A Stranger Is My Love(SwaSan) Episode 6



Sanky fell on the ground. Swara sees this n rushes to him. Sanky is shouting in pain.

Sanskar: ahhhah

Swara sits besid him.

Swara: Arey…r u fine.

Sanskar: can’t u see.

Swara: do u think I’m blind.

Sanskar: oh this girl….ouchh..

Swara: is it paining too much.

Sanskar: ya…aahhhhh

Swara: ok….but it was all ur fault.

Sanskar: what. my fault.

Swara: yes. whats the need to do this.

Sanskar: u only told to climb the tree.

Swara: i told u to climb the not to jump from the tree.

Sanskar: what i jumped from the tree.

Swara: yess…to impress me.

Sanskar: r u out of ur mind. i jumped from the tree that to impress u.

she nodes.

Sanskar: oh miss. come out of ur dream world. ok. i didn’t jump from tree. i fell bcz of u. u shouted my name that’s why i loosed my balance.

Swara: hoh…tumhara jhut oakda gaya so saara blame mujh pe daal diya.

Sanskar: what..n how can u think like that I’m impressing u.

Swara: i know everything. bcz I’m so intelligent. my ramu kaka always says this to me.

Sanskar: ur ramu kaka is also dumb like u.

Swara: don’t tell anything to ramu kaka. i love him so much.

Sanskar: Whatever…..u n ur ramu kaka r so dumb.

Swara: Shut up. i told u na not to tell anything about my ramu kaka. i can’t tolerate.

Sanskar: i will tell what will u do ha.

they keeps on arguing. suddenly something fell on Sanskar’s head.he shouts. Swara was confused what happen suddenly.

Swara: what happen?

Sanskar: Something fell on my head.

Swara: what.

she looked at the other side. n happily shouts

Swara: Sanky its coconut.

Sanskar: So what. i have already throwed one coconut.

Swara: no no it was empty. thats why i was shouting ur name.

Sanskar: what….

She then takes the coconut.

Sanskar:yaar… yeh pehle kyon nahi gira. agar pehle girta to itna sub nahi hota.

Swara: now shut up. finally we get something to eat.so shall we start.

they were so happy n sits down.but then looked at each other with horror expression.

Swara: how will we cut it. it’s too hard.

Sanskr: lets try our best.

they tried So much but gets fail.
they again sits while placing hand on head. Swara Starts crying.Sanky feels bad.

Swara: why this all happened to me. what i have did. nothing na. my parents, my ramu kaka, n ramlal.

Sanky gets irritated listing to the name ramu kaka.

Swara(continued): what about them. how will they manage things without me. how they will leave without me. u know na ramlal when i didn’t feed him with my hands he wont eat anything.

Sanskar(in mind): What..yeh apne ghar ke noker ko haath se khana khilati hain. He feels angry.

Sanskar: u feed ramlal with ur hands.

Swara: ha..

Sanskar: Why?

Swara: bcz he loves to eat wiyh my hand. he only eats with my hand. don’t know how he is managing.

now sanky is hell angry on her. he is cursing ramlal n ramukaka.don’t know why.

Sanskar(in mind): how can she do this. Why she is missing them although they workers only na. who feeds their workers with their own hand. i swear i will not leave when i will meet them…i will….wait wait…why I’m thinking like that. whatever she will do its her life. why I’m affecting with it. who is she to me. only a stranger. Juzt a stranget not even a friend. oh god what’s happening to me. iske saath reh ke mein bhi pagal ho gaya hoon.

then he jerks her all thoughts n looked at Swara who is still sobbing. he tries to console her but she is not stopping crying.Sanky is feeling very bad.
he is not able to see her crying he tries but all his efforts goes in vain.

then he gets up n moves towards the tree bcz he is not able to see her like that. but after sometime her crying sound stop.
She stops crying n Shouts.

Swara: Sanskar

hearing her voice sanky turns. he goes towards her.

Sanskar: what happen Swara.

she points somewhere in the sea.

he moved her gaze towards the sea. n widens his eyes.

Episode End.

Sorry for not posting yesterday. Again sorry for not replying to ur comment. actually bcz of some problem telly updates sites was not opening in my phone. but when it opens they were not accepting my comments.hope u all like it.

Credit to: IREENA

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