The stranger (Chapter 5)

Chapter 5
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okay nw lts gt back to the story…

At the parking lot
Laksh holds Ragini by her waist n blocks her mouth…n she gts hell shocked
Laksh:r u mad?y dd u shout?tl me y r uu quite..
She removes his hand wich he used fr blocking her mouth
Ragini:Sir..u had blocked my mouth n asking n asking me y im quite
laksh realises his mistake
Laksh:im sorry..
R:its okay
L:by the way wat r u dng here??
R:i cm here wid my brother
L:oww!!okay thn lets go..

swara is still in Sanskar’s arms…thy r lost in each other n evn forget about the world around…just thn thy hear a car honk n cm to their senses
Sanskar:r u ok??
Swara nods…sanskar smiles n goes inside..
Swara:Shit…i ddnt ask his name…
Just thn Raglak reach thr…but Swara was turning the otherside so Ragini couldn’t recognise her…she looks at laksh
Ragini:Sir i gotta go my bro must b waiting fr me..
Laksh:ok c ya….
Ragini turns on the otherside to leave n Swara turns…
S:Laksh i met tht guy again….
Laksh:which guy??
S:the one i was tlng uu about…
L:oh…so wer is he thn??
S:he left already….seems lyk he ddnt recognise me…
L:nvr mind…lts go inside

its a mask theme party
all boys r wearing the same tym of suits n Swara was so confused she ddnt understand hw she wuld find her Mr.Stranger…
Just thn music plays Laksh recognises Ragini by her dress..he goes to her..
Ragini is talkin to Sanskar thy both r wearing Masks….Laksh taps on her shoulder..Rags turns
L:may i hv a dance with uu??
Ragini looks at sanky n he signs her to go..
Ragini looks at Laksh n nods yes(guys she ddnt recognise laksh yt)
Raglak go on the dance floor..n soon evryone joined except Swasan…thy both sat in different directions..

Laksh kept one of his hand around her waist n she kept one of her hand on his shoulder…n other hand on his hand….it was a slow music
L: Ragini…
Ragini recognised his voice
L:u r looking vry gorgeous
Ragini had now turned pink…
R:thanks Sir…
L:we r nt in the ofc…so u cn call me Laksh
R:okay sir….i mean Laksh…
He laughs n pulls her closer nw thy r just an inch away frm each other…thy continue n ths tym Ragini couldn’t look into his eyes…she had turned red as laksh continues Staring at her….
The music continues
Swara cms to the place wer Sanskar is n orders a drink…but thy both couldn’t recognise each other….
The brings a drink…Swara smiles
waiter:Ma’am y rnt u dancing??
Swara:i dont hv a partner….evryone gt a once except-
Sanky:except us
Waiter:Sir,Ma’am u two together r gonna make a couple…so uu both got partners now u cn dance
Swara:i don’t mind
Sanky:neither do i
thy both go on the dance floor
she keeps her hand around his neck n he keeps his hands around her waist..he looks into her eyes n recalls Previous afternoon…those eyes
Sanskar:r u Swara??
Swara:ya…but hw dd u knw??
Sanskar:well i just guessed
Swara:seems lyk u knw me too well..
Sanskar:well true…i knw uu more thn hw i shuld…
Swara:thn i thnk i knw u too..u r the same guy hu gv me lift in the afternoon ryt??
Sanskar:well u r more genius than hw i expected
Swara:r u a psychiatrist or smthng??
Sanskar:u r a genius…
Swara:well fortunately i knw tht
he smiles n pulls her closer…
Swara could feel his warm breath against her neck….she could fell 1000 butterflies in her tummy
Sanskar:if u rly thnk u r genius thn guess my name…
Swara thought for a while thn saw a small tattoo on his neck written Sanskar…she thought to pull his leg fr a while..
Sanskar:u r so bad in guessing..
Swara:well lemme try again..
Sanky:no need
Swara:plz Sanskar
Sanskar was shocked n Swara evilly grinned
Sanskar:hw dd u knw??
Swara:well im nt tht bad in guessing
Sanskar smiles…thy share a romantic eyelock
The music stops but thy wer so lost in each other tht thy ddnt evn realise evryone was looking at thm…but Raglak found it awkward so thy went n waved at thm n thts wen thy cm to their senses….
Ufff!!!it was so embarrassing…
Thy both got apart…Ragsan left first…
Swara notices a card fallen frm his pocket she runs n picks it…Laksh gvs her a doubting look..
Laksh:wat dd u pick?
she hides the card…n smiles..

The next day…
Malhotra ofc
Laksh is checking sm file…just thn Ragini enters she’s wearing blue n white combo salwar suit..her hair simply plated she looked vry cute…Laksh gts totally mesmeirised seeing her..but he controls himself….
L:Ragini u r 15 minutes late
R:woh actually Sir-
L:Ragini im rly strict during ofc work ….at sharp 8 u hv to b at work n no excuses or else ill hv to fire uu..
R:im sorry sir..
L:u btr be…nw gt to work ths is gonna be ur place(he pointed to a table opposite to his)im gng out if u hv any problem u cn ask the secretary
R:yes sir
L:ill b ryt back hope u cn take care till thn
R:sir u dnt need to worry about tht ill take care of evrythng…
Laksh leaves…Ragini wonders wat happened to him all of a sudden she gts started working…
At the cafe
Sanskar n Laksh meet…
Thy seat opposite to each other n order coffee..
Sanskar:so Laksh hw cn i help uu??
Laksh:actually Sanskar… isnt about me….its about my sis..she’s two years older thn me she was 15 wen mom passed away….my mom n sis had a very deep relationship…thy couldn’t leave without each other but the thing is tht since my mom passed away she ddnt evn speak a word about….smtyms wen we wake up at nyt we cn hear her cry….since mom has gone she changed alot…
I know she has been hiding smthng n she’s nvr gonna tl us so i need ur help i need u to brng my sis back..
Sanskar:Laksh wat im gng to tl u is srs uu need to understand me alright??in ths kind of situations outsiders i mean smone lyk me cnt help….cn u tlm to whom is she really close??i mean u or ur dad
Laksh:she’s more close to me..
Sanskar:gud thn….u need to gt more close uu need to share more tym with her…understand her n make her realise shes nt alone…n in ths way she cn tl u the truth….
Laksh:it means at night wen i hear her cry i need to go thr n console her
Sanskar:smthng lyk tht..
Laksh:okay…thank uu so much Sanskar….it was great meeting uu..
Sanskar:same here

At the ofc
Ragini cleans everything n starts arranging the files was about to finish just thn Laksh cms inside ….he gts impressed seeing his cabin well arranged…he sees ragini struggling to arrange the file on top…her leg strumbles she screams as she was about to fall but Laksh cms thr n she falls in his arms still screaming..
He blocks her mouth..
L:y the hell do uu evn need to scream r uu mad or smthng???
R:im so sorry….actually i thought i would fall down n break my waist or back bone but i ddnt knw uu wer lyk my Salman khan uu came lyk a spiderman n saved me
he starts laughing n she gts lost in his charm

precap:Swara’s prank on Sanky….Ragini pissed at Laksh…

Credit to: Albina

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