Strangers Farewell



Hello dolls and my dear readers. This is bhgi… Author of STRANGERS!!! I had begun my journey of writing this story in November 2015. The journey was lovely n beautiful with all your support and well wishes. 🙂 It was all fine till I took a break in December due to some personal issues which I can’t share. 🙁 I promised my readers that I’ll be back in a couple of months.
During my break a lot has happened to my story which I didn’t expect. I don’t wanna talk about it. If I talk about it, I’ll turn negative according to you. Anyways forget it…

As I promised my readers I’m back with my strangers story. I believed that my readers will support me in the same way like they did before. I have already written 6 parts after my return. Still there’s no good response!!! 🙁 and you know.. The worst part is I’m not able to make out whether you people like my story or not.. It’s very painful. 🙁

At last I came to a decision!!!
Now it all depends on you people… Whether I continue my story or not based on your comments. Decide yourself!!!
This will be my last post on tu 🙁
Hope you guys will help me out. Take care. Good bye

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  1. Hi bhigi…
    I hav been a silent reader to ur story in past’s vry gud…I don’t knw u uploaded New epi recently..I think many of the old readers dont knw it…
    Pls don’t stop ur story..keep gng..I ill surely search for New epi and comment there..
    Pls don’t wry there r many fans for ur story….just keep smiling dr…
    U hav said u stopped due to some personal prob..sry for tat..don’t take tension just move on..tats nly solution which can make our prob small…..

    Just always keep smiling dr?

  2. do continue bhgi

  3. hey bhgi do not stop …………plz i like ur story and wanna to know whats gonna happen next …………………………………so continue dear do not be so disheartened people will know that u r again starting so chill and continue without worries

    waiting fr ur next series so go on ahead

  4. Please do continue bhgi well I like ur ff a lot diff story sorry I couldn’t comment as I was busy these days

  5. No bhgi no!!! Please don’t stop this story!!! Nuv story ni aapesthe memu emai povali?!?? Plzzzzzzzzz….. bujji bhgi… chitti bhgi.. kutti bhgi… cute bhgi… pretty bhgi…. lovely bhgi… pls ma.. continue cheyima….. ???

    From…. ninnu enthagano preminche prema! prema! prema! ?

  6. Plz don’t do that!We’re sorry:( I hardly manage my time 2 read the ff i like.That’s why always being a silet reader.But plz keep going..

  7. hey plzz continue n dnt stop in between…too xcited fr the futher parts…n divis true love…plzzz its my first n fav ff tht i hav strtd reading in tu…

  8. Hey Bhgi! I am also a silent reader of your story. You don’t know how i felt after reading the word “farewell” after then name of your story. It nearly gave me a mini heart attack. I wasn’t following your from the start of the story, I started reading it from the 20th part, and that one part that I read forced me to read all the parts you had written, the point is that you are a superb writer. Then I remember you taking a break and everyone asking you no to. After you left, (honestly) I checked this website for your fanfiction nearly everyday in a hope that maybe you would have cancelled your decision about taking a break. I went through all the fanfictions written on that date but…. ?
    Even I am writing a fanfiction now a days and I know how it feels when people don’t comment. Every writer knows that. I am not professional writer but I must say that your story, your way of expressing and writing in Divya’s point of view was superb, fantastic, fabulous. You always nailed it! ?
    Bhgi, you can change that “was” into “is” and what you only need to do is to continue your story. Just do it, forget about what happened. The number of comments do not matter, they do not make the story popular. You know what makes it popular? It’s the way a writer expresses his or her thoughts, the way he or she manages every character from the story! And that is what you have been doing! Please please… continue your story!
    At last I did like to say:

  9. Bhgi plzzz continue. I love ur story.. Plz,, don’t stop writing. My exams are going on that’s wahy I am not able to comment.. Plzzzzz… Will be waiting for nxt update…

  10. Yaar…dont do that! I know how it feels, I am an author too and I know what hard work we put into this and how it feels when ppl don’t respond. But there might be some valid reasons why ppl aren’t able to comment. You know what…just keep writing the story as you planned…give it a proper ending. There r many ppl reading it so don’t be upset. Hope to see you soon!!

  11. Bhgi we luv ur story?
    Divi charctr dat u introduced in fab?
    We all wnt u 2 continue ur ff
    Plzz dnt stop it in the middle babes❤

  12. Pls dnt stp I jus luv ur stry. Its awesomeplssss cont

  13. ok i vl continue writing but pls support me guys pls support me it hurts me wen i dont get proper response hpe u ppl dnt mind one word comment is also enough pls do comment guys

    1. Thanks bhgi… good decision!!!! We will always support you 🙂

  14. sry if i hurtd anyone xtrmly sry

  15. Bhgi pls do continue dear I have always been a silent reader n I miss ur ff so much dat I am writing this note to u … Pls dear continue.

  16. Plz continue ur story bhgi I used to read ur story in past n didn’t know dat u r upload nxt parts also I was BG so didn’t know plz dear continue plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. Plz plz plz Bhgi continue dear. …I’ve always been your loyal friend n fan ….I love ur story n divi is my favorite. …plzzzz don’t stop. ..I’ll always support uuuu. .love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh

  18. Pls continue

  19. Wen r u updating ur nxt part yar? It had been so long.plj plj plj update soon.

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