The stranger (Chapter 6)


Chapter 6
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okay nw back to the story..

Lucky:uu knw wat till tdy mrng im thought u wer half psycho nw i hv realised u r full psycho
Ragini:wat else do u expext frm a sister whose brother is a psychiatrist??
Laksh:well if the sister is uu thn ur bro himself myt hv needed a psychiatrist
Ragini:that was really mean…
Before Laksh could say smthng his phone rings….its Swara…
Laksh:hi baby..tsup??
Ragini in mind:baby??he’s so cheap…he’s talking to his gf while i’m ryt infront of him….such an idiot stupid flirt
laksh continues talking
Ragini gts super jelous thinkin he myt b toking to his gf….

At the shooting…
Swara looks at the card tht fell frm Sanky’s pocket
“sanskar”she murmurs….
Swara’s pov
it has his no on it…..should i try tok to him…!!hes gonna tk me as a sl*t or b*t*h…should i just ignore ths feeling n lt it go???or should i txt him….
My mind was fully messed up but thn it finally cm up wid an idea…
I hurriedly took my phone n made a new IG account…
I thought wat fake name should i use thn i gt it “Helly shah”omg i ddnt knw tht i culd cm up wid such beautiful names…
Next i searched fr Sanskar Maheshwari…..n thr he was my first crush ….i followed him n wshd he culd reply me too…

At Sanskar’s ofc
Sanskar’s pov…
As i was busy gtn over the hangover due to all the drinks the previous nyt i suddenly felt vibration on my phone which i hd placed in my pocket….i took it out n saw a new notification “a new follower”i checked it n it was a cmpltly unique name “Helly shah”
i already hd 19k followers n wasnt myb expecting anymore…..but ths one had turned me on
i followed her back n went directly to check her dp…to my amazement she was only following me n i was her only follower….there was no any pic nor any info abt her…suddenly i gt her message
Helly:hw r uu??
Sanskar:sorry!!!do i knw uu???
Helly:well wid the way ik uu i guess uu do….but despite tht i rly aint sure
Sanskar:well ths makes me feel lyk myb uu do knw me….n myb i do too
Helly:well sort of tht

Swara’s pov
his replies made me feel butterflies in my tummy….omg i cnt just blv tht im formally toking to him finally….just thn i gt his reply
Sanskar:so is ths ur real name??
I wsh i culd tl him its me swara
Swara:it is….any doubt??
Sanskar:no i mean….i nvr hd known anyone wid this name
Swara:hahaha!!well i was just kiddin….we dnt knw each othr i just saw ur name in suggestions n wen i opened ur account i found u abit attractive
sanskar:so thts y u txted me huh???
Swara:well myb tht or thrs smthng more u nvr knw….
Sanskar:haha….i dnt thnk if there’s evr gng to b anythng else…
N ohhhh he went offline….shit i wonder wat he thought….

At the ofc
Ragini is vry pissed abt the previous convo of laksh with his gf(which is actually swara)she totally ignores Laksh…..he actually notices ths
Laksh:wat hapnd to uu chatterbox??
Ragini fumes more…
Ragini:my name is Ragini
Laksh:aka chatterbox
she gvs him a deadly glare..
Laksh:wats wrng Ragini???
She dsnt reply…..
Laksh thnks n gts an idea…
Laksh in a loud tone:Ragini wer is Mr.Mehra’s file u r so careless….n wer r Mr.Singhania’s project papers….Omg u girls r too much..
Ragini stands angrily n goes to him…she leans against him n nw thy r just an inch far frm eachother…
Laksh:r u planning to rape me??
she moves away…..
She looks around fr Mr.mehra’s file which was placed ryt beside the lamp on Laksh’s table…she cups his face n makes him look at the file…
Laksh:owww….sry i was asking about Mr.Singhania’s project ….
She angrily stares at him cz the project papers wer already wid him…in his hand
Ragini:Sir u need an optimist….ur blind n by the tym on my watch i thnk it my tym to go home…
She tks her stuffs n leaves making faces…

Precap:Swasan second chat…..Raglak’s unintentional kiss

Credit to: Albina

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