The stranger (Chapter 4)


Chapter 4
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Mwaaaaaaah<3<3 here is the link fr the previous chapters.... Chapter 1 chapter 2 Chapter 3 okay okay lets gt back to the story ladies n gentleman Swara's pov i walked out of the conference hall but couldn't stop thinking about him dammit.....i was trying to wonder wat kind of magic has he done on me ths feeling was different wich was initially making me more n more restless fr meeting him atleast once more .....OMG im gng insane....the driver was waiting fr me outside....i sat in the car...all the way till home the only thing tht crossed my mind was tht stranger....uffffff!!!plz god just erase him frm my soon as i reached home i opened the door hurriedly n ran inside n bump i fell on Laksh who was standing near the stairs....i was shocked Swara:im so sorry lucky... I said ths as i stood n forward my hand fr him hold so tht he wuld hv it as a suppoet to stand....he stood n gv me a "wat the hell look" Swara:i said am sry....dnt gv me tht look... Laksh:smthng is fishy.....urnt okay..r uu?? I looked at him n recalled all tht happened...n i finally realised tht i rly needed to share wid smone wat was gng on wid me....i looked at him n thought wat should i say yes or no....shit man!!ths is gonna make me totally insane n without saying a word i went in my room.....i sat on my bed facing the portrait of my mom....I knew the only person i could share my feelings with was mom.... Swara's pov ends.... Downstairs Laksh was sitting just thn he gts a call ... Laksh:hello.... Sanskar:is ths Laksh?? Laksh:ya but i ddnt recognise uu?? Sanskar:i'm Sanskar PA told me tht u had left a message... Laksh:the psychiatrist ?? tell me hw cn i help uu?? Laksh:i cnt tl uu ths we meet?? Sanskar:ya sure....u cn cm at my office anytym Laksh:no not at office....lts meet at the cafe opposite to the hospital u work at... Sanskar:fine ....tmrw at 11 if u r ok wid it Laksh:ya its okay.....see u thn tmrw.. Sanskar:ok... He disconnects the call....he checks the tym... Laksh:shit...its tym he goes upstairs n enters in Swara's room....she's sleeping on her bed Laksh:Swara,wake up.....we r gtng late fr the party.... Swara opens her eyes n finds Laksh standing thr... Laksh:get ready Swara...we r gtng late. Swara:plz Laksh u nt in mood of gng anywhere... He sits beside her Laksh:baby r u ok?? Swara:Yes okay sachii u go ....ill cm wid uu next tym... Laksh:but remember u had promise me tht uu wont gv me any excuse... He makes a pout face... Swara:ok stop making those happy?? Laksh:thts lyk my girl.. Swara goes to freshen up... Maheshwari mansion Sanskar:Ragu r u ready?? Ragini:yes Sanky.... She cms downstairs wearing a long sleeveless diamond decorated black dress...she wore matching accessories....she looked hot.. Sanskar was wearing casual clothes black trouser,white long sleeved tie with black blazer....he looked so dashing.. Sanskar gv Ragini a doubtful look... Ragini:wat?? Sanskar:r u gng on a date?? Rag:plz Sanky stop pulling my leg.. Sanskar:seriously Ragini u look so gorgeous....if i would've been applying kajal i would've applied kala teeka fr uu... Ragini:Sanky plz stop n lets go we r gtng late... Thy leave... In Malhotra Mansion Swara cms downstairs wearing a long backless black high-low dress with simple silver designing....she wore matching accessories..she vry simply plated her hair with vry light make up...(she knew tht stranger was affecting her so badly)as she stepped down ....She looked evn more s*xy.. Laksh was thr waiting fr her already wearing a black suit with white long sleeved shirt n a black....he looked so handsome .... Thy went to the car...Laksh opened the front door fr her n she sat....he sat on the driving seat n drove off... On the way Ragsan's side.. R:i wanna tl u smthng Sanky.... S:ya say.... R:but before tht plz promise me u won't gt mad at me... S:okay baba...i promise i won't gt made at uu... R:actually i applied fr a job n i gt selected S:Ragini hw many tyms- R:u promised u won't gt mad at me.. S:im nt gtng mad at uu am just trying to explain to uu thr we hv evrythng....we r vry rich so u dnt need to work.. R:i understand Sanky....but still i wanna earn....i wanna know hw middle class ppl leave..Sanskar u also work ryt tho we hv our own business... S:okay leave tht aside....i wanna tl u smthng too... R:really??about wat?? S:today i met swara(he tells her everything)she isn't lyk other celebs....she's so unique... R:seems lyk she's very cool....bdw dd uu ask her for her no.?? S:r u mad??y would she gv her no. to a stranger.. R:u r crazy....thr was nthng wrong atleast u should've tried dumbo....n haven't u heard evrythng is fair in love n war.. S:OMG Rags u r such a pain .... Swalak's side.. All the Swara was all silent she just couldn't stop thinking abt the stranger.. L:bby r u fyn??seema lyk u r lost in some other world... S:Laksh cn i tl u smthng L:ya sure... S:i met ths guy today(she tells him evrythng including wat happened at Khana's ofc)i swear laksh since he dropped me till now it hasn't passed a second wen he ddnt cross my mind....ths guy is making me go insane... L:do u hv a crush on him or smthng?? S:myb i do....or its more thn just a crush L:actually tdy i also met a cmplt insane girl(he tls her abt Ragini)....she's full of life, always smiling....she finds evry reason to b happy..she's smthng... Swara was literally laughing at Wat Ragini dd....omg ths girl seems crazy.. Laksh:she dsnt seem to be...she's crazy. He was smiling as he talked abt her.. S:smone is in love.. L:hell no....She's my PA Baby.. Thy laughed soon both Ragsan n Swalak reached at the party... Ragsan reached first thy parked the car n left but Ragini fgts her purse in the so she goes back at the parking lot while Sanskar waits fr her outside....just thn swalak reach....Laksh drops Swara outside n goes to park the car... Swara slowly starts walking towards the door where Sanskar was standing .... sanskar thnks to go check on Ragini..swara n Sanskar walk towards eachother without noticing Swara bumps into sanskar but he holds her tight by her waist ...thy both gt shocked to see each other At the parking lot Ragini takes n is about to leave just thn she sees a lizard she screams loudly n laksh cms thr...he gts shocked seeing her....but she ddnt see him bcz her eyes r closed n she is still shouting....he's irked he pulls her by her waist n blocks her mouth....she opens her eyes wide n gts shocked seeing him... Precap:swasan n Raglak dance….Ragini’s first day at the ofc……Sanlak’smeeting…..Swara’s convo wid sanky…..

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