Strangers!! (kkb) – Part 24

Hii all, how r u now without any interruption back to the story…
Pragya turned to go but stopped in her tracks when she heard Neev saying “ that’s were u r are right PRagya”. She turned to see Abhi seeing her with defeated face due to her departure and surprisingly she saw neev with a smile and eyes filled with tears

Neev “ yes Pragya now u r right. U should go. But don’t forget there will be one soul waiting for u “
Pragya tried to shout that “ ur love has turned to ego Neev” but what she heard made her stop.
Neev “ one soul will be waiting for u pragyga. Abhi will be waiting for u. you know why Pragya I asked Abhi to choose between u and Isha because I want to know to how much extent he loves u. like always Mr. Mehra who is always the king of business became the king of ur heart and mine also. I thought Abhi will choose ISha or u so that I can pinpoint some mistake on him and say that he is not fit for u but Abhi gave me a perfect answer and I cant tell anything against him. He is one of the best humanbeing I have ever met PRagya”

Pragya who was utter confused why Neev stopped her was shocked when she heard him praising about ABhi. When she was about to voice her thought, this time also Neev stopped her
Neev “ no PRagya as u said let me finish. U can think then why did I shouted at him and why di I let u go? Pragya u have lost the freedom of decision in ur life right from the start first ur papa, then ur brother then ur step mther, then me then Abhi. We have always ruled ur life. Now it is time for u take the decision of ur life by urself. U should value ur freedom and should not depend on others. U should know ur value of ur presence in others life which u r connected. So I have to make u to let u take the decision. So I have to speak harshly pragya I am so sorry for that. And I have to say pragya even though I love u to the core. No one can love u the way Abhi does. Ur his life and Isha is his breath which I am proud of . I am sorry if I have hurted u in any way Prgaya please forgive me”
Pragya took slow steps and gave Isha to Abhi’s waiting arms after the tug of war Abhi’s heart beated to get Isha in his arms. She went near Neev in a teray =eyed with a small smile playing inher lips. She throwed herself on Neev and hugged him in gratitude.
Pragya “ thank u so so much Neev I cant express how grateful I am to u. even though u love me, u r read to give me to the person I love. Thank u Neev I don’t have words to say about ur gratefulness. But remember I will be there for u anytime and Isha will be there for u Neev. Thank u”. she choked in her words.
Neev patted her back with a smile and said “ its ok its ok Pragya. I can understand and I am not doing this for u I am doing it for myself. I love u PRagya so ur happiness matters to me. So if ur happiness lies on ABhi I cant stop u. now go live ur life with ABhi for urself not for ithers ur love is waiting for u”

When PRagya tried to say something they heard a babbling noise. ISha was up from her nap and se was happy seeing that she was in her fathers’ arms. Abhi who saw that heaved a sigh of relief and they both were indulged in an animatic talk.
Abhi “ darling, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean… I don’t want… please stay with me. Will u? papa will take care of u. ok u have to be with papa. Papa loves u. papa loves isha. Doesn’t he? Oohh Isha baby is smiling. Who is the most cutest baby in the town ? isha right? I know it. Because papa is always right. Hey na? papa and isha will play together and sleep together. Do u want to sleep now? Come on baby take a nap u wont? Ok I will go with mama u be here? Why r u shaking ur head. Papa and mama are going Isha will be with the waiter uncle. Ok ok don’t act like sleeping on my shoulder get up. Dont laugh sweety. See I will.. no .. no don’t do that. Don’t lick my ear…hahah.. no ISha”
Pragya turned her head to Neev and then to her husband and back to him again, her tear-filled eyes silently pleading with him not to separate them. Neev understood her plea. He had been silently observing the depth of love these two obviously had for each other when they impassionedly confessed their feelings to each other. He knew that they were really meant to be. Although it was heartbreaking for him to lose the woman he loved so soon after finding her, he knew that the man she has chosen was far more worthy of her than he ever could be. A man who saved his beloved’s life, who so selflessly took care of her in her hour of need, who accepted her unconditionally into his heart and who was prepared to give her up for her happiness surely deserved all the happiness he could get. He would definitely not stand in the way, especially since the happiness of the woman he loves is so inextricably woven with that of this man. He only wanted to hold his daughter for a few minutes before he bade them good bye.
“Would you not let me hold my… sorry…your daughter for a couple of minutes?” he asked Abhi.
Abhi who was absorbed in listening to his daughter turned to him and smiled at him guiltily.
“Sorry for the intrusion. We created quite a scene, didn’t we?” Abhi said apologetically. He then turned back to ISha and stretched his arm holding her towards Neev.

“ISha baby, this is your..”

“Neev Uncle,” finished Neev for him. Hearing this both Abhi and Pragya heaved a sigh of relief although both of them felt bad for Neev. In that one word Neev conveyed his acceptance of their relationship.

When Neev tried to take her from her papa, ISha shrugged her shoulders and turned away from him, clinging to her papa tightly because of the past assault.

Neev could not help feeling hurt by her reluctance to come to him. Abhi felt embarrassed by her behavior and explained that she generally took time getting used to new faces and because of the tug of war she is afraid.. Abhi tried to reason with his little daughter. “Isha baby, this uncle is a wonderful man, a close friend of your mama and papa. Won’t you go to him?”

This time ISha looked at Neev curiously and although she was not too keen to leave her papa, she let herself be lifted by this stranger. She stared at his face intently wondering why her papa was keen to palm her off to this man. Neev smiled at his little girl and remarked to Pragya that she was a carbon copy of her.
He picked ISha from ABhi who was now coming to him on her fathers’s insistence. While he was holding isha. Abhi came near Neev and held his hands. He said with a choked voice “ I don’t know what to say Neev. U became big in my eyes today with ur action. I didn’t even think of Pragya’s independency but u… no Neev u r the best. I am so small in front of u. no don’t stop me. Ii have to express it. Thank u so much for bringing the real pragya out and sacrificing ur love and life for their happiness. U r the best person I have ever met. Thank u Neev for returning my life to me again. U know they have the most imp chapter in my life which I cant forget or now u have become my mentor. So whenever u want any help or man to man work I am at ur service.”
NEev smiled at him and hugged Abhi squeezing Isha. ISha made a grunting sound and pushed them both with her small puny hands. They both backed off seeing her anger and she frowned at both of them keeping her hand on hips. Abhi and Neev pinched her cheeks on either sides, Isha who was already irritated swatted their hands and they both laughed at her little anger.
Neev while laughing said “ Pragya she has ur anger, ready at the tip of the nose.” Pragya glared at him AND Neev closed his mouth.
He then asked them if he can get her a gift. Abhi and Pragya nodded their heads. He went to the nearby gift shop and asked Isha to pick what she wants. She looked around and pointed her hand to a big air filled Bugs Bunny which was nearly twice her size. He nodded his head and bought it for her. As it was too big for her to hold, Abhi carried it for her.

They then walked Neev to his bike. Abhi passed on the Bunny to Pragya and took his daughter from Neev’s arms and hugged him in gratitude. He asked Neev when was his flight so that they can come to the airport to see him off but Neev said that he hated good byes and preferred to leave alone. Abhi tried to apologize to him for everything but before he could proceed further Neev asked him not to feel sorry for him. He would always be grateful to him for letting him know that his Pragya was alive and well and happy with her family. He then jocularly said that if he ever heard that he hurt her in any way, he will take the next flight back to India to ‘take care’ of him. Abhi laughed and said he will never give him an occasion to complain. Wishing them all the very best Neev got on to his bike and sped away as the threesome looked on. Abhi and PRagya hugged sideways and saw Neev speed on his bike.

So viola, here it is. How did u like this episode. Rate it out of 10 guys. Even though it is not so good please tell me ur views. So how did u all like Abhigya’s union. I think many would have guessed neev’s intentions. I hope u all like this episode. Fingers crossed. Thank u so much for ur comments I thought u would have forgot the story by now and me also but u guys broke my thought, and many are not commenting even though I see 28 likes not only mine but others also. Guys pls leave ur comments. We writers, have to know what u all thinking abt the story. Even though I am not spending much time in writing the story owing to my tight schedule but there are regular writers do respect them and give ur comments it maybe one word also but pls comments. That is the energy for us.
Thank u chitti, aaliya, mythili, moksha, maya dii, dilsh, ammu, reshma dii.
Love u guys, stay blessed, don’t forget to comment, and lastly saynora…

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