The stranger (Chapter 2)


Chapter 2
in Malhotra Mansion
Swalak enter inside….
Swara:Kaka …..plz keep Laksh’s luggage inside
Kaka:Namaste chhote Malik
Laksh:Namaste Kaka…
Swalak go upstairs….thy enter in a big room which is decorated wid lots of potraits….
Swara goes to a man with age in 50s….he’s wearing a grey shirt with black trouser..he’s Raj Malhotra
S:papa….guess whose here??
Raj:i knw Laksh is here
Swara:thts nt fair papa hw dd u knw??
Laksh:idiot….wen u wer telling kaka so loudly tht Laksh is here thn hw do u expect nt ro here
Swara:papa,,,see he’s calling me idiot..
Raj:Laksh y u calling my princess an idiot??
Laksh:if i won’t tease thn hu wl….
Swara:stop ur melodrama
Raj:by the way hw dd the award function go???
Swara:papa i won the award fr the best actress…see here is the award..
She gvs her dad….
Raj:im proud of both of my Children
he hugs swalak n thy hug him back

in Maheshwari Mansion
Ap dp n Ragsan r sitting at the dinin table fr dinner..
Ragini:Sanskar cn i ask uu a question??
Sanskar:ohho!!!since wen dd u start taking permission bfr asking questions??
Ragini:wats ur problem??
Sanskar:u r my problem…
Ragini:i hate uu sanky….
Sanskar:ok meri maa….i’m sry. U cn ask me whatever u lyk
Ragini:i hv an advice fr uu…
Sanky:ya say…
Ragini:u r a psychiatrist ryt???
Sanskar:ya so???
Ragini:i thnk bfr checking others u need check urself…..
Dp:nw plz just stop it uu two..
Thy quietly hv their dinner n go to their rooms…
Sanskar’s room
Sanskar:God!!!!i love her…i just love her alot plz make me meet her atleast once…plz god plz…

Ragini’s room
Ragini:God…Plz fulfil my brother’s wish make him meet Swara…he loves her alot way more than alot i dnt need anythng else…

Next day
Malhotra Mansion
Swara’s room…
Swara walks out of the washroom n walks to a big Portrait of a woman ….she takes blessing frm it….
Swara :Maa tdy i gt a bigger contract thn bfr…Im a bit nervous i hv a feeling lyk smthng is gonna happen tdy..
Plz maa gv me ur blessings…
She thn goes the cupboard…she takes a grey on cross top wid a black jeans……..she changes her clothes…she wears matching accessories
n steps out of the room…she runs to the dining table
Swara:Kaka im gtng late plz bring my breakfast
Kaka:ok beta
just thn Laksh cms downstairs too…he side hugs Swara n sits opposite to her…
Swara:kaka plz bring Laksh’s bf too
kaka:okay im bringing it ryt away
Laksh:u seem to b in a bit hurry….
Swara:ya Lucky….i hv alot of work to attend…
Laksh:by the way my frnd has thrown a party n has invited Us both so u better be ready ill cm pick u at 9:00
Swara:okay ill…..i thnk bf is taking lot of tym so i btr leave…plz tl kaka to gv my bf to papa instead…
Laksh:eat atleast little
Swara:No laksh….i dnt wanna make anyone wait…
Laksh:fr the first tym i hv seen a celebrity hu dsnt lyk to make ppl wait…
Swara:Laksh…..i knw wat middle class ppl go thru n thats y i dnt wanna hurt any of thm…okay we wl tok later nw i gtg
Laksh:bye babes
Swara:bye hun
She leaves
Laksh smiles n heartedly feels proud of Swara…just thn his phone rings.
The caller:Sir,wl u lyk to take their interview on ur own or shuld i tl the manager….
Laksh:no need of tlng the manager…ill tk it okay…
The caller:okay sir…
Just thn Raj cms….Laksh takes blessings n thy both sit to hv their bf…
Raj:so dd u choose ur PA already??
Laksh:no not yet…..but once i tk their interview ill gt one…
Raj:Laksh i rly needed to talk to uu…
Laksh:about wat papa??
Raj:Laksh…u knw aftr the death of ur mom Swara has nvr tokd to anyone about her….she nvr steps in the kitchen….smthng is disturbing her internally but she dsnt wanna share….smtyms at nyt i hear her crying n i cnt control it but to worry about her…..u need to do smthng to make her speak wats disturbing her…
Laksh:dnt wry Papa….i knw smone hu cn help us…..nw i gotta leave papa…u take care..bye
he leaves

At the office
Laksh starts taking interviews…all gv the interview Laksh dsnt gt anyone hu dsrvs the job…he calls the secretary..
Laksh:if anyone asks fr me tl thm am nt around…
Sec:ok sir..
Just thn Ragini cms running..
Ragini:im sry mam…im vry sorry i cm here fr the interview i thnk im late….plz lemme meet the interviewee plz
Sec:he’s nt around…
Ragini looks around n sees A board
“all cmn fr interviews shuld sit here”thn she sees a cabin beside it
Ragini thinks:i thnk ths is the cabin of the interviewee….
Lemme check….but hw wl i???ths idiot secretary won’t lemme in..
She thinks n gts an idea
she spills a glass of water on the files placed on the secretary’s table…
Ragini:im so sorry
secretary:r u mad??
She starts wiping the files Ragini uses this chance n runs to Laksh’s cabin n Laksh falls down n ragini falls on him the cabin door gts closed n thy gt stucked inside….
Laksh n Ragini r lost in each other but aftr sm secs Ragini cms in her senses so sorry S…sir
By this words Laksh cms in his senses too
Ragini stands followed by Laksh
Laksh:hu r uu??y dd uu cm in without knocking??
Ragini:(she tls,him everything…hws she cm let n the secretary incident)
laksh laughs
Laksh:OMG!!u r crazy but i lyk one thng in uu…u r honest
Ragini:thanks sir…but hu is the boss here??
Laksh:im the boss…
Ragini was shocked
Ragini:(in mind:Shit Ragu wat r u dng??)im sry once again…Sir plz take my interview if u want…sir i rly need ths job
Ragini:plz sir dont do ths to me
Laksh:i meant no need of interview i have already officially appointed uu as my PA…
Ragini:Really Sir….thank uu so much
Laksh:i just hope u won’t break my trust
Ragini:Sir worry out…ill nvr break ur trust…
Laksh:so lts call it a day….u cn start ur work frm tmrw
thy hand shake..

Precap:Swasan first meeting….the party.

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Credit to: Albina

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