A Stranger Is My Love(SwaSan) Episode 5


Swara looks at sanky who is giving her angry glares.

Sanskar: so u were just acting.

Swara: no…wo…i mean ki….

Sanskar: what u think ha i will not understand that ur acting.

Swara: I’m sorry(with fake tears).

Sanskar: now again new drama.

Swara: ok…now I’m truly saying sorry. but it was not my fault. I’m really hungry.

Sanskar: bhooka to me bhi hoon.

Swara: then what should we do now.

Sanskar: we r left with no option. hame coconut se hi kaam chalana padega.

Swara: thank u sanskar.

Sanskar: no i should say this to u.

Swara:i didn’t understand.

Sanskar: bcz u r going to climb tree na so thank u.

Swara: hoh…who told u.

Sanskar: what do u mean by this. there is no need u r hungry na.

Swara: this tree is so big.

Sanskar: so what ur also big na.

Swara: but u r more bigger than me na. wait a minute u r copying my dialogues.

Sanskar: bcz ur copying mine.

Swara: mein kisi ki copy nahi karti.

Sanskar: jhuti.

Swara: I’m not jhuti.

Sanskar: may be. we will decide later. now i can’t control my hunger. go n get the coconut fast I’m waiting.

Swara: how can i climb the tree.

Sanskar: why not.

Swara: bcz I’m wearing a frock na. do u want me to climb the tree in this frock.

Sanskar feels embarrassed.

Sanskar: ok i will climb the tree.

hearing this Swara’s face glows up. she gets exited n hugs sanskar tightly.

Swara: Thnk u..so much sanskar.I’m really happy.

she breaks the hug n tightly kisses Sanky on his cheek.

this was the biggest shock for sanky. he couldn’t believe what happen  right now. he was confused.    

but then came to his sense by the voice of swara.

Swara: Sanskar i can’t climb. plz u do it na I’m really very hungry.

Sanskar then realizes that it was his dream.he smiles at himself.
then watches swara who is looking at him questioningly. n he composes himself.

Sanskar: why r u looking at me like this.

Swara: thinking about ur wife.

Sanskar: what?

Swara: bcz i heard n experienced when we think about our love na then we smiles unknowingly.

Sanskar: u think too much. n I’m nt married.

Swara: then u will have girlfriend.

Sanskar: no I’m single.

Swara: really i can’t believe. a hot person like u is single.

Sanskar blushes a little bit bit then again gets angry listening to her.

Swara: koi mili nahi ya kiai ne bhao nahi diya.

she laughs loudly. Sanskar gets angry but melts seeing her laughing.he stares at her lovingly.she sees him watching her.

Swara: don’t look at me like this otherwise…..she comes close to him n whispers in his ears…tumhe mujhse pyaar ho jayega.

n again laughs loudly. Sanky is embarrassed but also blushing. he doesn’t know whats happening. whenever he thinks about her he smiles unknowingly. he was confused with his own feelings.

Swara: oh….lover boy…kahi pyaar to nahi ho gaya.

Sanskar: pyaar tumse my foot.

Swara: oh…what do u mean by this…..am i not preety….

he looks at her.

Swara: ok…u look into my eyez. isn’t it beautiful.

he looks at her eyes. he is lost in her eyes. they r beautiful. he can easily see her innocence, her childishness,everything about her he can get a clear image of her in her eyes.

Swara: u know my ramukaka always says that I’m really beautiful. n my eyes r so preety.

he was staring at her with love. but soon realizes his state n composes.

Swara: Oh shit….we forget.

Sanskar: what ?

Swara: arey… u were going to climb the tree na.

Sanskar: oh ya.

they reaches beneath the tree.

Swara: so r u ready.

Sanskar: ya..

Sanskar moves forward he keeps his one leg on the then the other.slowly slowly he is climbing.swara is cheering him but it was just irritating to Sanskar.

Sanskar: will u stop shouting my name.

Swara: I was just cheering u.

Sanskar: no u r irritating me.

Swara: bhalai ka toh zamana hi nahi raha.

Sanskar: kuch kaha tumne.

Swara: ya i will not talk to u.

Sanskar: that’s better.

after so many struggles he reaches to the top. both gets happy as if they won a world war.

Swara starts jumping like a kid.Sanky smiles. he then threw a coconut down.m starts to leave down. Swara catches the coconut n starts laughing loudly.
she shakes the coconut but there is no sound of water. she again shakes it but no sound.then she shouts..

Swara: Sanskar

Sanskar who is coming gets scared listing to her shouts. in that process his hands get slip n

episode end

i think it’s not short. if yes then tell me. thanks for all who reads my ff. love u all silent readers too. bcz i too feel it is not possible to comment on each n every episode. but I’m seeing ur response keep supporting like this.

Credit to: IREENA

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