Stranger Abhigya OS


Pragya is walking on isolated road without any reaction. She recalls Abhi’s words from car to take care of herself and sweet last moments with him before memory loss. Without being aware she walks on edge of bridge losing all hope to be happy in life again. She closes her eyes letting all tears flow she is hiding from many months. She jumps into the water. A guy comes running into the water and brings unconscious Pragya out of water. The guys gives CPR to her and tries to wake her up.
Guy : hello, are you okay? (pats her face)
Pragya coughs little bit and sees blurry vision.
Guy : don’t worry you are safe (smiles)
Pragya wakes and realizes she is saved again by destiny.

Guy : well, you can say thanks to me (says with attitude)
Pragya does not react to his words and angry at her fate for not giving happiness and snatching the right to die. The guy is about to leave but notices the sadness and tears of Pragya’s face.
Guy : it looks like you bit disturbed
” Yes I am not happy with being alive” finally shouts out with much energy she has looking down
The guy is kind of surprised with Pragya’s reaction and seeing her condition
Guy : any problem ?
Pragya : problem? (laughs sarcastically) people create problems by their own but here problems comes to me every time when happiness comes to my door (says with anger)
The guy listens to her plea and tells her to share her feelings.
Guy ; I know its sounds weird but trust a stranger at least for first time, there is saying relieving your heart with stranger is better than someone of your own
Pragya looks up and looks at the person standing in front of her. Deep down she needs somebody to whom she can outpour her feelings.

Guy : its okay, but you know my heart won’t agree to leave a girl helpless like this
Pragya after some silence shares her story with the guy who is bit surprised.
Guy : well I must say your life is like a 1920s story (stand up) and you are old movies actress
Pragya : what are you saying?
Guy : sorry whats your name

Pragya : Pragya (says softly)
Guy : yes, you know in this days girls like you cry and you know why because they put their family and love before their self respect
Pragya gets confused about his words
Guy : you heard it right, this one word has lot of meaning, you know Pragya, I have seen lot of people compromising in their life but never saw somebody playing with their self respect
Pragya : you might not even find one

Guy : there are two ways of revenge, first wrong way which you chose earlier and lot of people do that but at the end of the day they end up losing themselves and second option which very rare people choose is the right way
Pragya : I always chose the right but what happened, punished for the mistake I never did
Guy : well thats because you are emotional towards your enemies, you let take advantage of your weakness easily, remember one thing always listen to your heart and don’t let anybody dominate your mind

Pragya recalls Dadi always let her suffer alone and never let her tell Abhi the truth
Guy : I know love can change people badly, but in all this you are forgetting the important thing is your identity and self respect, once that is gone you will never be able to gain that back
Pragya starts to get determined with his words
Guy : this time don’t take your enemy as your own and chose the right way without putting yourself bad in front of people and get your victory by being yourself rather than becoming anybody else
Pragya : but this all will not bring the memory back of person for whom I doing all this
Guy : person remembers somebody whom he forgets but not the one who resides in his heart
Pragya stands up with regaining her confidence and wipes her tears
Guy : and anyway, in battle Arjun was only guided, he fought his own war (is about to leave)
Pragya : thank you but can I know your name

Guy : if you believe in yourself you will get to know, close your eyes and ask yourself (smiles)
Pragya : but where do I find you Mr
Guy : in your thinking, just close your eyes and remember me
Pragya closes her eyes but the by the time she opens eyes the stranger disappears. She looks around and calls for him but cannot find him. There is note on the ground which Pragya picks up
“”All the best, may victory be yours” your well wisher

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