Strangers Love – KKB (episode -2)

hi buddies thank you for your comments and i ll promise that i ll give long epi on weekends ……..story starts with pragya woke up first, got freshen and ready and went to meet dadi then went to her dance studio early she went to studio and opened the cupboard and a diary fell down she opened the diary and tears flew from her eyes she thought that she is a rich and successful dancer and master but zero at her love she closed her eyes and thought about her past ………………flashback pragya was doing her degree in collage she was very much minded to her goal so she ll never use any social website she was hardworking but due to her sister (bulbul) insistence she came to facebook for first time that too in her fake name fuggy she unknowingly sent friend request to someone called chintu ( a funny name) and bcse her mother called she logged out .after some months she came to use fb that time she saw a message frm ladoo who r u?? she sent extremely sorry for wrongly sending the request .( guys its just for story) he said okay and were just talk about their fake doings as they were stangers they promised each other that they ll not ask about their photos and doings and they become close frnds …for 10 days he has not come for online she missed him terribly she thought that she is in love but also thought that she didn’t even know anything about him so she slept heavy heartedly then she was buzy with her work they chated to eachother after 3 months she asked him about his ignorance he told he was busy with his work and also told that he was in fear that he might fell in love …he also said to her that I’m ready to accept to who ever you are where ever u r from but i ll come to you only after achieving my goal ..she sent that I’m ready and i ll also say about me only after pursuing my dream and chatted with eachother ………….

after 3 years pragya become the nations best dance coriographer she was ready to reveal about her identity but has fear that he may not accept her as she s rich and he might be poor . she has not revealed about her identity .her thoughts changed and suddenly closed the diary wen a voice came from the entrance thats our ishanni she called her for the dance coriographing…………..the end ….

letz see wheather she ll meet her chintu and abhi`s past in next epi byeee…..all comments are accepted.

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  1. Riyashri

    Nice one !!

  2. i think chintu is abhi

  3. I think abhi is her stranger

  4. Nice

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Nice

  6. Really superb yaar…

  7. wow…..that was an awesome story really….plzz don stop writing it…and waiting for the next epi.

  8. Superb dear???

  9. Nice…..

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