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Khushi was standing in front of AR for the past 20mts , waiting for ASR and the others. She was sending out mails regarding the work to be done in her office. KARMA was her baby and she was hardly getting any time to look after her baby these days. Thanks to some rly good employees she had only few things to handle.
She heard a noise nearby and saw Aman and La walking up to her. She checked the time before keeping her phone in her bag.
K: ” Aman u guys r late.”
Aman: “late? But we were asked to come here at 6.30. In that sense, we r five mts early.”
K: “6.30? But why was I asked to come at 6 then?”
“Because u tend to be late always… and I don’t have a single second to waste” Came the reply from behind her. She clenched her teeth, biting back the reply that she too didn’t have time to waste. Arnav gave her a once over. “I thought I asked u to wear a saree.”
“I’ll change after reaching there.” She replied. He stared at her before nodding.
ASR chose to drive to Nainital. He was known for his craze in driving and cars… he drove his cars himself most of the time. Aman handed her a file and briefed her about the deal during the drive. Khushi saw La glaring a few times… and looking at Aman with the same expression a few times. She was starting to understand what irritated La.

Khushi smirked when she saw the car entering KR resorts in Nainital. KR… the resort chain was a joint venture, from her and her rajaji. She wondered how the paparazzi will take the news of ASR staying in K’s resort. But it was OK, as no one knew the relation between K of KARMA and K of KR.

She changed into a saree before heading out for the meeting. She was not in her suite but in the room that has been booked.
It was a new project, a joint venture with the international company KAAS. AR was investing. This meeting was to finalise the suppliers… this was a rly big venture. A mile stone in Indian fashion world.
Khushi was standing to the side looking at representatives of the different companies there, while the other 3 where busy in checking the samples along with the representatives from KAAS. KARMA too was an investor. She could see her associates among them. It was sheer luck that they hadn’t ever met K before. No one except the KAAS rep knew that KARMA was a part of the project. KARMA and AR working together would make big news. But only after everything is fixed would the news of KARMA will be out.
The meeting went well and the reps of KAAS announced a party to be held that evening and left the conference room. The people had started casual conversations with each other. Its not that often when all the top companies in the fashion world came together in a room. Her associates were updating her about the meeting. And she was replying, texting, not even giving a hint that she was right there!
She was disturbed by someone’s voice. She looked up to see a young man in front of her. “Hey beautiful…. I didn’t know that models were invited to the meeting!” Flattery… “oh sry… I didn’t introduce myself did I??? Vishal…. Vishal Sinhania!” He said forwarding a hand. She looked at his outstretched hand and then at his face, before folding her hands together in a greeting. “Namasthe” The supposed GENTLEMAN in front of her was not as well mannered as he was showing himself to be. There was no admiration in his eyes as he checked her out… there was just lust and she didn’t tolerate when someone looked at her as if she was just a commodity. She could feel the negative vibes. And she did know about a few of his adventures… the poor girl who worked as his PA few yrs back was her frnd, Sakshi had seen how he used girls and threw them like tissue paper… and it was with a great struggle that she herself escaped him. A terrified Sakshi had gone to her, not knowing what to do. She had supported Sakshi and made her strong. At that time they knew that it was no point complaining becoz they didn’t have any evidence against the PERFECT GENTLEMAN. They had been collecting evidences since then and it won’t be long before he is behind the bars. Now Sakshi was K’s right hand, the only person in KARMA who knew Khushi, the second in command. Sakshi was supposed to attend the meeting, but had to backout the last minute due to some work K gave her. It was a great opportunity for them with both ASR and Aman away from AR.
“It’s almost lunch time… the restaurant here has some excellent Italian menu…. would you…”
“Gupta!!! Did you complete the file that I asked you to….” Arnav cut in. ‘file? Which file?’ she wondered. “U didnt… ”
“ASR… So this beautiful lady works for u… but File? why would a model work on files???”
“She is not a model, but my PA!.. now if u will excuse us… we have some work to complete.”
He walked out of the room, with a smirking khushi right at his tail.. he was still fuming with anger. She looked at him amused. And started laughing as a thought occurred to her. He turned towards her,his eyebrows arched questioningly. “Was just thinking that I could fry an egg on you!! Y r u fuming?”
“Why ?? U r asking me why??? He was hitting in u damn it!!!”
“Aapko kya padtha hai? Y do u care???”
That enraged him further. He yanked her towards him. “Muche faraq padtha hai…” but he lost his words as he noticed her gaze on his lips… and his eyes automatically went to hers and his hand slowly went to her nape. He was just about to kiss her when they were interrupted by Aman. “ASR!!” Both of them broke apart. Aman was looking everywhere but at them. And khushi was blushing profusely. ‘That’s a first. Guess the act is affecting me and im turning more into Khushi’ thought K. But Arnav he was back to his ASR mode… as if nothing had happened.
“What’s it Aman?”
“Er… ASR woh… Mr.Khurana has invited u to his daughter’s engagement tomorrow. He wanted to invite u personally, but u left….”
“Hmm… we will go….” He left the place with that.


Khushi was dressed in a black net saree and matching accessories. She was giving an example of how an Indian wear can make a girl hotter than any western dress can ever do.
A lot of heads turned at her entry and she could feel a pair of eyes following her every move. Arnav was in his usual dress code. Lav was dressed in beautiful gown. The lavender color adding to her beauty. K saw her gaze to be stuck at Aman. And that brought a smile to her face. Her guess was not wrong after all. She walked up to Aman. She saw that he too was stealing glances at La. “Y don’t u ask her for a dance?” K asked him. And she pushed him a little towards her.

K was smiling looking at Aman and La when someone tapped her shoulder. She turned around still smiling, but she lost it as soon as she saw the person. “Can u have the pleasure of dancing with this beautiful lady?” Khushi clenched her jaw as Vishal Sinhania asked this. But she didn’t have to answer because Arnav bet her to it. ” Actually she promised me this dance… so…” and he pulled her towards him and wrapped his hands around her in a possessive gesture.


They had 2 dances together before she moved out to attend a call. She was walking towards the hall, when Vishal blocked her path. She saw Armaan stiffening. He was standing at a safe distance from them. She wondered what reason he gave in AR for his absence. Whatever that may be , he couldn’t rly come out in the open. He would if things went bad, but she wouldn’t allow that. He should know that she knows how to take care of herself.

“I guess u owe me a dance!” He said with a sweet looking smile. She would have fallen for it had she not known better.
“But I don’t remember promising u one.”
He was not expecting that.
“And cut off the crap. I know u r not this sweet guy u r showing yourself to be!”
“It’s good that u know… and I guess u too r not what u look like…. so let’s just go with the flow…. come to my room.. it’s 16..”
“I don’t think u r good enough to have ME in bed!… u know I’m rly choosy.”
Now that hurt his ego. He got rly angry and lifted his hand to grab her arm. “How dare..” he didn’t get the chance to complete his sentence or not did his hand reach her. He was thrown backwards by a strong fist on his face. She was getting ready to break his nose but was not expecting this. Arnav’s fist met his face two more times. She stopped him when she felt that he would kill him. Saying Arnav was angry would be an understatement. She was trying to drag him away and his eyes flew to her. She stumbled a little as she saw the rage in his eyes. He caught her arm in a strong grip and dragged her towards his room. She pushed her inside room, locked the door behind their back and pushed her against the door, traping her there. His lips caught hers in a punishing kiss, biting and nibbling on her lower lip before thrusting his tongue into her mouth tasting every corner. He tore her saree off her, baring her to his gaze. He looked at her for a long moment. “Mine!” He said before kissing her again, one hand going to cup her br*ast and the other one between her legs.

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