A Stranger Is My Love(SwaSan) Episode 4

SwaSan saw at that side n gets happy.

there was a one coconut tree.both runs towards the tree. but Sanskar stops at the middle. Swara goes towards the tree but didn’t find sanky so she turns n finds him standing behind n thinking something. she goes towards him.

Swara: arey…..why u stop in middle. don’t u feel hungry.

Sanskar: I’m but how can we eat it.

Swara: i know is se hamara pet nahi bharega but atleast we will get a support.

Sanskar: that’s not the problem.

Swara: listen if u don’t want to eat na then ok. but I’m hungry i will eat.

Sanskar: achha then tell me how will u eat.

Swara: hoh…don’t u know how to eat…so sad….but wait I’ll teach u.

Sanskar: ok teach me.

Swara: ok….first take coconut in ur hand.

Sanskar: ok…but where is coconut.

Swara: on the tree.

then she realizez that the coco nuts r on the tree. she looka at sanky helplessly.

Sanskar: so miss. Swara Gadodiya how can we eat it.

Swara: by climbing the tree.(innocently)

Sanskar: oh…so what r u waiting for.

Swara: i should ask this question.

Sanskar: i didn’t understand.

Swara: u r going to climb na .

Sanskar: what n who told u.

Swara: what do u mean by who told u. there is no need of it.

Sanskar: oh hello….I’m not going to climb any tree.its too big.

Swara: so what….u r also very big na.

Sanskar: whatever u say but I’m not going to climb it. n turns.

Swara(in mind): yeh zidddi aasani se nahi manega. hmmm..let me think.Shona think something how can u convince him to climb. then she gets idea.
She bends in his knees n starts crying loudly.He turns listening to her. as soon as she saw him turning. she acts as she is fainting.n falls on the sand. sanky sees her n rushes to her. he sits near her.he pats her cheeks. shakes her but she was not opening her eyes. he gets tensed.

Sanskar: oh shit…she is not even opening her eyes what should i do. this all happen bcz of u Sanky. ur responsible fir her situation.

Swara sees him cursing himself n smiles in heart n continuous her acting. she opens her eyes slightly. sanky sanky this.

Sanskar: Swara…Swara…plz wake up. plz yaar.I’m sorry plz open ur eyes.

Swara: pa..p…a..ni….pan..nii.

Sanky: pani. wait I’ll bring it.

he gets up n thinks.

Sanksar: wait but where will i get the water. there is only sea water. n i can’t give her sea water.

Swara wonders what he is thinking.

Swara(in mind): i know what must he is thinking. he is thinking how will he get water. Shona he wont think about coconut water. u only have to tell him.

Sanky is lost in his thinking then he again hears Swara’s voice.

Swara: ppanni…nnaaarrial ppani.

Sanky listened to her n thinks.

Sanakar: are haa i forget about coconut. thank god she rememberd. but wait how she know. she is unconscious na.

then he saw she is watching him through corner of her eyes.n he understood it’s her drama.

Sanskar: accha bachhu… playing game with sanskar.now u see what will i do n smirks.

Sanskar also starts to act n talks with himself loudly that she cn hear her.

Sanskar: ya i forget about coconut.

Swara smiles victreously.

Sanskar: but who will clime the tree let it be i have another plane.

Swara thinks: what plane. what he is talking about.

Sanskar: i will give her sea water. although she needs water na whether it is from coconut or sea.

Swara widened her eyes.

Swara(in mind): what the hell.is he really going to give me sea water. he is truly dumb. I’m giving him hints but this man.

Sanky goes towards sea. he took some water in his palm n moves towards Swara. seeing him coming towards her she gets tensed. he comes near to her. he aits near her n calls her name.

Sanskar: Swara see i bring water for u. drink it u will better.

n starts to take his hands towards her face. she is really very tensed. n now she cannot continue her Drama. so she gets up n shouts loudly.

Swara: Stop it.

Sanskar(act): arey swara…why u wake up…..plz again lie on the sand i will make u drink water than u wake up ok.

Swara: r u mad. how can u give me sea water.

Sanskar: u only told to give water….now come on drink it.

Swara: shut up. i told u to give coconut water.

Sanskar: ya…but water is water na….whatever it is from sea or coconut.

Swara: mad man….how can u even think like that.

Sanskar: how much u talk…just telax u r still weak. come na drink it.

Swara: I’m all ok.nothing happened to me. i was just acting.

she then realized what she said n looks at sanky who is giving her angry glares.

episode end


Sorry guyz for short update. I’m busy hope u like it. thanx for those who gives there precious time to comment.also silent teaders hope u also like the story

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