A Stranger Is My Love(SwaSan) Episode 3


Recap: How SwaSan reached there. their introduction.

Next Morning.

Both were seeping in sitting position.

Sun rays falls on both of them. it disturbs Sanskar’s sleep. but it doesn’t affect our sleeping beauty. she is sleeping peacefully. Sanskar gets up n watches Swara sleeping. he wonders.

Sanskar(himself): how can a girl sleep so peacefully when she is lost in island with a stranger. she is impossible. but now i have to wake her up. otherwise she will sleep like kumbhkaran.

he goes towards her. n calla her name.

Sanskar: Swara….Swara…plz wake up…it’s morning. we have to search a way to get out of here.

Swara: no response

Sanskar: Swara….utho yaar. we don’t have time.

Swara: no response.

Sanskar: he shakes her by her shoulder….. hey kumbhkaran wake up.

Swara(in sleep): I LOVE YOU.

Sanky is shocked what she is saying. but then realized she is saying this in sleep.he again tries to wake her up. but fails. so he thought of a mischievous plane.

he holds her into his arm n takes her near the sea. n puts her down near the sea waves. the waves comes n makes her full wet. bcz of the sudden force of waves she wakes up n shouts

Swara: tsunami…..tsunami.

she gets up n was continuously shouting she looked at sanskar who was controlling his laughter. n says

Swara: arey stupid run from here tsunami is coming.

she says him n runs from there n then stops. She stops n looks back. she again looked at sanky who was laughing uncontrollably by holding his stomach. she goes near him.

Swara: oye…instead of saving ur life. u r laughing here like a mad person.

Sanskar: still laughing…..u r totally crack. how can u imagine such a things……oh god i can’t control my self.

Swara: who told u to control….n stares at him.

Sanskar: do u said something.
Swara bites her lips n said nothing.
They keeps on walking but didn’t found any way to get out from here. They both became pale.Bcz of hunger n tiredness. After some time both stop n decided to take some rest then they will continue their journey.they both sit on the white sand.
Sanskar: yaar I’m so tired.
Swara: without full concentration….me too.
Sanskar: is there anything wrong.
Swara: no..nothing.
Sanskar: ok
They both were sitting.sanky watches swara is uncomfortable.she is not sitting properly.
Sanskar: Swara what happen to u. ur behaving very strange.
Swara: no….I’m fine.
Sanskar:don’t lie.
Swara: wo actually I wanna go for pee.
Sanskar: what! Then go why r u telling me.
Swara:u only said to tell that’s why I told.
Sanskar: so what don’t u have brain what to say or what not.
Swara: one second…I already told u that.but u were insisting me.
Sanskar realizez there is nothing in dragging the topic.
Sanskar: ok I’m sorry….now will u go or not.
Swara: but where should I go.
Sanskar: yeh bhi mujhe batana padega.
Swara: ok I’m going.
She left sanky was sitting there thinking how to go oit from here.after some time Swara too came.n they again started their journey.
Sanskar: Swara what do u think. How will we get out from right.
Swara: hmmm…first take right than go straight n then left then right n after some time u will reach ur destination.
Sanskar: what u saying.r u mad.
Swara: I think u r mad. How would I know how to get out of this bhoolbhoolaya.
Sanskar: its useless to talk to u. whenever i ask u anything. Tum hamesha uska jawab ulta hi deti hon.
Swara: ok sorry….actually I’m not stubborn but bcz of the situation I’m behaving like that. U know I’m really hungry.
Sanskar: really I’m also hungry. But what will we get here to eat.
Swara: lets search.
They both keeps on searching. But they didn’t found anything.it’s been more than 1day. They r stucked in the island.both r looking helpless. Bcz tiredness, hunger, stressetc.
While walking Swara notices something n shouts his name.
Swara: Sansarr(shout)
Sanskar too looked at that side. Both gets happy.

Episode End

PRECAP:Releave From Island.

Thanx for all the readers who reads my ff.thank you so much I’m happy seeing ur response. Keep surporting like this.

Credit to: IREENA

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