Hi everyone…… im a huge fan of ipkknd and arshi…. and arshi ff… for the past month i ve been spending around 16hrs a day reading older ffs…. im having my vacations but my mum is rly angry with me for doing nothing else……
A thought have been running in my mind…… just a oneline…. i have no idea how i ll be able pull it out….. just telling u before hand… i wont be able to update this regularly…. not just becoz im lazy…. but becoz i rly rly need to picturize a scene before i can pen it down…. and it is something that happens on its own… the scenes just come own its own i have no say in them…..
I wont give a character sketch…. i love mysteries and this story carries a bit…. not the crime wala… but the suspense and twist wala….. just prepare urself…. expect the unexpected….. u may even start hating the ones u love…….

This is gonna have some mature content in it…. and i would like to warn u that its my first time writing those stuff and being one of the shy types i didnt rly try to picturize this against what i just said…. so…. just….. u know…. it might not go too well…..

And i cant believe that im practically writing these on the first epi…. i will be introducing my version of KKG in this epi….. & mark my word… u may not rly like my version…. do read the story & let me know whatever u think…… and ill continue only if u guys want me to!!!

Khushi stood in front of her wardrobe with just a towel around her… her hair still wet from the shower…. she ran her fingers through the racks of designer clothes… but she couldnt wear any of those today…. her gaze fell on the salwar on one side… rather too bright for her taste…. but she had to wear it…. from this day her life as K is gonna take a back seat…. until the task in hand is taken care of…. and she wanted to get rid of it as fast as she can….. She sighed…

She stiffened as she felt someone behind her and her trance too was broken. She heard a husky wisper againt her neck….
“What r u thinking beautiful….”
And the lips trailed along her neck and shoulders. She ignored the qn as well as the heat along the line he traced, but his next sentence brought back sensations that she didnt rly want at that time.
“Last night was wonderful u know….. u feel so good against me” he said nibbling her earlobe.
Desire took over her as she remembered the night.

She had met him in the pub and he had asked her for a dance….
The dance was heated as she felt his hands roaming… much to her liking.
“Mind driving me home?…. i rly dont want to end up making out against one of the walls here!”
She had told him. And he was only too glad to comply and that is how they ended up in her room….
She had let him have his way then….

At first she was confused when he didnt move after entering her but her sensations went on an override when his hands and mouth worked on her sesitive spots each doing their own work and she was pushed over the edge while he was still inside her unmoving. She realised that he DID know what he was doing. And when he started moving inside her halfway through her orgasm she was shocked at the effect. She wondered were this guy came up with these things but she couldnt rly keep up with her thoughts with what he was doing to her body. He was giving attention to every throbbing spots at the same time. She let him take the lead for the rest of the night..
Right now she wanted to show him what she can do….. but there were imp places where she needed to be….

She gathered her thoughts to the task in hand before replying. “The night was GOOD… but i DONT like covering up myself and that too due to hickeys off all reasons!” She said with a straight face. She looked at the huge antique clock on the wall before continuing. “And i think its time for u to leave.”

“The night was just GOOD? U should give me more credit than that. I’m sure that u enjoyed it. I could read that much from ur responses. And after the way u have been all night…. u r being too dominant now.”

If she heard the flirting tone, she chose to ignore it. Her face still devoid of any expressions. ” Just dressup and get out… or I might rly show u how dominant i can be!”

But her cold statement had the reverse effect on him. The feel of his growing hardness against her lower back was her undoing.
She swore before turning around and pushing him to the bed and got on top of him. His laughter was broken by her firm lips against his. He was so caughr up in the kiss that it was too late when he realized that his hands were tied up to the headboard. She smirked at his shocked expression. And she kept her word…. showed him how dominant she can be….. teasing him…… torturing him……. and she made him beg.

“Nice choice of dress” he said as she came out of the bathroom having showered again.
Her jaw clenched as she looked at the bright salwar once again.” I didnt ask ur opinion”
“Oh! No offence” he said raising his hands.

“Y arent u out off here yet?!”

“I just thought to say bye to u. ” Seeing her cold reaction he continued. “Err.. can we… like… meet tonight… for dinner?”

“I dont think so. I have a lot of work to do. ” She replied in a rather stern voice.
“Oh! …. ok…. er… bye then?.”
She walked to the door and kept it open for him, gesturing him to move out.

All her servants looked at her confused at their madam’s new dressing style. But they knew better to stay silent and carry on with their works. She walked past rows of expensive cars to reach the new scooty parked at one end. “I guess u r my limo for a few days.”

She parked near a huge building. She sighed as she came in front of it and glanced at the the huge letters saying AR DESIGNS. This was the first time she was seeing the buiding in person. But she new the buiding well enough. She had an interview there that day. She wondered how the world will react if they came to know that K was giving an interview and that too at AR. She chuckled at the thought. But no was gonna know. Well first of all no one knew the face of K. So this should be easy. And with her experience in fasion world the interview would be piece of cake. And having headed a lot of interviews (even though she never came in front of them, she always monitered the interviews and made clear of her own qns) she knew what ans the interviewer would want and she knew very well that the inexperience she penned down on her cv would be a problem. But she had perfect ans prepared. She smirked looking at the red and white building before taking a step towards it.

“AR Here i come!”

God! I know this was bad. I have no idea how it went because i havent read it twice and this is the first time im posting something before penning it down somewhere. I just typed what came to my mind. Sry about that. As i said this is my first time with mature content…so i had no idea how to go with it…… not that there is much of it. I would try to improve my writing becoz situations like this ARE gonna come again.

Just let me know if u want me to continue this story or not…..

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