Strangers can be lovers Chapter 3

Thanks a lot guys for such a wonderful response….64 comments….oh wow!!….thanks you you loads!!
Well I’m really sorry swalak fans…..i also wanted it to make an swalak ff but as I’m posting it in fb too…so I had to make it swasan…I’m really sorry don’t take me wrong!
Secondly I hate ragsan pair!!!…so I had to pair someone with sanskaar and dont want to add unnecessary characters in my story… I’m really sorry…but please do read it for story not for the pairs…and I promise I will comeback soon with a swalak ff for you
Ps: Ragsan wouldn’t be paired in that!
Let’s begin:
Previous episode like:
Ps: Our hero entry would be late! Till then enjoy swara pov!?
Swara pov:
Me: Mom am I looking good??
Mom: You now swara…you’re the most beautiful are so pure and innocent…
Me: Oh mom…not now. ..let me enjoy Priyam’s wedding..
Priyam….my only cousin…others had never interacted with me due to our family clashes but Priyam my chacha’s son was always for me. When my mother was disabadoned by dadi…our chacha supported us. He gave me the father’s love….infact he was my father!… He was our silver lining of our cloud.
The dulcet sounds were crippling in my ears……awaring me of the beautiful atmosphere surrounding me. It was a pleasure watching my brother being married with his love lady.
Taking seven vows of marriage by circumambulating the fire was divine. I had never attended a marriage so closed to me. It was so beguiling.
After the vidaai of my Bhabhi we reached to our chacha’s house. First time I felt my family love. Why was I void of it?… It was heaven for me, but my thoughts were interrupted by my dadi screaming something. I ran over there just to found my mother was being abused
Dadi: You blo*dy bane of my existence….why do I had to see you and your daughter face!….wasn’t that enough to take my son’s life..Jo hamari jaan lene aa gyii….
My dadi was an imbecile person!!
That night I could hear my mother sobbing. I couldn’t controlled it any more. I just was to give a tirade to dadi. She had such a tacky thought. She was a heedless!
This world is really so beautiful that I hardly believe does it even exists??…
Removing all of my frustration, I went to balcony just to get some fresh air….soothing air.

The full moon, well risen in a cloudless eastern sky, covered the high solitude with it’s light!…
Beep phone rang…message from Ragini. Ragini maheshwari my partner in best friend. We three..laksh Roy, Ragini maheshwari and Swara Gadodia..besties forever….
Ragini: Hey!! Ssup??
Me: Nothing yrr…vhi sab…dadi n all..
She: Oh my dear!! Things will take time to settle but everything is gonna be set… Don’t lose hopes.
We talked about all possible things we could. She told me that she and laksh were getting engaged next month. They were really a perfect couple…Adorable!

I didn’t liked to sleep that night. So thought to open up my second fb account.
Uhh…let’s have some fun!!
Umm…whose that..vikram rathore.
He: I love you!!?❤ …
Me: Oh really?
He: Yaa baby! You’re to gorgeous to be single!
Ohh….i just want to kick him off!!….flirting with me.
Me: Yaa…you’re too ugly to be flirting with me??
Another prey!!
He: Darling I love you
Me: Ohh yaa….even I love myself too!???

I don’t know what these bastards think of themselves..proposing a girl you even don’t know…i just hate them!!

I yawned, stretched….i was in my sleepy mood….while sleeping I promised myself
” There are darkness in life and there are light and I’m one of the lights.
The lights of all lights”
So guys how was it..hope you all liked it!.
I’m really sorry for late update..was just busy in some stuff…please guys wish me best of board result are gonna be out tomorrow…..really need it!..
Love you all!!
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  2. I also hate ragsan pair
    Awesome ep

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