A Stranger is my love (Swasan) episode 1


hey guyz its Ireena. its my another ff.hope u like it. ppz support me.it is the story of two strangers.

so lets start.

we can see a island.it is a quite big island. the sound of waves of sea is sounding clearly. there r so many trees. n the fresh air is making the island more beautiful.

Near the sea a girl is lying like a lifeless body.no movement nothing.She is fully drenched in water.no one is there.

Just then a boy comes there n saw the girl.he goes towards her. he watches her unconscious.he tries to wake he up but all his efforts goes in vain.

he pats her shoulder, her cheeks but no response.he becomes tensed.

then he goes towards the sea n takes some water in hand n goes towards the girl.he pour some water on her face.then he again pats in her cheeks.n tries to remove water from her mouth.

he then saw some movement in her. her eyelids r moving. she slowly slowly opens her eyes.

Everything around her is blur for her. the boy sees her n ask.

Boy: r u fine?

she looked at his side.she is able to see a boy but couldn’t see his face clearly.she gets up n still trying to see his face n was rubbing her eyes to get a clear veiw.she starts coughing badly he rubs her back to calm her down.she stops coughing n now she can see the boy clearly.

she is mesmerized by his look.his deep brown eyes she just wanted to stare into his eyes lifetime.

just then something strikes in her mind.she looked at him n then at her surrounding.

Girl: Am i dead?

the boy gets confused.

Boy: what, r u saying.

Girl: i know I’m dead n this is heaven. n ur also dead.

n she starts crying loudly. the boy is hell confused what to do.this girl is mad.

Boy: no listen to me…

but she cuts him

Girl: how can god do this to me. I’m so young, i have to do so many thinks in life.

Boy:(in mind)..is she mad. why do she thinks that she is dead n not even listening to me.how should i tell him that she is alive but what she is doing here in this island.if i ask her now she will not answer me first i should make her understand that she is alive.

his thought interputed by her voice,

Girl: oh God! why did u do this to me.what wrong i have done to u. my parents will be very sad after knowing about my death.who will took care of them.my studies. i have not done anything yet.

she was continously crying in her childish tone.the boy was seeing her n thought to tease her.

Boy: yes ur right how can he do this with us. but what to do its our fate we can’t change it.but u can share ur wishes with me. i can understand ur pain.

Girl(while sobing): ha ur right. but I’m missing my family, my friends.my home.

Boy: hmmm….but u have to forget them u can never meet them.

Girl: yes… u know what I’m so young.i don’t have any bf.

he widened his eyes.she looked at him.

Girl: i know u won’t believe.a beautiful girl like me don’t have any bf. but it’s true.i got so many proposers but at that time i was not interested.

Boy: really!

Girl: n ha i also want to marry someone whom i love the most.n i always dream to have two kids.

he again looked at her in disbelief. he couldn’t believe how can a person be so childish.

Boy: u want 2 kids.

Girl: ya actually i want 4 but when our PM said “bachhe do hi achhe” then i changed my mind.

Boy: oh….so sad….u sacrifice ur wish for country.

Girl: hmmm….but now see na i can’t make wishes complete.

and again starts crying.n was continuously rubbing her eyes.
he melts seeing her crying.

Boy: hey listen don’t cry. ur a strong girl.

Girl: i know that I’m very strong. but what is the use of it now.

Boy: (to change the topic)hey lets go for a walk.

she looked at him n nodes.both were walking.just then she falls down.n gets hurts at her knee blood starts to flow(little bit) she screames.

Girl: aahhhhh

the boy turns to see her.n runs to her.

Boy: is it paining.

Girl: what a stupid question is it can’t u see blood is comi..

she stops n realized blood is coming.but she dead n thinks again pinches herself.she felt pain. n she screams.this made him shocked.why the hell she is screaming.

Boy: why r u shouting?

Girl: arey buddhu can’t u see blood is coming.n gets happy.

Boy(in mind):I’m sure she is mad.before a minute she was screaming in pain n now getting happy.oh god plz save me.

Boy: ya i can see but why r u laughing.

Girl: arey yaar blood is coming that means I’m alive.I’m not dead. n u r too alive.we r alive.yippeeeee

Boy: really.( acts as he didn’t know that)I’m so happy.

Girl: ya but ur so stupid.

Boy: how can u say that.

Girl: yes u r how can u say that ur dead.

Boy: oh hello when did i said I’m dead.

Girl: hoh…lier.

Boy: what lier I’m a lier.

Girl: yes ur a lier. u said me that we r dead.

Boy: oh when did i said that u were the one who was thinking that we r dead.

Girl: hello u told me n i believed u.

Boy: achha i said. but why u believed me ha.

Girl: bcz i thought ur a nice person.

Boy: who told u I’m a nice person.

Girl: i thought by myself.

Boy: accha tumhara dimag itna chalta hain to meri baat aise hi kyon maanli.

Girl: don’t doubt on my brain. it runs very fast.not like ur dumb head.

Boy: achha so ur brain gives speed of 4G.so plz tell me whats the monthly plane for ur recharege.so next time i will chose that plane then my brain also runs like u .

Girl: how mean u r.go i don’t wanna talk to u.

Boy: what do u think I’m dying to talk to u.

Girl: yes

Boy: what.

Girl: all boys dies to talk to me but i ignore them.

Boy: ur so overconfident. but I’m not that type of guy who follows u.

Girl: whatever.

Boy: oh really then now listen I’m going don’t follow me.

Girl: u just go to ur way I’m not scared of anything.i know karate.

Boy: jhuti….(he says n leaves)

Girl: I’m jhuti wait I’ll show u.

but stops n thinks what he said n moves in opposite direction.
saying this they both leave in opposite direction.

Precap :”how they reached their”

so this is the the first chapter hope u like it. in next episode i will reveal who r they n how they reached their.

Credit to: IREENA

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