Stranger_To_Soulmate an os by BHANU


An oneshot by Bhanu
Hi every one
Its me Bhanu the writer of tu meri mannat

Sry for not updating tmm but i am so busy nd i will give a maha episode of it as its last part
its my first os ha ha 🙂 you don’t get confuse ok I wrote a ff too but as per one shot its my first trail i am not sure on this also
Its specifically for my bestie subi

Ok now coming to story its a small story on the struggle no no may be confusion every girl may have when she done a arranged marriage in our country maximum girls I.e 60% are arranged only 🙂

Its amazing too
Here is story of a adorable couple who married as per family wish a girl who dreamed about her prince charming ND married a stranger

Swara : A cute innocent girl nd frndly ND cute always respects her family ND follow them ND loveds her frnds alot mainly rags

Sanskar maheswari : A silent person very professional he respects ND loves his family ND he believe in love after marriage

********* story starts******

A girl is sitting on the bed in pink heavy lenghne she had a red veil covered her face she is hell nervous thousand of thoughts are running in her mind

Suddenly a man at age of 27 entired in he is wearing a white sherwani

He moved towards the girl ND whispered in husy tone ” swaraaaa u can remove ur veil ”

( yes the girl is swara)

Swara was damm struk as its first time he called her

He moved close ND removed her veil on her head swara was shocked by sudden action she moved back

Man: Y ur running back I am ur husband I have full right on you

Swara was shocked he placed his hand on her shoulders

Out of nervousness swara slapped him

Swara: Sorry woh

Man: How dare you to slap me :] is it way to behave with ur husband
Is this you learnt from ur mom

Swara: I am sorry

He came close to swara ND whispered in scary tone ” I will teach you ”

Swara:( shouted out) noooooo

Swara opened her eyes with a jerk she got fully sweated she seen her surrounding nd seen wall clock its 6am

Swara: Oh my god its my dream

( its a dream 😉 )


Swara:( to herself ) oh no wt a stupid dream I got in so mrg hrs it will not be true na

Today is my marriage I dont even know his name properly but I am going to marry him wah

Rest of life with him

its ok swara you need to obey ur parents lets she wts ur life will be

She sat on bed by holding her head meanwhile sumi entered

Sumi: Swara you waken up gud now get ready today is ur marriage still ur lazy

Swara:( sleep on her lap ) maa y ur so hurry to sent me out of ur home dont you miss me maa

Sumi:( caressing her hair ) ha I miss you but you know sanskar is really gud

Swara:( in mind ) his name is sanskar swara weds sanskar swasan combination is sounding gud

Sumi: Wt your thinking he is right choice for you
Now stop thinking ND get ready rags is on the way too

all routines are performed finally swara got married to sanskar in a grand manner with lot of hopes ND happiness
They enjoyed the routines
Its time to sendoff

Swara hugged sumi ND Shekhar nd cried
ND later she seen rags who stood behind Shekhar

Swara 🙁 moved towards her) u will miss me na rags

Rags: ( with a smile ) no I won’t miss you

Swara: Oh really

Rags: Yes anyways now you may cry but after few days you will forget mee also bcoz u had ur hubby na
Y u will remember ur bestie 😉

Sanskar smiked for this swara hitted her ” u idiot how can you say so I wont forget you ”

Rags: Oh gud but now plz stop this crying session I can’t bear this scene

Swara hugged rags ” take care of you ND be in touch ok ”

Rags: Ya same words for you now go my devar is waiting 😉

Swasan in car
Swara is crying badly for missing her family ND frnds

Sanskar felt sad for swara he gave handkerchief

Swara took it ND cleared her tears ND turned otherside of window to hide her face

Sanskar:( he holded her hand) trust me I will treat you as a princess in my home
” I cant say that I will make you feel comfortable as ur with ur mom dad nd ur frnds
But definitely I always try to make you happy ”

Swara did not rly but she is happy with his words


Swasan had grand reception ND swara gurhpravah I gone with all routine swara is taken to her room by Annapurna

Swara seen the room its fully decorated with flowers ND photos of sanskar are on walls

Swara is hell nervous millon of thoughts are running in her mind
While she thinking so she remembered rags so she dallied her num

Rags: Hello who is on the line

Swara: U idiot its me ur champ dont u remember my num also

Rags: Ha sorry sweetheart I forgot to save it in pH now I will

Swara: Wt ur doing

Rags: Reading details of new project

Swara: Dont you miss me

Rags: Ha i may miss you but i thought that you may be busy with ur husband
Ur newly married na sooo kuch hogi na

Swara: You know today is my first night

Rags: Oh gud then y u called me u should call ur hubby na
My be wrong dail its ok bye

Swara:arey stupid i did right dail only i am hell nervous so i thought to talk to you

Rags: Ohhh but i cant help you now bcoz i am not experienced in this marriage ND all
I don’t have time to marry also so i am postponing 😉

Swara: Oh stop joking ok

Rags: Sry sry i am serious now ask any seniors

Swara: Shut up idiot its my mistake to talk to you

Rags: Oh u realised so late

Swara: I hate you
Rags: I wont believe untill i get proof auditor Hu na i need paperwork ok

Swara: I hate you more nd more

Rags: Ha ha ur angry save some angry for your hubby too

Swara still angry

Rags: Ok listen once I had spoken to sanskar he is so sweet ND right person for you

Wtever you feel share it with him ND I am sure he will understand you

Swara: Sacchi

Rags: Ha muchi he is best ND anyways I am giving my bestie na so I enquired about him he is gud at heart ND respects girls alot

Meri devar sab se acchi aur saachi

*****flash back*******
Sanskar while getting ready to marriage

Frnds are busy on teasing him

Frnd: Arey bhai ur getting married soon y ah

Sanskar is blushing

Frnd: Arey bhai after marriage there are no parties, no ngtouts no weekends everything ends when girl entries

Sanskar : Noooo ur wrong

Frnd: Its true fact after marriage you will say this but we are lucky to know before

Sanskar : Ho really the ppl who cant understand there wife may say this but not me

Frnd: Oh really you say wt you know aboutur wifeits bring arranged marriage na

Sanskar : No its amazing thing for me I may dont know her likes dislikesher thoughts r all but surely after marriagei will know everything about her I will make her everydream true

Frnds: Oh really it means ur ready to change urself

Sanskar: Ur wrong ok I will say listen

Frnds ‘ ah say

Sanskar: She is coming to a new place into new relation in a new way by leaving her everything what she had from her childhood like family ND frnds so on just by trusting as

She is sacrificing all of her ND she is trying to make our family as hers
When she is doing this much for as y cant we adjust on small things

Anyways by this adjustment she wont get anything its just care she had for as

All the times there is no rule that we need to get love before marriage only we can get true love after marriage also

Love is not by holding hands romancing ND roming on roads ND parks its the understand its the trust its the scarifies they do for each other nd its beautiful only few can know real meaning of it

His frnds are speechless by his words ND all this conversation is heard by rags

Rags:( in mind) wow my champ is so lucky to have such great person in this days tooo

**** flash back ends *****

Rags: Soo try to bee free

Swara: Ok wish me luck

Rags: U crazy idiot for this also wish ah

Swara: Ha anything its first time na Pl say

Rags: Ok all the best for ur first night

Swara: Stop it idiot ntg gonna happen so shut up ND sleep

Rags: Ok I will sleep but you cant sleep ok

Meanwhile sanskar entered room nd locked the door

Swara: Arey yar he came I will talk later byeeee love you

Rags: Ha say this to ur hubby too

Swara ended call ND placed the pH aside

Sanskar came towards her his every step towards her is making her freeze in nervousness

Sanskar could feel her nervousness

Sanskar: I know its new for you but you don’t need to compromise u van be as you like

May be ur tried fresh up.nd sleep

Sanskar while taking his dress from.cupboard ” we will leave to Paris in week if ur interested you can continue ur Jo

Swara: Just nodded her head

Sanskar: Ha ha you can speak out I am also same person like ur family ND frnd so plz be comfortable

Sanskar sat in corner of bed infront of her ND whispered ” swara I married you I know things went do fast we did not got time to know each other but trust me anything will be done with ur wish only

I said you before only I respect you ND ur feelings

Swara us happy her pressure had reduced by his words

Swara in mind ” oh my luck he is cool as rags said ”

Swara: Quite she left to fresh up ND came back ND Sa on bed

Sanskar: You sleep on bed I will sleep here

Swara: You can sleep beside mee

Sanskar gave a surprised look)

Swara: Woh its huge bed y should you sleep on couch its uncomfortable na so

They sleep on same bed they had small pillow wall


Swara woken up in mrg she done pooja in home she prepared breakfast everyone are happy with her entre they are happy to get such a good sanskari bahu

Swara made a cup of coffe ND left to sanskar room I.e there room

Week passed everyone are happy by swara they mingled up with her family

Every one are impressed by swara

Sanskar pov

Swara the name itself its magical
I got addicted to her
Its been a week I married her
Few months back I seen her in my friends wedding on the first sight only I had fallen the way she speaks the way she cares the way she respects everything inspired me alot ND by coincidence my mom too showed me same girl to marry
Its my gud luck I got her

Due to busy I never got time to talk before marriage

Our marriage is all of fast nd sudden so we never got time to understand ND know each other
ND I am sure she likes me but takes some time to understand
In Paris she can handle this
I am just awaiting to show her my palace

I am saying it as palace bcoz its will be a palace if my princess entries

Its a beautiful place ND my dream place to visit ND stay too

He is so understanding he never forced anything on mee so frndly

I even joined in job the time he spends with me is lovable I love is company

We are talking for hrs nd grs in ngt

We had great bond of frndship as I had with my bestie

I think he is my prince charming
May bee

Days passed atmost 10 days

Sanskar frnds ND colleagues are asking him to a party so he finally decided to ask swara

Sanskar: Swara my friends are asking for a party for our marriage wt you say shall I or not

Swara: Frnds na its common y my permission you enjoy

Sanskar: U don’t have any problem ah

Swara: Ha no I am ok

Invite them to home only I will prepare

Sanskar: Are you sure

Swara: Ya I am sure patidev

Sanskar:( excited) hugged her )

Swara blushed by his childish ness

Months passed out swasan bonding increased

One fine day

Its 7am swara did not wake up still

Sanskar is surprised to see this
He moved towards her ND pulled the bed sheet on her head

Sanskar: Swara swara

Swara slowly opened her eyes she is week

Sanskar: Swara are you ok y ur so dull

Swara: Oh I am not feeling well

Sanskar:( worried) oh no shall I call doctor

Swara: No sanskar not needed I will be fine by evg

Sanskar: No how can you neglect

Swara: Its common for me sometimes you go to office

Sanskar: Wt noo I will call doctor

Swara: Arey stop ur questions plz forget this ND goo

Sanskar: Are you sure

Swara: Ha

Sanskar: Atlesst wt is problem

Swara: Stomach pain
he got down from bed ND got fresh up swara had a short nape

Sanskar came out from his bed room ND he did all the house hold work cleaned the hm completely he took a shower ND called his mom.

Sanskar: Maa I had a doubt plz can you help nee

Ap: Ha wt

Sanskar: Woh maa swara is not feeling well

Ap’ wt

Sanskar: Ha naa but she said its a small stomach pain not to worry its common

Ap: Oh its ok

Sanskar: Maa its common ah wt shall I do now she is so week maa

Ap: Ha it happens for girls give her Ho soup it reduces ger pain nd weekness too

Sanskar: Can you say me recipe now I will prepare

Ap: Said him how to prepare ND he did it

Sanskar: Thank you maa

Ap: Sanskar ur really gud I am proud of you beta life long you should take care of ur wife like this only

Sanskar: Ha I promise maa I will

Sanskar ended the call ND took the tray of soup to swara room

Sanskar: Swara once plz get up

Swara:( surprised) its 11 he is still in home
you did not went to office

Sanskar: Woh I took half day leave

Swara: Oh how you did this soup

Sanskar: Woh mom said me repie I did it

ND its gud I tasted already

Swara:( smiled) Ho thanks I will have later you go to office you may be late

Sanskar: No u should have it now only ( he took a spoon ND feed her

Swara is happy she could see his care for her he is treating her like small child it just resembled her mom

Swara stared at him lovely they just lost in each other

Sanskar cupped her face you take rest I will come evg he is lost he just leaned towards her he is about to kiss buy it got disturbed by pH call he got up ND felt embrssed nd left office

After sometime swara got up she fresh up ND came out of room she is shocked to see home so clean nd perfect she left to dinning table there she had a note

Bye princess I had prepared lunch plz have it ND take rest

Swara pov

I had feeling for him ND I am sure he too

Wts wrong with mee he is my husband but still I am feeling nervous to express my feelings

Actually I am confused shall I first or not

Three days passed away ND now swasan are having awkward silence I all this days ND finally sanskar decided to express his feeling to her

Its her bday 11.30. Swara is still waiting for Sanskar but he had not came noo noo he I on terrace to surprise his princess

Suddenly light gone off swara stared in surprise how this happened we had an generator ND inverter too

Suddenly lights got on ND swara found a note sticked to freeze ” come to terrace my princess ”

Swara blushed by reading note itself she rushed to terrace to know wt it mean

As soon as she opened the door she could see there

Its fully decorated with flowers ND floor had been spreaded out by rose petals ND there is step cake in middle of terrace

Swara is damm struck to see her hubby her prince charming with a smile who stood infront of her by folding his hands upto his chest

Swara runned towards him in excitement

Omg sanskar ur really awesome I even forgot my bday but how you remembered

Sanskar: Ur my wife swara

Sanskar bended on his knees ND proposed her with an unbreakable romantic eyelock ❤

” Swara ur light of my life
The time you entered my life its so beautiful ur crazy talks our lazy ngtouts

Really you had turned my life

ND I never loved anyone more then you
Ha I love my mom ND after her my first love is you ND its my last too.

I love you swara I love you I may can’t build an tajmahal for you but surely I can make you feel my love in every secondof our life

Do you love me are you ready to accept me as ur husband

Swara is on cloud nine her dream came true she is speechless she made him stand ND hugged him ” I love you too sanskar really ur my prince charming whom I dreamed from my childhood
I am really really lucky to have such a understanding husband like you

Sanskar hugged her back ” wahh my love my wife my everything ur ”

Swara: Ha I am all urs
Sanskar : Ok princess now plz cut the cake today is ur bday its 12 soo

She took the kinfe ND took a pic of cake ND feed sanskar ND sanskar to did the same ND

Sanskar could see the chocolate cream on her corner of lips got up just cleared it with his thumb �

They had cute eyes look

Sanskar stared at her for accept swara leaned towards him by closing her eyes as positive sign

Sanskar claimed her lips in nick of time he kissed her passionate by expressing his love swara too reciprocating it with equal passion

His hands are travelling on her waist ND swara had drove her hands by brushing his hair

They broken the kiss when they felt lack of breath

Swasan stared each other while breathing heavily

Sanskar gave a naughty smirk towards swara ND swara hugged him in shy she did not utter a word

Its a first kiss for both swasan they enjoyed it its there beautiful ngt for them they sleep

Next day swasan woken up in each other embrace

Swara got fresh up nd sanskar to left to fresh up

Swara while getting ready she stood infront of dressing table by brushing her hair with is so wet
Sanskar came out nd he just strucked to see swara she is so beautiful in red gold boded saree sanskar counld not even take his eye off

Swara signed him wt ur watching

Sanskar moved towards swara ND hugged her from back by wrapping his hands around her waist md placed his chin on swara shoulders

Swara just downed her eyes in shy

Sanskar : Swara you know wt

Swara:( blushing hard) ahh kyaa

Sanskar: I had married a most beautiful girl in this work see my wife once even you will fell jealous of her

Swara turned out red by his words

” stop praising me I had already fallen so no need to flirt

Sanskar : Arey I am not flirting I am saying a fact sweetheart

Swara: Oh really

Sanskar : Swara wts this on ur neck

Swara:( surprized) wt let me see she about to see but sanskar hitted her nape by making swara shock

Swara: Ahhh sanskar wt your doing

Sanskar while kissing her nape ” woh I am just romancing my wife

Swara pushed him back ” ur bitting me ah see its bleeding too

Sanskar oh sry darling its ok its a sweet memory

Swara stop it sanskar its too much now get ready you need to go for office na even I need too

Sanskar : Noo we are not going anywhere today you had a surprise so no office ok shall we go for a movie now

Swara: Wt now ah its only 8

Sanskar : No no now we will do our breakfast ND after that Toda romance after that movie after that lunch

Swara: Ah after lunch

Sanskar: I planned half day na after that we will come home ND

Swara: Ha and

Sanskar:( blushing) u naughty girl I wont say I will do

Swasan had there breakfast had some silly talks ND left to watch movie after the movie they had there lunch in hotel ND got back to home by 4pm

Its 4.30pm

Swasan where playing video game

Someone rang the door bell

Sanskar go ND see who came

Swara got up from couch ND left towards the door

She opened the door nd shouted in excitement” youuuuuu here In Paris

A sweet voice shouted” yes my champ Its not dream ”

Swara hugged in excitement I love you so much rags my Janu

Rags: Oh where is ur sanskari sanskar

Swara ah come in first

All had a talk ND sanlak had been frnds too

Rags: Ok darling its 4.30 darling now ur bday on soo cut the cake

Sanskar: Oh hello we did I at ngt only

Swara : Sanskar she is crazy let it be its our habbit

Rags: Sanskar sir she born at 4.30 then how can you celebrate before her birth ahh soo logically I am right

Sanskar : Oh no this girls are crazy

Swaragini laughed out swara cutted the cake they had a blast

Rags : Seen the mark on swara neck ) champ actually u had celebrated ur bday na ngt who gave you such huge gift ahh

Swasan left embarrassed

Swara wanna change topic so ( rags when you gonna marry

Rags: Oh I forgot to say this we gonna marry next month 16 in India you need to attend

Swara: Oh you gonna marry laksh ahh

Rags: Oh you dont like I can replace champ say me shall I

Lucky:( panic) oh hello wat replace ah I love you how can you say so ah

Rags: Ah u love nee but my bestie loves me more then you soo if she says its final ok

Lucky: Oh meri naa plz say noo swara ji

Swara:( laughed out) are lucky dont panic its just a prank we had already talked about you

Sanlak ” oh my god this girls are more then anything

Rags: Here is ur gift sweetheart enjoy , its all ur hubby choice to idea is mine but planning is his only

Swara: Wtt

Rags : Open this cover

Swara opens t iit ND shouted out aloud ” Greenland ”

Swara hugged sanskar in excitement ” we are going to Greenland oh my god unbelievable”

Sanskar: Its true my love

Rags:( excuse mee I am hear only nd we are watching too

Swara’ oh my bestie I love you too she hugged rags

Rags: Its for honeymoon so plz don’t sleep there also ok

Swasan blushed hard

Rags: Ha ha its fact na so I said

After having dinner swaragini slept in one room nd sanlak in other room

Swara ND rags are continually talking they are enjoying alot

Sanlak room its pin drop silent

Lucky: Bhai do you know this

Sanskar: Wt

Lucky: Wt do girls speak for hrs ND hrs

Sanskar: I dont know ask ur rags

Lucky’ ha I asked once she said its a secrete of girls she said

Sanskar: Oh really

Lucky; ask ur wife naa she will say

Sanskar: Noo I think

Lucky: Plz try once Pl

Sanskar : Ok I will

Lucky wished him luck ND sanskar left to swaragini room

He knocked the door rags opened it

Rags: Oh sanskar ji app wt you need

Sanskar: ( nervous) woh woh water

Rags gave water ND closed the door

Sanskar again knocked the door

Rags: Wt Again

Sanskar: Laptop

Rags: Gave laptop ND closed door

Sanskar again knocked

Rags: Wt again ahh

Sanskar’ woh pillow

Rags: You really want it or you want swara

Sanskar oh no swara only

Rags gud wait I will sent her anyways cant you ask this before ahh

Sanskar blushed

Rags:( to swara) ur sanskari patidev is dying for you goo ND talk first

Swara ranned to sanskar she thought it may be lucky so she is quite

Swara: Sanskar woh I am sry

Sanskar : Gud ngt my wife

Swara: Ha gud ngt my hubby

Sanskar : Only gud ngt ah

Swara: Hugged him ND kissed his cheeks ” gud ngt ”

Sanskar much better ND you know lucky said me to ask that wt ” you girls speak that much time ”

Swara: Wttt

Sanskar: Answer na

Swara: Ntg important just silly talks

Sanskar : Oh ok gud ngt sleep rags may be waiting for you enjoy

Both left to respective rooms

After three days raglak left to India ND swasan to Greenland for honeymoon

Greenland is a massive island nd Its surface is about 80% ice-capped

Its a beautiful place full of snow

Its really cold its her dream place to visit

They logged in hotel

They relaxed some time ND later they left to Rome in city ND finally they had a romantic candle light dinner ND left to room

The room is on 2nd floor where they can clearly witness the beautiful snow fall from mountains

sanskar hugged her from back by causing a shiver to swara
cups her face and pecks her forehead romantically while caressing her back

he gazed her lips nd
But she closes her eyes as she wants her husband to love her like he wants….. Sankar smiles at her act and captures her lips… Swara smiles in the kiss and reciprocate equal to his passion

His hands are travelling on her waist ND swara had drove her hands by brushing his hair

They broken the kiss when they felt lack of breath

Swasan stared each other while breathing heavily

sanskar lifted her in bridalstyle nd place her on bed

sanskar holded her waist nd with other hand giving wet kisses and opens her dori. Sensing the lack of the grip of her blouse swara immediately opens her eyes shocked

He carefully made her lie on the bed… Without breaking the eyelock… He undid her dress… And came above swara and again started claiming her lips

they consummated the marriage

After marking their love to eachother they both doses off in their tight embraces

after 1yrs they had a cute baby boy they named them as regan

they lived happily rest of the life with loads of smiles

******happy ending *******

ND happy birthday champ its 4.30 so logically I am the 1st person to wish 😉
champ i had designed ur price charming this sanskari sanskar is for you only ahh

I know its boring surprise but its ok we will had blast for ur next bday

guys Done this one-shot I dont know how far its gud anyways I dont need any appreciation for this but you guys wish my bestie an happy long life with loads of happiness ND thrill


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