Strangers!! (kkb) – Part 17

Ever since she returned from Abhi’s office Pragya has been trying to resolve the tussle between her head and her heart, weighed down as she was by guilt and dejection. Pragya’s guilt was that she was overstaying her presence well beyond what was agreed upon. When they had got into this marriage, it was to provide a home for her till her childbirth and a name and identity to her child conceived out of wed-lock. It was also to keep Abhi’s father from hooking him up with anyone else till he got himself declared as a misfit for marriages so that he can lead the life of a perennial bachelor thereafter. Her head told her that since Abhi had held his end of the bargain, she needs to fulfill hers by leaving the house in order to return to him the freedom he has lost in marrying her and assuming responsibility for her daughter.

Unfortunately her heart was reluctant to come to terms with her plight. She had fallen head over heels in love with her benefactor, something she had really not aspired or anticipated in the beginning. She tried hard to suppress her feelings for him for she knew she was not worthy of him in any respect. She had nothing – no money, no status, not even chastity (which was a woman’s most precious and basic gift to her man) – to offer a man who can have all this and more. She did not know what she was thinking when she fell in love with her husband. Maybe the problem was that she was not thinking at all. She let her heart lead her on. She seemed to have mistaken Abhi’s kindness for love and craved for more. She not only loved Abhi but his entire family. The absence of love or a real family in her life also made her desperate to hold on to them when she was given some signs of it.

But she can no longer let him feel obligated to her or her baby. She cannot take advantage of his kindness and generosity. She needs to set him free so that he can be with the woman he loves. The gentleman that he is, he will not make the first move to throw her out. She will have to throw herself out of his house and his life. Granted that it would be difficult not only for her but for Baba, Bua and not to forget her dear darling Isha who has grown very fond of her papa. But no one matters more than the man who saved her life and that of her daughter’s. She loved him far too much to come in the way of his happiness and his happiness lay in some other woman. She was willing to do anything for him, even give him up. Her heart finally spoke the same voice as her head. Her love for him was overwhelming enough to accept the bitter truth that he was never hers and will never be. She only hoped Baba and Bua will forgive her for what she intended to do. Her daughter is very young and can be made to forget her papa in time. Once she grows up she will explain to her the constraints she faced. Hopefully she will forgive her for her sins.

Abhi returned home late that night looking highly distraught and pensive. Pragya would have noticed the change in his demeanor had she herself not been so highly strung. In fact both of them were going through their own private hell wondering whether the person they loved with all their heart and soul loved them back or whether they were coming in the way of the happiness of their beloved.

Baba and Bua had already had their dinner and retired to bed. While serving his dinner Pragya tried to set aside her emotions and said with as much placidity as she could muster, “Abhi, I have already overstayed my presence in your house. I’ll leave as soon as possible. I found out that it takes very long to get a divorce and relatively less complicated to get an annulment which would nullify our marriage.”

Abhi looked at her in shock. Not meeting his eye she continued, “You can get an annulment by claiming that I was pregnant with another man’s child at the time of marriage. DNA reports of Isha can be used to prove it. I’ll have them sent to you as soon as you file for annulment.”

Abhi nearly choked on his food when he heard what Pragya had to say about the paternity of their daughter. Just then Isha who was sleeping in their room started wailing. Pragya rushed up to check on her. Abhi suddenly felt claustrophobic and wanted to get out as fast as possible. He left his food mid-way and washing his hands he rushed out and drove away. Hearing the sound of the car Pragya, who had patted Isha back to sleep, rushed down to find that he had already left, not finishing his dinner. She crumbled on the stair and wept her heart out.

Hey all,, all are so angry at me right, first for uploading late and for making Abhi deciding to give pragya and isha to neev . well after seeing this update what do u guys think? Will Abhi decide to leave Pragya forever or anything other than that? Don’t bash me guys just wait a little more soon will unite Abhigya within this weekend as I am home this week. Thank u so so much for ur comments I am so blessed to see u all loving this story as much as I like. Love u all for caring me for supporting me for liking this story. Sty blessed. Sayanora from this crazy.. love yah..

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  1. Prabhi

    well I am reading these all parts in a go
    amazing vaishali
    keep them going and please the story line is really intriguing but want abhigya to unite
    hehehehe waiting for it

  2. Awesome. Cant wait to read more!

  3. B_Ani

    hi pie… its a pretty long cmnt…my usual way! so jus read on…
    that was an awesome thing you know? i read all the parts in one go and was like speechless for a few minutes. you really killed it girl… i mean like… i cannot even type sth now…that much stiff you made me. every epi was awesome and it was, you know, created that much of an interest beyond the limit i can withstand! like seriously? common yaar untie the knots soon. i dont know what will happen, but hope its for good. i really pity on every living soul of this story but the most are these three fellows… pragya, abhi and neev. while pragya and abhi are in their own kind of turmoil, neev is one i feel most pitiful! it wouldnt be just if he did not get his love. it would be very unfair on his part to live without his beloved and daughter.
    and again, it would be very bad on pragya and abhi’s part to you know let go off their mutual desires just because of their misunderstanding. i get so irritated to think how dumb pragya is. she really is dumb! hope u agree with me. why does she want to talk of annulment? is she that stupid that she cant understand her husband will never agree to it? oh god she is getting me on my nerves.
    and abhi, i feel so very bad of him yaar. why did he have to meet neev? why did he not shut his stupid mouth after that? it is him who made things simple for her but now it is him making things complicated. and it was very right of him to leave the place as soon as pragya spoke of the DNA reports. he could have settled the matter talking to her, but it is not right now, coz he is very disturbed and things may turn upside down- he may even shout out to her! i feel good he left!
    so pity on the love birds to have a very disturbing first anniversary of meet! hope things turn out soon good.
    and yeah, i could go on, but i am running out of time.
    so, post the next parts soon, k? cant wait u c…
    also, i saw ur msg… i couldnt reply, sry… i will send u a mail tonight. dont forget to read it. k?
    now bye. hope i c u soon!
    love you…

  4. Eargely waiting for next part yar………plz update fast

  5. awesome

  6. Well written episode… Beautifully put knots between abi pragya and neev. And pls untie all the knots to unite abhigya. Make pragya feel abhi’s love. Thats what we want… Waiting for the next update…

  7. Saranya24

    Omg poor abhigya always hurt in true love waitng fr them to unite so happy tat u r home tis week be happy love u loads darling??????

  8. Nice and so sad for Abhigya and waiting for Abhigya’s decision.

  9. sakthi sree devi

    superb update akka.

  10. Reshma_Pradeep

    Its Gudddddd!

  11. Awsm n lovelyyyyyyyy want to know abt abhigya’s decision unite them soonnnnnn loved it keep rockingggg eagerly waiting 4 ur nxt updt dr❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. Lopez

    cute dear.

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