Strangers!! (kkb) – Part 15

That morning Pragya had just finished feeding Isha when Abhi stepped out of the bathroom in his towel. Droplets of water stuck to the rippling muscles of his chest and biceps making them glisten. Pragya could not help but admire her husband’s taut athletic frame. His hair was still wet from the bath. Buttoning up her nightie, Pragya asked him to hand her the towel so that she could scrub his hair dry to prevent him from catching a cold. He smiled at her concern and handing her the towel, he sat by her side, taking Isha from her lap. While he held his daughter in his arms and cooed to her, his wife pulled his head in level with her hands and vigorously scrubbed his hair. A couple of droplets of water fell on Isha’s face and she giggled at the sensation. Abhi laughed back and tickled her belly to make her giggle more. He turned to see Pragya and his eyes fell on her cleavage which was in line with his vision. He gulped at the sight and looked up to see Pragya’s gaze reflecting the desire in his eyes. For a moment he was tempted to lean in and kiss her supple lips but decided to rein in his feelings for one more day. He wanted his love confession and the anticipated make out session after that to be special. Quickly handing back Isha to her, he proceeded to get ready for work. Just as he was about to brush a light goodbye kiss on her forehead, a habit he had developed of late, Pragya asked him if he can watch over Isha for a couple of minutes so that she can attend Baba’s call. Abhi was only too willing to spend a few more minutes with his darling daughter. Sitting on the bed, he took her from her hands and asked her to go ahead. Isha resumed her giggling as soon as she realized she was held by her favorite member of the family. Soon they both were found playing Peek-a-boo- where Abhi felt content seeing his daughter’s soulful smile. It always helped to make him feel so happy to the earth. In all the giggling she ended up wetting Abhi’s expensive pants.

Pragya returned to witness the mishap and quickly took back Abhi, apologizing for it. Abhi smiled saying that she was only a baby and these things do happen. He removed his pants and looked in his wardrobe but none of the pants were pressed. When Pragya tried apologizing for not getting the pants pressed in advance, Abhi just waved it off saying that she already had her hands full with the baby. He then switched on the iron on the ironing board and after a couple of minutes he hurriedly pressed his pants before slipping into them. As he was already running late for work, he quickly kissed her forehead, picked up his briefcase and left without having his breakfast, much to Pragya’s chagrin.

Pragya felt bad that Abhi had skipped his breakfast because of her. Had she not asked him to take care of Isha, he could have had a quick breakfast before he left. She wanted to make it up to him and prepared his favorite dishes, including dhoklas. She decided to pay him a visit at work and personally hand him his specially cooked lunch. She packed the food and taking leave of Baba and Bua, she left with Isha to Abhi’s office in the chauffeur driven company car. Once she reached his office she eagerly walked up to the reception and asked for Mr. Abhishek Mehra’s cabin. She has never visited him at work before so she did not know where it was. The friendly receptionist gave the directions. With Isha on one hip and the tiffin career on the other hand, she briskly walked towards his cabin. She was about to push open the door when she overheard him speaking to someone. She waited outside till he finished.

She could clearly hear him say, “Don’t worry, Ayesha. Even I did not expect this. Just give me some time. I will set everything right. Your love will surely win. Just don’t lose hope.” Pragya was shocked hearing these words and she gently pushed open the door to peep in. She caught sight of Abhi enveloping a young woman in his arms. He had his back to her and she could only see the top of the lady’s head over his shoulder.

She stepped back, stunned to the core. Her Abhi was in love with another woman and she was the one in the way. Isha looked at her mama’s face in puzzlement and started making noises. Pragya quickly closed her mouth with her palm and left the place. On her way out she handed the tiffin carrier to one of the sub-staff and asked him to give it to Abhi. She blindly headed to the parking lot where the driver was surprised to see her back so early. She told him that Isha was very restless and she wanted to return home. Throughout the journey back Pragya kept weeping silently. Isha touched her face and felt her tears in wonderment. Realizing she had to get a hold of her emotions, Pragya quickly wiped her eyes and turned her attention to her daughter, talking to her and laughing with her, much to Isha’s relief and happiness.
Screen freezed with Pragya’s tearful face, Isha’s smiling face and Abhi’s content face.
Hii all so here is the next episode. I know I am being late as always but what to do guys I cnat update this one as in my hostel only one and half hour is allowed for phone. I cant really type this episode. So it takes me time to finish it. It is a small episode sorry for it. Will update .a longer one soon. Thank u so so much for ur love and ur comments. Now lets start the thanking session.
Mythili – thank u dear. Hope u like this episode. And yes they will start their life afresh.
Dilsh – thank u dear but so sorry I will try to update longer updates but I cant guarantee cozz u know my situation but I will update the episode as long as possible.
Mokshi – thank u so much darlu.. glad u like it so much.. yes indeed isha is so lucky. I also love this abhi loadz cheers girl
Sugan Bhai – thank u so much bhai u r gvng me constant support. Sure abhigya will unite soon wait for it.
Prabhigya – well thank u dear.. glad u liked it. It seems to be a quite long synopsis. Ans to ur first ques. First I thought to give her name as sahana but I thought it as from normal pov abhi’s thinking must be diff and cute so I changed it to isha. I typed the story earlier so I hv to change the name so only the mishap hpnd. The second one- woah I am blown away sweets. Don’t take me wrong but its just a story dear. Don’t take it too seriously. But I will ans it. If u hv followed the story u will know that pragya was pregnant even before she met abhi. If the weight of the amniotic fluid is more they will wait more than the 36 weeks I guess. So pragya will be 2 months when she met abhi. She delivered Isha at the correct time that I 7 months after their marriage. And now the prob is justified I think. The third ques – well to this one my mom saves the words which I often use. So it has abhi and milind more. I wrongly touched the milind one s only the typing mistake. I hope ur sonfusion is clarified. Do tell me ur views on thie update.
Sakthi sree devi – thank u dear. Glad u liked it… hope u like this one.
Abhigya – thank u da. So happy that u liked that particular scene which I liked the most. Hope u like this one too.
Rithu – yaay updated dear.
Saranya akka- yaaayyy finally akka saw ur cmnt super doper happy now… so happy that u liked the episode.. thank u akka sure will rock in my clg. Love u too akka take care.
Nannu – thank u dear… hope u like this too.
Abhipra – thank u abhi.. happy u liked this abhi.. they will unite soon da… hope u like this one too…

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  1. Soooooooooooo cuteeeeeeee????
    I think pragya misunderstood abhi
    Hope they unite soon
    Cant wait

  2. Waiting for their proposal scene but Pragya misunderstood Abhi. Hope everything will be fine at the end.

  3. Hanna


  4. Yes I liked it a lot but want to see their moments & their union plz do it yarrr

  5. You really have me at the edge of my seat. I never saw this twist in the tale coming. Awesome stuff. Cant wait for next update. This is my favourite ff by far and it seems so real. I actually have the scene in my imagination while reading.

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  7. sakthi sree devi

    As usual the episode is rocking akka.

  8. Awwwwww wat gonna happeeennnnnn so cuteeeeee of themmmm loved it completelyyyyyyy plssss updttt nxt part sooonnnnnnn eagerly waiting dr??????????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???????????????

  9. Lovely and best scene is first scene abhi’s bathing and pragya’s concern and so shocked of pragya’s state of sad for pragya.

  10. super chotti… pls abhi confession scene. .. sad pragya…

  11. Rithu


  12. Sethidisha002

    I think pragya misunderstood abhi

  13. Saranya24

    Suprb dear so sad fr pragu loved it love u loads muuaahh??????

  14. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s Goodddd!

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