Strange Stranger (shot 4)

Thanks for ur love and support.. keep showering ur love towards me and my stories.. here goes Shot 3..
Om’s POV
Oh shit.. I have become more creepy nowadays because of this loneliness.. I started checking out whoever pass by me.. did I become so mean to check out every girl passing by me ???? shit.. think something to make her tell it again..

Umm.. I didn’t get what you want to say.. can u say clearly?
Gauri’s POV
(I expected this.. ?? its all because of my stupid hormones.. Ewww.. Ok just let go everything off and talk.. try to talk normally.)
Umm…can u pls explain me what this painting says? Actually I’m not good in analyzing deeply into the painting.

Om’s POV
(Uff thank god she didn’t judge me for not listening to her) Well.. it differs from any individual’s POV.. it depends one’s mood and their present situation in life.. so just tell me what is ur view from this painting. Give a try..
G: Umm.. I can see a man walking to his unknown destinations.. but I can feel he’s gonna reach the most beautiful and deserving place he belongs to.
O: (Little confused & thinks) Can’t u see that emptiness in his life that’s seen in his sad body language?
O: (Ask) Oh.. great.. what else u can see?
G: (Observing it for few more secs) Yeah.. I can see he’s walking on a barren land but it have water that sooths his legs through out his journey.. may be because it’s raining.. I mean.. like, although he is sad and lonely, he also have something that sooth him a bit to cheer up his journey.
O: (thinks) how can she take it this way.. I just painted this to resemble my empty life.. a sad, lonely man who doesn’t know what and where his life is moving.. even there is no reason for me to move ahead.. but she’s..

Wait.. what she said last applies in my life too.. Yes I feel lonely.. which is I’m walking in barren land.. and water that sooths my legs through out my journey is my family.. they’re that soothing water in my life, cheering me all time.. yes man she has a point.
G: (continues after some more examining) Umm.. also the sun looks red.. I can’t guess why its red.. but he hold his umbrella like its raining.. also sky is cloudy like raining. But how can sun and rain come at same time?
O: (Calmly talk with gentle smile) Why not? Its one of the rare natural phenomenon.. but when it happens.. there comes a beautiful art in the sky.. and that’s called RAINBOW ? (explained her to his greatest surprise.
Om thinks, What? how did I think like this? What have I done. (With confused look) I’m supposed to explain what I wanted to covey.. but I’m discussing with her.
G: (Uff! See.. I told I’m not good in observing painting.. but see.. where have I been caught.. go with the flow Gauri) Oh which means there is a rainbow behind him but he is hesitant to look up and enjoy the view.. that’s what make him sad and lonely. If he tried to look up, then all his worries would have disappeared.
O: (thinks) What is she trying to say? She’s giving a different meaning for this painting.
G: I can feel that, he is hesitant to look up because he can only see umbrella when he look up.. which resembles his sad state.. u wanted to convey that a person can live a happy life, by enjoying rain and sun only if we get rid off that umbrella.. We r getting suffocated by our own thoughts.. once we get rid off that, then we can enjoy each and every little things around us.. right? (She say all these with extreme excitement and positivity that affected him so much).
O: (thinks) Oh god.. Y do I feel like something is getting out off me? Y am I feeling so light today? I feel like, I have put down some heavy weight from my head that I was carrying unnecessarily? What’s happening with me?
G: Wow.. u r such a GREAT artist and u even made this dumb girl to realise what a painting is trying to convey. I’m not that good in observing.. but u made my day.. Thank u so much for this.
O: (With flabbergasted look) WHAT? I made ur day? (thinks) Crazy girl.. its true that u made my day.. In fact u made my life.. u made me realize something that I forgot to do.. I should be thankful to u. Yes I should thank her.
***cring cring***
***cring cring***
G: Excuse me.. (On call) hey girls where r u? …… what? U reached? …… Ok.. I’ll be there in 2mins.
Well.. I have to leave now.. I’m getting late.. nice meeting you.. and thanks for making me learn how to look at painting. Bye.
She said all this in one go without giving any space for him to talk.. when talking all this she placed her mobile in her bag and slowly descended from his sight, leaving him puzzled and owing her a thank u.

When she moved from there they were flooded with each other’s thought and started thinking about their meeting.

Om’s POV
She just came like a lightening into my dark life and lit all my dark rooms with bright lights.
Who is she?
Gauri’s POV
Who is he?
This artist drives me crazy within few secs.
Om’s POV
She’s bit strange.. but CUTE ??
Gauri’s POV
CUTE? My foot.. he’s just a stranger.. we didn’t even go for a nice intro.. he is just a stranger.
Om’s POV
U made my day girl ☺☺ What will be her name? She came as a stranger and talked her strange ideas.. (Smiles lost in her)
Om and Gauri’s POV
Strange Stranger ?? ( nods with a smile and looking her descended from his eyes)

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If u want me to continue for few more shots pls do comment and tell ur ideas how to take it more.. because just this concept popped up in my mind.

Love u all.. take care 🙂 🙂

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  1. Hai di… Hope that you remember me…..first of all sorry that I can’t comment in your weekend shots and also I feel hurt that you ended the ff…and coming to this ff…it was awesome ? and the way Gauri conveyed her thoughts was just outstanding…waiting for next parts….

    Dear Verna
    OmRi Pov? OmRi Conv About Paintings?? OmRi Pov About Each Other? It’s Mind Blowing Shot??????
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  3. UniqueMe

    Really interesting ?

  4. Dinu

    Dis is awesome yaar.u described their feelings so well.n d way both of them shared their thoughts about d painting was???? just ♥️♥️♥️ fabulous ??u described it beautifully n d way gauri’s thoughts about d painting connected vth om’s life is so creative ?? plz dr continue dis.i want 2 read more of dis ff?? u can describe hw will gauri enter into om’s life n change his life? hw she teach om 2 overcome his problems n fill his life vth happiness ?? plz reconsider about my request plzzz?☹️byee dr tc??

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear

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