Strangers can be lovers Chapter 4

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~First meet ~
10 days later
Swara pov:
“hip hip hurray”
“yahoo ?”
We did it
These were the only phrases I could listen..everyone was gleaming with joy!
Joy… Royal blue girls won the soccer match. Yippee……it was my all time moment to cherish!
We were running, jumping….chanting victorious words. The great orb sun was the witness of our victory.
Suddenly Ragini came interrupting from my thoughts.
Ragini: Yaa…swara u did it!…just final match is left…I bet sure under your captaincy we will surely win.?
Swara: Hope so!….I am just nervous if we could.
Ragini: Aree…why are you being so nervous…just relax. You can, we can do it!
Swara: Hmm…waise tell me why did…..!!!
I was cut off by her
Ragini: Swara…wait..laksh is here…i will be back in a minute.
Swara: In a minute!!….that was a good joke….oh don’t give me this deadly glare…remember last time your one min.
Ragini(fully angry):.swara it was not my mistake…he didn’t let me go.
Swara: See…your love interest is beckoning you!
Ragini(blushes): Yaa..I’m going..and remember next time don’t tease me….one day if I could catch a hip of you!
Swara:??…never ever!,??
By saying this I pushed her towards laksh.

She went. How adorable they look….Ragini has an enticing nature..she is so friendly and trustworthy. Her face becomes so radiant on seeing laksh……it turns into crimson then azure red!….haha blushing..

Me: Hey everyone, chalo we will meet tomorrow at 7 am…@ Andheri playground for practice.
While were discussing about the final which was going to happen after a week. I could feel someone’s gaze on me.
I turned back, whose he….he is giving me side look again n again. Wait he is talking to Ragini and Laksh. For what? They are even shaking their hands….something is really gonna fishy. I have to ask them…but this team discussion…ahhh!!!…..just fastly it comes to an end.
1 minute ?
2 minute ?
3 minute ?

Whole 10 minutes now! Still they are discussing..what the hell is happening……

15 minutes.
Now I couldn’t control this team discussion…
Me(a bit arrogant):
Guys let’s now pack up. We will meet tomorrow and discuss everything.
I swirled,turned and move!!!
Laksh saw and it seems to be he was Alarmed…….that boy he looked towards and gave me a weirdest smile I had ever saw. In return I plastered a fake smile on my face. Ohh this wind…my stupid hairs blocked my way to see him. As i tucked them back he was gone. Why am I being sad for him. I left all these thoughts and went to raglak.
Me: Hey guys!
Laksh:..congratulations buddy…ahan winner….winning team captain…?
Me: Ofcourse….otherwise if your stupid Ragini had become I don’t know what would have happened.
Laksh giggled! ?
Rags: Miss Gadodia! Don’t underestimate me!……huhh
Laksh: Rags, you look fong while being angry.
Rags: Laksh you! Idiot, Duffer, moron…get lost, infact…you
Me: What you…you???
Rags: Go to hell!
And then me and laksh broke down into fists of laughter…
Me:(while laughing): Who was that guy with you?
Laksh:yaa…he was my friend.
Me:ohh!! His name?
He was cut off by Ragini.
Ragini: Varun Kapoor
Something is really fishy…..
He was saying something with s and rags told varun…
Me: Something is being hidden with me nah?
Laksh(a bit worry): No why will hide anything with you!….afterall we are bestie.
Me: No there is something fishy…. Spill uo the beans fast…..fatta fatt!…
Rags(annoyed): Kya swara! Don’t you trust us why will we hide anything from you! Huhh! Dumbo
Swara: Ok baba! Sorry I won’t ask anything now!
They both took a sigh of relief!
I could sense a red signal ….is that so?

After that we went for outing….bestie outing…..
The best thing was Ragini and Laksh being caught while romancing…..why can’t they control….magic of love indeed.
Later we sat down at a balcony attached to Laksh room.
It was the perfect view of the sun dipping behind the huge building of Mumbai, sky awash and ablaze with colours found at the heart of fire!
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