A Stranger Is My Love(SwaSan) Episode 8


Swara takes the plate n sanky gets angry.
& ?
Sanskar: Give me my plate back.&?

swara remains silent&?;. Sanky gets irritated.

Sanskar: r u giving or not. listen if u won’t give na then i…

before he could complete she said.

Swara: I’m not giving u the plate. that’s it.

Sanskar: r u mad give me my plate back I’m hungry.

Swara: so what even I’m also hungry.

Sanskar: so eat na n let me also eat.

Swara: I will not give u until i said sorry to me.

Sanskar: n why should i tell u sorry.

Swara: bcz u scolded me.

Sanskar: I’m not going to say anything. give me the plate or else&?;

Swara: or else what ha.

he gets up goes near her n grabs the plate from her.

Sanskar: now don’t dare to disturb me. Samjhi.

Swara gets angry&?;she turns her face to other side. Sanky watches this but ignores it. he was about to eat but then he saw swara who is sitting with angry face. she is not even looking at food plate. he feels sad for scolding her.

he gets up n goes near her. but she didn’t react. he sits in front of her n calls her name.

Sanskar: Swara

but she was not looking at him. he again calls her but no response. so he forcefully made her face to him.

but he gets shocked. he is shocked to see her beautiful eyes becomes red n tears r continuously flowing from her eyes. he cups her face.

Sanskar: Hey Swara why r u crying. plz I’m really sorry. i will not scold u plz forgive me?;

Swara(wiping tears): no I’m crying. yeh to bus aese hi.&?;

Sanskar: don’t lie i know ur anhry on me na plz sorry i will not do this again.

Swara: its ok sanskar. it’s just that I’m missing my parents n friends .my home.

Sanskar: i can understand. even i scolded u. u must be feeling bad na.

Swara: u know i always plays with ramu kaka like that. every time i hides his plate n he chases me.

Sanskar(in mind): oh God! she is missing her family. how can i be so rude with her. oh god sanky ur totally mad.

Sanskar: i can understand but plz eat something.

Swara: i will eat after sometime.

Sanskar: no u have to eat now.

Swara: no I’m not hungry.

Sanskar: Jhuti.

Swara: ha but thodi si hi lagi hain.

Sanskar: but I’m very hungry if u won’t eat na then i will also not eat.

Swara: it’s a filmy line.

Sanskar: ok..but plz eat na.

Swara: plz I’m not hungry.

Sanky forcefully feed her one bite. she is shocked with his sudden action.

Sanskar: now will u eat.

Swara: no u eat.

Sanskar: ok.

saying this he takes the plate from her side n starts to leave. when she callls him back.

Swara: where r u going ha.

Sanskar: to return the plate ur not eating na.

Swara: but.

Sanskar: what but.

Swara: but now I’m hungry.

Sanky laughs seeing her expression but doesn’t show her.

Sanskar: but u said na ur not hungry then

Swara: woh…actually i was sad na but now I’m hungry. plz give me my food back..&?;

he gives her the plate. both finishes their food n went to sleep.

At Midnight

SwaSan are Sleeping.&?;

Sardar n his men r sitting.

Man 1: Sardar i think they r jasus.

Man 2: i don’t think so. i feel that they r really strucked here. they r not our enemy.

Man 3: what if they came here to catch here.

they men gives their opinions. Sardar was thinking something after sometime he told everyone to keep quite. all became silent.

Sardar: unhe dekh kar yeh nahi lag raha hain ke woh koi jasus hain. unhe pata nahi chalna chahiya ki hum kon hain. lekin agar unhe phir bhi pata chalta hain ke hum Lootere hain tab unhe mar dalna.

all his men understood. n said in unison.

” Ji Sardar”

Next Morning

Sardar was sleeping. just then a man comes to him.

Sardar: what happen. why r u running.

Man: Sardar woh woh…

Sardar: woh kya

Man: woh dono ladka aur ladki…

Sardar: just say clearly

Man: dono bhag gaye

Sardar: kya keh rahe hon tum. how it is possible.

Man: they run through the boat which is attached to our for emergency.

Sardar: what!cant u handle a small matter. they run from here n u don’t know about that how can u be so careless.

Man: I’m sorry sardar.

Sardar: get lost.

the man leaves from there.

At some distance

we can see small bloat is floating in sea. a guy is driving the boat n one girl is sitting in the boat with her both hands holding het cheeks.

(Yes they r swasan)

Swara is sitting angrily n sanky is driving the boat.

Sanskar:why r u sitting like this.

Swara: How can u do this. bcz of u the food I took from their fell in the sea.

Flash Back

At midnight sanky gets up from his sleep. He feels thirsty so he gets up n goes to drink water. After drinking when he was going to sleep he heard sardar n his men talk. He gets shocked n goes to Swara.

Sanskar: Swara utho . wake up.

Swara: &; plz sanky let me sleep na.

Sanskar: yaar utho agar tum abhi soti rahi na to hum hamesha me like so jayenge.

Swara wakes up.

Swara: what rubbish r u talking about!

Sanskar: shhh….don’t speak loudly. n listen I’m telling u bit after listening to this don’t shout OK.

Swara: OK.

Sanky tells her everything. She shocked n was sweating badly.&?;

Sears: what r u sure. Yeh log. Oh my god. u know I saw in film they r very dangerous. They will kill us. Saying this she was about cry but sanky closed her mouth with his hands.

Sanskar: ?;shh…don’t cry they will wake up. We have leave from here without letting anyone know about us.

She nodes n both starts to move slowly without making any voice.

Seats: (in low) Sanskar how can we scape from here.

Sanskar: I have a solution.

Swara: what

Sanskar: in every big ship. There is always small boats attached in case of emergency.

Swara: ur very intelligent.

Sanskrit: I know. But now we have to find the boat.OK.

They were looking for the boat.n finally they found it. Both gets happy.

Sanskrit: Swara we found it chalo let’s leave.

Swara: ha ha…but Wait.

Sanskar: what happen.

Swara: one second.

She leaves n comes with some food in her hand.

Sanskar: what is this.

Swara: u don’t know. Actually it is called as food.

Sanskrit: very funny ?;

Swaraj: to haste kyun nahi.?;

Sanskrit: shut up.

Swara: OK….I took this bcz if we feel hungry na then we will eat this.

Sanskar: good…so shall we leave..

Swara: yes.

Then they hear some sound. Sanky immediately holds Swara’s hand n drags her to the boat. But in this process the food she was carrying spills in the sea.

Both silently escape from there but Swara was angry with him.

FB ends.

Sanskar: I’m sorry Swara I didn’t did that intentionally.

Swara: whatever but my food is gone na

Sanskar: I said in sorry. We will do something. See we have boat we can find some way.

Swara: ur good for nothing.

Sanskar: really. Listen miss. Only bcz of me we r alive.

Swara: don’t talk to me.

Sanskar: I’m also not dying to talk to yu

Swara: then do ur work.

Sanskar: don’t tell me my work.

Both remain silent.

After some hours

Swara: Sanky I’m starving.

Sanskar: me too

Swara: where r we going

Sanskar: I really don’t know I’m just driving it.

Swara: then how can we go home.

Sanskrit: relax… Everything will be fine.

Swara: fine my foot. just bcz of u we r strucked in this situation.

Sanskar: hello! Agar hum waha se bhagte nahi name toh hum an tak mar chke note.

Seats: ha par kam se kam kha pee ka marte yaha bhuke pet marne ka rasta nahi dekhte

Sanskrit: it’s all my fault. Mujhe akele hi aana chahiye that.

Seats: wahi better hota.

Sanskrit: what u think of ur self u can do anything.

Seats: yes.

Sanskrit: so think u can handle that men.

Sara: easily.

Sanskrit: that’s why u were crying after listening who r they.

Swaraj: I was not crying.

Sanskar: really.

They keep on fighting without looking at the direction where r they going. Suddenly Swara looked at direction b shouts.

Swara: Sanskar

He also looked at the direction n looses balance both shouts n there boat clash with something.

Episode End

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Credit to: IREENA

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