The stranger (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3
Ragini:myself Ragini
Laksh :am Laksh….Laksh Malhotra
Ragini:Nyc to meet u sir…
Laksh:same here…
Ragini:okay i thnk i shuld better take a leave…
Laksh:ya sure
Ragini heads to the door n tries to open it but it dsnt….Laksh cms thr n tries too but all in vein….
Laksh calls the secretary but she dsnt pick it ….
Laksh:it got jammed as it got banged hardly….nw it won’t open unless smone opens it frm outside…
Ragini thinks….she looks around n sees a small window…she pulls Laksh’s chair n climbs on it Without Laksh noticing she jumps out of the window n goes to the cabin door…she pushes it n it opens Laksh gts shocked to see her out..
Laksh:hw the hell dd u reach out
Ragini:frm tht window
Laksh laughs
Laksh:u hv a great sense of humour…by the way im gng home too shall i drop uu??
Ragini:thanks sir…but i gt my scooty so ill go on it…
Laksh:okay thn miss Ragini we wl meet tmrw sharp 8
Ragini:done Sir…
She leaves…..Laksh smiles at her childishness….

on a pace road
Swara’s car broke down…
Swara:shit man!!ths car has a very bad timing….n there’s so much mud here i cnt go on foot…oh God!!i also hv to meet Mr.Khana if i gt lt he wl gv the contract to smone else n i cnt lt ths happen….but cn i evn do…my phone battery is also dead….
Just thn a car cms thr in a full speed n splashes mud on her face.. …..(n guess who’s car it was???ya ryt Sanky’s)
Swara was shocked her face her clothes her shoes dammit.. ….
Sanskar brought the car back….n looked at Swara’s face
saying ths he cm out of the car n went towards Swara…
Sanskar:look Madam am vry sorry…’s a napkin wipe ur face…
Swara wiped half of her face…Sanskar realised her eyes r familiar….as she continued wiping her face looked more familiar now quater of her face was covered by mud…n he knew hu she was
N she looked at him…
Sanskar:OMG I cnt blv it….am i dreaming…or is it really her..
Swara:dd u say smthng??
Sanskar:(in mind:ya i dd…..i said tht I love uu)No i ddnt say anythng
Swara:im done thnx fr the napkin….
Sanskar notices sm mud still left on her cheeks
Sanskar:there is sm left on ur right cheek..
She wipes sm wer else
Sanskar:No…may i??
Swara passes him the napkin….he wipes slowly n she makes faces as he wipes…he smiles
she smiles
Sanskar:No actually am sorry..
Swara:mmhh don’t be…..but in case u still feel guilty u cn do smthng fr me
Sanskar:really n wat is tht??
Swara:actually i had an important meeting but my broke down
Sanskar:n u want me to drop uu where the meeting is gonna happen…actually i dnt mind
Swara:no actually u cn see hw dirty i hv bcm i just hope if u culd drop me at the mall here at the next road…thn frm thr i cn call my bro to cm pick me..
Sanskar:no need of calling ur bro i cn drop u wherever u want….i dnt mind waiting fr uu at the mall once u r done thn ill drop wer u want..
Swara:n y wuld do that?
Sanskar:bcoz i…i mean im ur die hard fan…
Swara:tht wont b a guarantee tht u wl safely take me at my destination….
Sanskar:if i was actually upto smthng thn i would hv done it by now…….by the way u r wasting ur tym im pretty sure u hv to b at ur meeting on tym…
Swara smiles:u hv great sense of humour…
Sanskar:not always i guess……okay lets go
Sanky opened the door fr her n she sat first…thn he sat n drove off…
thy reach at a mall…Swara checks n tries on lots of clothes but lyks non of thm thn finally she notices a hot red short backless dress with red net sleeves
She tries it…
Perfect …she opened her hair n set it..she bought matching accessories n wore on…she looked hot as she stepped out Sanskar was cmpltly mesmeirised he couldn’t notice anythng else..
She cm n sat at the front sit right beside Sanky…..oh god!!!he wshd the tym to stop ryt away n fr thm to b together ths way frvr…
Swara:let’s go
n ths way he gt distracted….he cursed the meeting she was gng….but thn stopped as it was the reason y tdy she was beside him…
Sanskar:ya lets go…
Thy leave…
Swara:do u do ths fr every gal??
Sanky:do wat??
Swara:lyk gvng thm lift n waiting fr thm outside the mall..
Sanskar:well no…..u r vry special coz ths happened fr the first tym wen i gv gal a lift…..i waited fr her outside the mall n now dropping her at her destination
Swara(blushing a bit):was that a compliment
Sanskar:its a fact..well im sure im nt the first one to tl u ths…
Obviously he wasnt…..but she herself couldn’t understand y his words wer affecting her…
Sanskar stops the car…
Sanskar:we r here
As she stepped down…
she turned
Sanskar:u look mind-blowing
she could feel cold breeze gng thru….she was blushing…
She went inside n he left…
In the meeting
Swara’s POV
Y can’t i stop thinking about him??he was just a stranger …..thn wat is ths feeling y cnt i stop thinkin abt him…i dnt evn know him i nvr met him before…i dnt evn know his name…y ddnt i ask him??im such an idiot he helped me n i ddnt evn ask his name….Swara u r such a stupid idiot ….i hate uu

Swara:shut up
all the ppl in the meeting wer shocked….
Swara:im so sorry…..Mr.Khana ill cm tmrw fr ths meeting im nt okay tdy…am sry
She leaves…

Precap:Swasan n Raglak nxt meeting

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