The stranger (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1
Hi guys ….
Its Albina here
Im vry sorry but i had to stop writing the haunting truth due to some reasons tht wer out of my control…vry sorry once again…
This is a Swasan n Raglak ff
hope uu guys support me gts tym too…..n sorry to all hu used to love my ff…..n thnk uu so much for all ur supports
love uu<3<3 okay nw lts gt back to the story ...... Kolkata alot of lightings r done outside.....alot of guests r gng inside the hotel...guess wat??there's an award function today i wonder hu is gonna gt the award fr the best actor n actress of 2015.... So r u guys ready to go n check it out on ur own??? Great am excited too... Lets go... Inside the hotel the award function has already started.... Now everyone was silent n excited just lyk uu all.... Host:i would lyk to call on stage Salman khan to gv the award fr the best actress.... Salman walks to the stage n holding mike in one hand n an envelope in the other hand.... Salman:guys hold on ur breaths coz the award fr the best actress in 2015 goes to the most beautiful,sensational,young n gorgeous Swara Malhotra.... Everyone applauds.....a girl cms on stage wearing a yellow simple long sleeved dress....her hair has a rose bun.....she's wearing big round golden earings..golden high heeled sandles.. She steps on the stage with a small curve on her face her smile made the stage more bright as she took the award tears roll down hee cheeks... Swara:good evening evryone am really glad to have ths award i wuld really lyk to thank everyone hu supported me till now....thy say behind evry successful man there's a woman....but behind my sucess there's a man n that man is non other than my dad....thank u so much dad,,love uu audience clap fr her as she steps down the stage.... In a big mansion... A man in btn 20s is seen sitting n watching the award in a flat screen Tv.....he's very happy....a girl cms frm behind girl:Sanskar tum to aise khush ho rahe ho jaise award use nahi tumhe mila ho Sanskar:Ragini yaar uski khushi mein hi meri khushi he... Ragini: she dsnt evn knw tht there's smone called Sanskar in Kolkata who is madly in love wid her.... Sanskar:Ragini plz dnt break my hopes anyways i have faith in my love i knw we r meant to b one... Ragini:Sanky tum pagal ho chuke ho.... Just thn a woman btn 40s cms thr Sanskar holds her hand n makes her sit beside him... Ragini:Mom apka beta pagal ho chuka he..... Sanskar:dekho na maa Ap:kyun mere bete ko tang kar rahi he??? Dp:kyun ki tumharq beta saxh me pagal ho chuka he.. Ragini:thnx dad she hugs dp n makes teasing faces to Sanky Sanskar gts down n starts chasing Ragini... On the other side Swara sits in her car just thn her phone rings she sees the name n a smile appears on her lips...she immediately picks it.. Swara:laksh....stupid tujhe pata he...hw much i missed uu??u r callin me aftr one week idiot....u hv bcm so mean since u went Delhi Laksh:bas baby....itna ghusa mat kar tera BP high hojayega Swara:kuthe u thnk its funny... Laksh:bas kar meri jhansi ki rani Swara:i missed u so much....wen u cmn back?? Laksh:whenever u wuld lyk me to...just close ur eyes n say my name ill b thr... Swara:really?? Laksh:teri kassam... Swara:fyn thn lts try... She cuts the call n closes her eyes... Swara:laksh... Laksh cms thr n stands infront of her...she slowly opens her eyes n gts surprised to see laksh thr she hurriedly hugs him Swara:Laksh....i missed u so much Laksh:i missed u too baby... Swara:thn y ddnt u call me evn once huh??? Laksh:I had called u many tyms but ur phone wasnt reachable n whenever i called dad he used to tlm ur at the shooting... Swara:okay nw lts go home.... Laksh:ya okay... Thy leave precap:Raglak n Swasan first meeting

im sry if u guys ddnt lyk….
Plz leave ur suggestions in the comment box…
Tl the next tym i write
bye take care n love uu all

n more over
to every muslim

Credit to: Albina


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