A Stranger Is My Love(SwaSan) Episode 2


recap: two strangers met in a island.girl’s childish talks.their fight n both went in opposite direction.

Episode 2

both went in opposite direction.

Boy:(to himself) who the hell she is. what she think about herself.this much attitude.i helped her n she is saying stupid, buddhu, dumb head.i mean really. she is totally cracked yaar.first she thinks we r dead.n when she realize we r alive she put the whole blame in my self.he keeps on blabbering.

Girl’s side

Girl(to herself): oh God! why u do this to me? what i have done I’m so Innocent. why y sent me to this island.its so scary. n that man he was so dumb. how can he think we r dead, Stupid. he doesn’t know how to talk to a beautiful girl. first he fights with me n then left me alone. soon its going to be night. doesn’t he know I’m scared of darkness.

Boy’s POV

yaar! what should i do now.where should i go. i have to go from here as soon as possible.i can’t leave here.

he keeps on walking

then he thinks about that girl.

where she has gone? she is irritating but how can i leave her alone. she is a girl. what is she doing now.it’s not safe for her.i should search for her. Chal beta shuru hoja.

he says n went to the opposite direction where the girl went.

Girl’s POV

oh my God! it’s so scary. I’m alone here. mamma papa I’m missing u plz take me from here.

she sits in her knees n starts crying.

then someone from back puts hand on her shoulder. she gets scared she don’t know what to do.she was crying silently. she closed her eyes in fear then she again open her eyes listening to the voice.

Boy: hey overconfident why r u crying.

she realize he is the same boy who met her before. She turns n looked at him. he was feeling sad seeing her crying.

Boy: hey why r u crying?

Girl: bcz i love this place.(in anger)

Boy: what!

Girl: stupid. is it a question. why somebody cries.

Boy: hmmm…why(teasingly)

she gets irritated.

Girl: ur really mad.I’m crying bcz I’m missing my mamma papa.

Boy: jhuti….just say na clearly that ur sacred.

Girl: oh hello I’m not scared of anything.I’m very brave.

Boy: oh really then why u were saying I’m very scared plz take me from here.

Girl:woh..woh..i was praying for u.

Boy: what for me.

Girl: yes actually God listen to my prayers instantly so i wished him. bcz if i get rescued then u will also get rescued na i know ir scared.

Boy: oh plz stop giving ur silly reasons to me.

Girl: whatever but its true.

Boy: ok…now shall we leave.

Girl: where?

Boy: don’t know. let’s search for a good place so we can sleep there.

she nodes.they starts seraching. after walking some distance they found a place. there were some big stones.it was enough for the two to sleep.

Boy: ok now we have to sleep on this stone.

Girl: what? but i can’t sleep here.
its too hard.

Boy: to tumhe kya lagta hain tumhe yahan makmal ka bed mile ga.

Girl: kash.

Boy: listen if u don’t want to sleep then don’t sleep bit don’t irritate me.

Girl: no no i have to take my beauty sleep.

Boy: then sleep silently.

Girl: ok.

both goes to separate stones n leans to it.they tried to sleep but sleep was far away from them.

Girl: hey r u sleeping.

Boy: ha I’m in deep sleep.

Girl: oh sorry…then realize …lier ur awake na.

Boy: what u think.

Girl: ir awake.

Boy: then why r u asking me.

Girl: i was just confirming.

Boy: now ur conformation is done so can i sleep.

Girl: ya….actually I’m not getting sleep.

Boy: now what happen.

Girl: actually na i have habit.

Boy: what.

Girl: when I’m scared na then i sleep in my mamma papa’s lap.

he rolled his eyes.

Boy: so what ur not scared na.

Girl: no woh actually yes.

Boy: but someone was there who was saying he is not scared of anything.

Girl: u r making fun of me na.

Boy: oh sorry.. but so what should i do.

Girl: i don’t know.but u sleep I’m not sleeping.

he gets sad.

Boy: hmmm….I’m also not getting sleep.

Girl: really.

Boy: yes….so what should we do.

Girl: hmmm….we will talk about eo.

Boy: ok….its starts with u.

Girl: ok…so I’m a girl.

Boy: really mujhe to pata hi nahi tha.

Girl: shut up…ok I’m only daughter of my parents. they love me so much.my father’s name is Shekhar Gadodiya n my mother is sharmishtha gadodiya. my father is a big business man in India. I’m 20 yrs old.i have two best friends. i also love them.everyone called me shona.

Boy: oh so ur name is shona.

Girl: no my name is….oh u didn’t tell me ur name.first tell me ur name.

Boy: ok…I’m Sanskar.Sanskar Maheshwari.

Boy: I’m Swara Gadodiya.

Sanskar: n now tell me how do u reached here.

Swara: woh na i came to world tour with my friends. but someone kidnapped me.

Sanskar: oh…then

Swara: they were taking me to somewhere but the car fell in the sea. then i remember i fell in water.after that i don’t remember anything.

Sansakar: hmmm….may be u came here by floating.

Swara: now tell me how u came here.

Sanskar: actually i came with my friends to another island. but i told them that i will come with another boat. but my bad luck i lost the path n i came here.(a small boat which runs through machine we saw in film.i don’t know its name.)

Swara: over smart.

Sanskar: what did u say.

Swara: nothing.

they keeps on talking n after some time they slept.

Sorry guyz i know it’s a bring part. actually i was out of ideas what to write so i write something which is very boring.sorry if u don’t like the chapter.

Credit to: IREENA

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