Strangers can be lovers Chapter 2

Hey guys it’s me Anamica back with second part! Hope you all like it….. Do comment!!
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Her pov:
Well I’m really really sorry… I forget to mention’s me the Swara Gadodia…. I know writing “the” with my name is wrong…but being a special girl everywhere…it comes to my nature.. I know I’m silly….but my life is full of my silly and crazy activities. I’m quite spontaneous….regularity is not in my blood…. I love to explore, to enjoy… Boys attention was the thing that only school diva could get…well unluckily I wasn’t that…but that doesn’t mean I am bad. I am good for being whatever I am!… I am not fake like those girls who put excessive
Mascara, eyeliner n’ kajal to look beautiful…but truly those girls were the digusting one I could have ever meet….don’t think I’m jealous but this was the reality. You could ask any girl about them the answer was just same….
I was a perfect piece of simplicity at it’s best?? Fair complexion….almond shaped eyes….n all n all!;
Well you have guessed right quite chirpy I’m….yepp that what I’m.I am quite notorious….well I also don’t believe I’m am consistent topper of my batch….indeed funny….?

I was called a black sheep in my family….? My dadi hates me because she thinks I have taken her son away from him.
With the arrival of me in this world my father went away….Went away to God she blames me for this….but my maternal side supports me….my mother was dis adopted by her in-laws…. Nevertheless I know…my father is always their for me…..covering my head with his hands forming a canopy protecting me from all the bad rain, storm and all. He always shine up in the sky twinkling and smiling by seeing his daughter. I know my daddy he loves me a lot.. And I’m his sunshine. .every problem will be sorted out and this will too…how can my dadi stay away from me nah?? After all I her grand daughter.?

Life always combines tragedy with splendour.. So how it could leave me?? Being dynamic and positive is in my nerves. Failing in a subject doesn’t let us to stop studying..then how can I fail in my life…after all I’m born to be a topper.
Like all girls…I’m too fantasised by boys.. You know I love nerdy topper boys…..topper boys….because being a topper I used to attend party with them..but trust the one whom I saw over there were hot! Without specs.. I was like oh my god!!!
I had a huge list of my infatuations and sometimes it was even from both sides but being in a relationship was not my cup of tea… I believe in true love….the love which is eternal ….eternal in all sense..

I myself don’t know am I extrovert or an introvert??….but I loved to connect with everyone… Even I had made my second account just to interact with other people….i had interacted with so many people that I had pals Preston Lowry from Germany, Jane Busher from US, Faisal Raza from Pakistan….my mother used to say that this was my best quality….?…
Umm well this was enough of me!!….
But if you want to know more about me then keep reading “strangers can be lovers”.
Well this was only a little introduction of swara characters. I hope you all liked it… I was really overwhelmed by your comments.. Seriously they made my day!? you guys…
Guys well voting lines are opened for pairs:-
1) Swasan
2) Swalak
3) swara with someone else
You will also see a Ragini pair… decide now..only a day for it!…
By love

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  1. Swasan yar

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    I want swalak and ragsan

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  21. We are twin sister nahreem ,and tehreem
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    We are swasanholic so ???????

  22. But we can see that many people foe voting swalak ,are changing name and. Email so I request u to just take one comment so that it is justice

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