A Stranger Is My Love(SwaSan) Episode 7


Both SwaSan looked at the sea both r shocked, happy, exited.

In excitement both hug each other tightly. but soon realizes there position. they gets up n Swara Starts jumping like kid.

Swara(while jumping): Sanky see this the Ship. Oh God now we r safe.

Sanskar: Smiling at her. ha Swara we will but first let them know that we r stuck here.

Swara: Ha…lets go.

they goes near the sea. n starts to shout. they wave their hands.

At Ship

A man came n says to another man who is sitting on the chair.

Man: Sardar….see there he points towards SwaSan.

Sardar: who r they what r they doing.

Man: don’t know anything.

Sardar: take the Ship towards them.

the man leaves n Ship Starts to moves towards our SwaSan.

Seeing Ship coming towards them they gets happy.

Swara: Yes we r safe. they will help us. mamma, papa, ramu kaka, ramlal I’m coming….yeah.

hearing ramu kaka and ramlal Sanky again gets angry but then composes himself.

Sanskar( in anger): Stop ahouting like an idiot. they r not here to listen to ur foolish talks.

Swara: ur so bad.

n makes faces to Sanskar. the Ship arrives near them. two man comes to them.

Man1: Who r u both. what r u doing here?

Sanskar: actually we come here accidentally.

he tells them everything. they looked at each other.

Swara: Why r u looking at each other. we want ur help but u both r busy in Staring at each other(irritates).

both the man and sanky gives her angry glares. but she was not understanding what happen.

Man2: we need to talk to our Sardar then we will help u. n think before u speak(to swara).

n both leaves to talk to their Sardar. as soon as they leave sanky looks angrily at swara.

Swara: what happen why ur looking me like this. n the man was so stupid how rudely he talked to me.

Sanskar: Shut up….can’t u keep ur mouth shut. what u told them r u a complete idiot. what if they won’t help us. then what will we do.ha…

Swara: what wrong i tell they were doing that. I’m not idiot.

Sanskar: Shut up.

At Ship

the men goes to sardar n tells him everything. the Sardar thinks something,

Sardar: ok let them come in Ship.

they man nodes n goes towards SwaSan. seeing them coming both gets happy.

Man: come our Sardar aloud u to enter in Ship.

both gets happy n went towards the Ship.

On Ship

SwaSan enters.

it was a big ship. so many people were their but all r men no women.

Swara was busy in watching the Ship. Sanskar was just standing there.

just then the Sardar came their.

Sardar: So u stacked here.

they both nod.

Sardar: what’s ur name.

Sanskar: I’m San….

but swara cuts him n says.

Swara: I’m Swara n he is Sanskar.

sanky again looked at her in anger but Swara was unaware of it.

Sardar: ok…we will take u out of here to another place from where u can go to ur Home easily.

Sanskar: thank you so much.

Swara: but u can also drop as at home na.

Sanskar: tumahare ghar ke bahar samander hain. jo woh tumhe ghar tak drop karege.

Swara: but i was just joking.

Sanskar: Stop joking its not the time to joke.

Swara: why r u talking like this. i just said that to lighten the mood.

Sanskar: I said just keep quite.

Swara: no i won’t.

Man:(angrily) u both shut up u r standing infront of our Sardar.

Both SwaSan keeps quite.

Sardar: show them there place n they must be hungry so give them food.

hearing food both gets exited. the man takes them at a place n asks them to be here.n went. Sanskar was angry on Swara n was feeling so much in back bcz of falling from tree. due to which he is already irritated. but Swara forget everything n talks with him normally.

Swara: Sanskar see na God help us we r going back to our home. n now we r finally getting food I’m so hungry.

Sanskar: how many times will u tell me this ha… I’m really irritate with ur talks.

Swara: why r u behaving like that.I’m seeing u r behaving very rudely with me since we saw the ship.

Sanskar: I’m not interested in ur stupid questions. so plz keep quite.

Swara: no i cant keep my mouth shut. I’m not habitual of it.

Sanskar: Why u talk so much.ur voice is so irritating.

Swara: my voice is not irritating u know Ramu kaka loves to talk to me he even says my voice is beautiful. n ramlal i always sings song for him u know he loves my voice.

Sanky who was alredy in anger n gets more angry hearing ramlal n ramu kaka. he hates the word ramu kaka n ramlal.

Sanskar: Then go to them. don’t talk to me bcz i hate ur voice.

Swara: bye I’m not talking to u.

just then the man came with two plates in his hands he gives it to them. When sanky was about to take plate Swara jumps n tales both the plates.

Sanky gets angry. n Swara winks at him.

Episode End.

sorry for stopping it in middle but don’t have enough time to write more.n thanx for all who comments n silent readers if there is any.

Credit to: IREENA

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