Strangers can be lovers (His First Message) Chapter 1


Hey guyss!! It’s me ANAMICA SENGAR back with a another short ff…i don’t know whether you will like it or not….but trust me I’m will put my best efforts to make it nice. All comment are appreciated whether they are good or bad! So let’s began….some of you may know me I’m the writer of FLIPPED!
Her pov:
Social networking sites are a heaven for me. I could remove all my frustration on the unknown people added in my account. Being a girl my parents doesn’t let me to upload my pics but enjoyment doesn’t means to get 100+ likes in my pic, it is to flirt with strangers, playing dares, immersing myself in flamboyance!!….
I had about 3000 friends in my fb account and 1500+ unread messages too much indeed. Well never any stranger like him could caught my attention. I didn’t know him until he had sent that message which grabbed my attention. He had sent few messages before but why should I pay any heed.

He: Hi

26 July 2015


27 July 2015

He: Hii

12 August 2015


He: Have a NYC day

13 August 2015

He: Hi

13 August 2015

He:AGR rly nh krna hota toh add mt kiya kroo

14 August 2015

He: ??????????

15 August 2015

He: I know its awful, but miss, totally at the cost of
humiliating myself… u seem interesting person..
If you don’t mind,can we introduce each other?

Well this message caught my attention…i couldn’t left him without replying. Wasn’t this cute? Immediately I checked his profile
Me: He’s cute..aww that little girl with him makes his profile picture adorable. Little did I know that this guy was the one for me!…..
So guys, how was my introduction..well I hope you all liked it…just shoot your comments!!…
By love,

Credit to: Anamica

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  1. Missed flipped…but good ur back with another ff

    1. Thanks a lot dear!! ?

  2. Awesome

    1. Thanks shagun for regularly commenting!!

  3. Well it was nice with a new concept…keep going

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  4. Nice FF………Plzz Continue soon……
    BTW who are the couple(s)?

    1. Well I’m deciding that…whether it should be swalak or swasan!!

  5. Waiting fr ur next epi??

    1. Thanks dear!!

  6. Nice.. Continue soon…

    1. Thanks a lot ?

  7. Wow ….anamica its nice dear …hope its an swalak ff ……

    1. Thanks dear!!,?

  8. Superb start.loved it

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  9. swalak please

    1. Let’s see dear!!

  10. Hey nice one ..

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