Stranger … Friend .. Lover.. Stranger.. Couple… OS

Hi friendsssss … Im new here… Im writting a shot of zindki ki mehek.. I love their jodi very much.. Hope u all like pls comment ..

Tears fall from eyes..
Its a beach side .. A girl is sitting in a chair n crying louldly…
Why he left me .. What I did ? I love him , care him.
I think he also love me so he marry me .. But I’m wrong if he loves me he never leave me in this marriage day..
She again cry loudly.. .

A man come towards her n sat beside her.
Man : hey, whts happen ? Why r u crying?
She didn’t give any reply..
Man : if u have any prblm u can share with me..
Girl : no.. Pls leave me alone.. I want to sit alone n spend all life alone n criesss…
Man : we don’t know each other .. Its not a fact to share things to me.. I know ur sad … If I can help u definitely I will help u…
Girl wipe her tears..
Girl : I love a person.. He also love me .. Today is our marriage.. But he leave me .. Such a idiot.. He never loves me.. He insulted my family also….
Man : how u both met ? Love ?
If u can tell me.
Girl : we met in Mumbai…..
I’m studying MBA…we all goes rk red chilly restaurant for training.. He is the owner of the restaurant..
But first we all didn’t met him..
He is too busy.. Manager talk to us.. They told us different recepies n give us 1 hour… All made their own dishes.. I also done. Its serving time.. at that time I first met him.. He comes towards me n taste my dish .. n congragulate me.. n give me gift…
We met accidently many times.. I think its all accident case.. But that’s all his creation he is following me from that day..
from STRANGERwe become FRIEND… After many metting we feel bond between us.. We named as LOVER We love each other.. After love we decided to marry.. But our prblm start from there.. He is rich family n I’m a middle class family.. In all ritual his family insulted me.. Today also happen that.. one of his family insulted my family.. I can’t bear this anymore.. I shout at him . he leave me for ever..I’m alone for ever.. All end
We become STRANGER from LOVER
She again start crying..

Man : that’s not his prblm.. All man love his family more than anything.. He want tym to change na.. U should give that…
The girl gets angry n look at that man.. She gets shocked…
Man : mehek I’m sorry.. I can’t live without u.. Even I can’t even breath without u..after u leave the marriage hall I recognize that..
Mehek : shaurya.. Why r u playing prank on me.. U r here n joking at me asking our love story n hit him

Shaurya : woo.. I think if u remember our love then u surely return to me..
Mehek : I never want to return to u..
Pls leave me alone go back n live with ur family..
Shaurya : Sry laddu.. U teach me to love family.. Now u doing like this..
Mehek : haaa.. I taught to love family.. now also I’m not against that.. But u see na . how maami insult my family..
n u also said nothing.. Its make me angry..
Shaurya : I’m sry mehek .. I’m silent for Vicky.. U know na last tym happen … I sent mami out house . its badly affect Vicky.. n a good news for u Vicky itself sent maami from house.. Now come with me.. All r waiting for us..

Mehek : no u go .. I never come n start leaving..
Suddenly shaurya hold mehek hand n pull her toward him n kiss her.. His lip meet her lip .. Mehek firstly shocked.. Finally she also respond.. Fascinating.. They break their kiss. Mehek about to leave.. Shaurya take her in arms n start to leave to mandap..
Mehek : heyy stop there.. How u can take me . u n me strangerss.
Shaurya : when we kissing we r not strangers na?
Mehek blushes..
Mehek : woo u didn’t give tym..
Shaurya : then now I want to kiss u .. Can I..
Mehek blushes….

Mehek : shaurya. I’m Sry..

shaurya: I LOVE U TOO

Mehek hug shaurya..

Shaurya : now we become COUPLE from STRANGER..
They laugh each other……

The end .

Hope u all like it. Its a short story.. Im new here . I’m really love mehek n shaurya.. pls read n support me..

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  1. A short and sweet love story…I loved it karthu.

  2. Cute love story.Stangers to friends .Friends to lovers .Lovers to strangers.finally strangers to couple.Loved it girl.

  3. I love it……
    Very nice…

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