Facebook…. I have my page Fan Fiction of TwiNj

  6. Baby


    |Registered Member

    ohhhhh ogd anya luvd it
    bt bed mates is smthing new i hpe kunj strts to luv her as she luvs him i guess n its mayb lyk he is using her bt wid her prmison…………yr jo bhi hai i luv ur ff its really very new dear
    post nxt asap cnt w8
    luv u dear

  7. Sana(sanu)

    Hey anya its awesome ….. Dont u think of ending it ……
    I love ur ff And i want ro read more and more…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.